Women's Issues

State-wide video conference to support young women in business and more zedlines...

A state-wide video conference held next week will allow Queensland’s young female entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges and needs.

The conference, held via video in 6 locations, will see guest speakers such as Pip Russell of Network 10 and Juiced TV, sharing their experiences as female entrepreneurs.

Cairns businesswoman Petina Tieman says networking groups for entrepreneurs typically do not discuss the unique challenges faced by young women in business.

Discussions held in the session will be used to help the government to support and enable young female businesswomen.

Queensland Government to spend millions on greyhound racing

Heatwave hits state and more zedlines...

Thunderstorms are anticipated, followed by an extreme heatwave in Sunshine Coast and Darlings Downs as temperatures reach the high 30s in some areas this weekend. Photo from Flickr.

A high pressure system is stationed off the east coast and is set to send the mercury up to midsummer levels on what should be a spring day, with daytime maximums up to 10 degrees above average.

Forecasters have warned of 90 kilometre an hour winds across the Gympie region, which thunderstorms are threatening for this afternoon and evening, with a 70% chance of rain today.

Maximum weekend temperatures include 38 on Sunday in Roma, Gatton, Ipswich, and Emerald, and the mid 30s in Nambour, Warwick, Rockhampton, and Gympie.

LNP to scrap juvenile bail housing if elected and more zedlines...

Queensland’s Liberal National Party said they will close supervised bail accommodation for juvenile offenders if elected to government, instead putting minors in prisons. Photo from Flickr.

The Labor party announced plans last week to roll out specialised centres over the next few months, designed to house between four and 12 children who had been charged with an offence but were yet to face court and were unable to return home.

Currently, minors awaiting trial but unable to go home make up about 80% of the population of youth detention facilities in Queensland.

Calls to offer school girls the option of pants and more zedlines...

Groups are pushing for a national reform into school uniforms for girls following the West Australian Government’s decision to make it mandatory for schools to offer girls the option of pants, ABC reports. Picture source: Wikimedia commons.

Research shows girls are less likely to perform physical activities at school when required to wear skirts or dresses.

Other states allow the individual schools to decide on their dress codes.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse discussed at BIGSOUND

Australia’s largest music conference BIGSOUND, is wrapping up today with discussions on substance abuse and mental health issues of musicians.

3D Printing gives man new shinbone and more zedlines...

Reuben Lichter has become the first person in the world to have a 3D printed shinbone transplanted into his leg. Image: wikimedia

Princess Alexandra Hospital has hailed this as a world-first surgery, in which five operations have been undertaken over the past six months.

Health Minister Cameron Dick said the procedure was at the outer limits of possible reconstructive surgery, and was a world-first for Queensland.

‘Yes’ protest ends in violent conflict with ‘no’ group

A marriage equality protest has ended in violence, with at least one person injured and another arrested.

Shopping centre Santas may soon require blue cards and more zedlines...

Foster carers will require further checks, and shopping centre Santas may soon need a blue card if proposed reforms go through. Picture source: Pixabay.

Reports into Queensland’s Child Safety laws are recommending changes to the blue card system including introducing more professions to the list, adding photo id on the cards, and expanding the offenses that disqualify someone from obtaining a card.

The proposed changes come after the state parliament ordered reviews into Child Safety laws due to the death of a child in foster care in 2015.

Medical treatments for individual DNA


The University of Queensland researchers are one step closer to developing new medicines for treating inflammatory diseases and allergies.

The team of UQ researchers have built molecular switches that can control the immune response to many common allergens including asthma, eczema and dermatitis.

The molecular switch that researchers have developed turns off an important protein on the surface of human immune cells that controls how our immune system responds to allergens.

Hefty price for smokers

The cost of cigarettes has spiked, with the government introducing a 13 per cent price rise across Australia. Photo from The Sun.

The increase was first announced in the May budget, and will be implemented each September over the next four years.

The government is expected to rake in an additional $365 million in tax over the next four years as a result of the change.

Funding boost for homeless

The Department of Housing and Public Works has given a $75,000 boost to aid people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Gold Coast.

Protesters gather to fight for refugees

A protest is being held on September 1 to fight for the rights of refugees outside Brisbane’s Department of Immigration. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

The Refugee Action Collective has called the demonstration to oppose what they call the government’s latest round of “refugee bashing”.

The group said the Government’s current victims are the people brought to Australia for medical treatment, then forced to work before they are medically able to do so.

If you wish to take part in the demonstration, head to the Department of Immigration on Adelaide Street at midday.

Water Contamination found near landfill in Ipswich

Amazon reserve opened for mining and more zedlines...

The Brazilian government will strip the protection of a national reserve in the Amazon to allow commercial mineral exploration, to stimulate the country’s economy. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Located in the northern states of Amapa and Para, the amazonian reserve is larger than the size of Denmark, and contains resources such as manganese, gold and iron.

It’s also home to biodiverse wildlife and indigenous populations.

Brazil’s president Michel Temer insisted environmental protection laws will be followed, yet the move has attracted criticism from environmentalists and political opponents.

Mining companies required to hire more employees locally