Women's Issues

March Law Report

This month we speak with Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh about the two abortion law reform Private Member Bills that were withdrawn from Parliament in February; the QLD Law Reform Commission; and a High Court finding involving Clive Palmer arguing some tricky constitutional points.

Believing Women For Harmony Day - A Spiritual Smorgasboad

A Pagan woman, a Baha'i women, a Christian woman and a Jewish woman all came together on Sunday to talk about their upcoming Holy Days. 
What do they all have in common? Quite a lot actually. 
Wendy Flannery from Believing Women for a Culture of Peace spoke to 4ZZZ to talk about the women's presentation on Sunday to commemorate National Harmony Day.

Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild stitching for a good cause and more Zedlines

The Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild is quilting for a cause donating quilts to domestic violence women's shelters. (Image:Flickr)

The group has set up stall at the four day expo intocraft LIVE at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this week where they will sell raffle tickets to fund the charitable quilt making.

The group donated around 30 quilts last year, a number they hope to match in 2017.

Stay-at-home dad turn Miami film fest winner
A stay at home dad has left his name in lights after winning big at the prestigious Miami film festival.

High-thrust rocket test by North Korea and more zedlines.

New high-thrust rocket engine test undertaken by North Korea. Image Source: Wikimedia/Sungwon Baik

The Korean Central News Agency reported the test was to confirm the prototypes reliability and structural safety, and the new engine will be used in country’s peaceful space programme.

The test coincides with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is touring Asia primarily discussing concerns over how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear initiative.

US officials remain skeptical that the space programme is solely for peaceful use.


Support for Toowoomba high school for World Science Festival

“Stop Wasting Sperm!” - Texas and more Zedlines...

A texas lawmaker has filed a satirical bill to outlaw male masturbation that mirrors concepts and language used by anti-abortion campaigners.(Source: Wikimedia)

The bill proposes a $100 fine for every unauthorised ‘masturbatory emission', medically-unnecessary rectal exams, and waiting periods before authorising vasectomies or prescribing Viagra.

Jessica Farrar, who filed the bill, says while the bill is satirical, “there is nothing funny about current healthcare restrictions for women and the very real legislation that is proposed every legislative session”.


Finally, Wicked Campers are banned

Stop global warming, save Great Barrier Reef and more Zedlines...

Scientists have warned we must stop global warming in order to save the Great Barrier Reef as new research shows nothing else will protect coral from mass bleaching

A study of three mass bleaching events in 1998, 2002, and 2016 found that coral was damaged by heatwaves underwater, regardless of improvements to water quality or fishing controls.

The reef suffered its worst damage ever from a bleaching event last year when 22% of coral was killed off in one hit.


Child safety Queensland: More than 70% of investigations unsubstantiated

Approximately 7 in 10child protection investigations are not justified in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Child Protection Australia report.

An Ordinary Woman and her Extra-Ordinary Journey

If International Women's Day taught us anything, it is that ordinary women do the most extraordinary things. 
Much of the time though, these stories fall between the cracks. 
Roz is an ordinary women who has faced extra ordinary challenges to become the woman she's meant to be. 
Her journey is at once specific and universal.

By 4ZZZ reporter Nicole Keramos.

(Image credit: Pixabay/Anonymous) 

Queensland Innovators to Pitch to Global Investors at Myriad and More Zedlines

Entrepreneurs from across Queensland will present their wares and pitch to global investors at the Myriad Festival in Brisbane this month. (Image: Flickr)

The Palaszczuk Government is supporting a 127-strong delegation from all corners of Queensland to showcase their business ideas to local and international world industry leaders.

Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch said the festival will open doors to new customers, investors and contacts for the Queensland innovators and develop ground-breaking products and business services for global investors.

Free to charge or free of charge: update for renewables and more Zedlines

Elon Musk and Malcolm Turnbull have discussed renewable energy after a 100 day battery farm proposal by the former. Image source: Public Domain Pictures

The billionaire entrepreneur offered to solve South Australia’s electricity problem by building a Tesla battery farm in the state within 100 days, or it would be free of charge.

A spokesman from the PM’s office said the two had an “in-depth” discussion on storage and the future of electricity. This came after Mr. Musk spoke with South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill about fixing the state’s electricity problems.


Robot to aid QLD emergency team

Queensland Police have unveiled a new robot to aid service personnel.

Queensland womens' prisons severely overcrowded and more Zedlines

A recent study shows women’s prisons to be severely overcrowded. Image source:

Inmate numbers released to Australian Regional Media show Queensland Corrective Services are housing hundreds of additional offenders without creating extra facilities.

Brisbane Women’s Correctional Central is housing one hundred and twenty women above its legal capacity and Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre holds an extra forty women.

Queensland Correctional Services accommodated these women by placing a mattress on the floor next to the cell’s exposed toilet.

Nude Olympics to be held in Byron Bay