Aged Care

The University of Queensland to Ban Smoking on Campus and more Zedlines...

Queensland’s largest university will become a smoke-free zone as of July 1, 2018 (Image source: Public Domain Pictures)

Announced yesterday, The University of Queensland sates their campuses will adopt the policy after consulting with the state government and health experts.

Director of occupational health and safety at UQ, Tim Carmichael, says the smoking ban reflects evolving societal norms.



Taco Bell heads to down under

Mexican-style american fast food giant Taco Bell is set to open its doors in Brisbane.

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QUT drones combatting allergies and more zedlines...

Lecturers and students from QUT are using drone technology to test pollen allergies and to monitor air pollution. Image from Pixabay

The team said if their allergy research is successful, it will allow for more accurate medications to be aimed towards the right people.

Staff and students are also working alongside the World Health Organisation to document levels of air pollution surrounding the M1 motorway.

Children winning war against cancer

New figures show survival rates among children and adolescents battling cancer have improved significantly over the past three decades.

Scabies outbreak in aged care facility and more Zedlines....

A south-east Queensland retirement village has seen dozens of cases of a scabbing skin condition poorly managed by village owners. (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

At least 20 people in unassisted residential living at Aveo Albany Creek in Brisbane's north have been treated by various doctors for the same skin condition in the last few months — some of whom have been diagnosed with scabies.

Aveo says they were only aware of one diagnosis of scabies disease, however up to 10 residents had contracted a skin condition in the past 18 months.


Speed limits could drop in suburbs across inner-south side

Archbishop of Melbourne urges Catholics to vote ‘no’ and more zedlines...

The Archbishop of Melbourne is urging Catholics to vote against same-sex marriage, claiming it could ‘infringe fundamental human rights of freedom of religion.’ Photo from Wikimedia commons.

Archbishop Hart has written an open letter asking people to vote ‘no’ in the upcoming postal vote, to ensure the Catholic voice is heard.

The letter states ‘respect for difference should be as important as demand for equality’, and ‘things could be equal in all respects without having to be uniformly the same.’

A Galaxy poll conducted in July found 61% of Christians don’t like having conservative religious groups speaking on behalf of all Australian Christians.

Gastro virus spreads throughout Brisbane child care facilities

Further Bus Strikes Planned and more Zedlines

Brisbane bus drivers have another strike planned for tomorrow, as conflict continues between the council and the drivers.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk claims that the pay rise would cost ratepayers $52 million dollars over 3 years.

The strike is planned for between 10am and 2pm tomorrow and travellers are being advised to make alternative travel arrangements.


Locals Protest Aged Care Facility

Australian pensioners selling pain medications to pay bills and more zedlines

The Rural Doctors Association believe elderly people in regional Australia are on-selling their prescription painkillers so that they can pay their bills with the profit they make from the illegal trade. Picture source: Flickr.

President of the Rural Doctors Association, Ewen McPhee said he is not aware of how widespread the problem is, but said misuse of prescribed painkillers such as OxyContin and Endone was rife in rural areas.

Mildura Pharmacist, Eric Oguzkaya said elderly customers tend to fly under the radar and on-sold drugs more than professionals suspect.

Mr Oguzkaya has also heard reports of elderly people being intercepted and intimidated by drug dealers outside of doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies.

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Tarragindi Bowls Club redevelopment could set land zoning precedent

Residents in the southside suburb of Tarragindi have been opposing a proposed redevelopment of the Tarragindi Bowls club by Retire Australia, which would see the site house a 6 storey apartment complex for the elderly.

If the project is given the go ahead, it may affect residential zoning laws, allowing for the building of apartments in low density or character residential areas. Since late 2015, the Tarragindi Bowls Club redevelopment proposal has been an ongoing community issue for the residents of Tarragindi.

Lung disease antibiotic could reduce risks for asthma sufferers and other Zedlines

New research suggests an antibiotic used to treat lung disease patients could reduce risks for adults suffering severe asthma (Image: Flickr).

Experts from the Hunter Medical Research institute in New south wales trialed the drug azithromycin to 200 patients three times a week for almost a year resulting in a 40 percent decrease in asthma attacks.

HMRI also found the drug reduces swelling in the lungs of asthma sufferers and is currently working on antibiotic resistance in patients who take the drug.

Capricorn Coast celebrates NAIDOC week

People are celebrating the formation of the Capricorn Coast Indigenous Mob during this year’s Naidoc week.

Afghanistan Girl Robotics Team Denied U.S. Visas

A young, all-girl Afghani robotics team have been refused visas from the U.S. after spending months building a robot to compete in an international competition.

The team received their materials later than every other team due to terrorism concerns but still scrambled to build a ball-sorting robot as their entry.

The competition takes place in Washington this month, with competitors invited from all around the world set to take part.

Aged care provider cuts staff

Not-for-profit aged care provider, Southern Cross Care, is under fire after announcing cuts to nursing staff as a part of their restructure.

Hogtying Youths Reported In Queensland Detention Centres and more Zedlines...

Several Queensland Youth Detention Centres have been reported to be hogtying youths, even though the controversial restraining method has been recommended by the Youth Detention Management in Queensland to be abandoned. (Wikipedia Commons)

The Independent Review of Youth Detention was released on Wednesday; one of the cases included a youth being tied by his legs and arms for 20 minutes so he could be sedated.  

However reports have shown while hogtying is not taught to staff in training, there are legal grounds to prohibit it.


Aveo Retirement Village In Trouble, Again 

Gold Coast Aveo Retirement Village has come under fire for its’ low service standards and allegedly breach of contracts.