Allegations of mistreatment against Muslim inmates at Brisbane correctional centre and more Zedlines...

Muslim inmates at Brisbane’s Arthur Gorrie correctional centre have complained of being denied halal food, beaten, humiliated, and banned from prayer by prison staff.

The Islamic Council of Queensland, in a letter to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), said that there have been incidents of non-Muslim inmates being ordered to assault Muslim prisoner, and prisoners have been threatened with gas if they continued to pray together.

The Islamic Council heard the allegations of mistreatment during visits with Muslim inmates, and made an appeal for action, which was unsuccessful as, according to a QCS spokesperson, no further evidence was provided to back up the claims.

September weather records crumbled in BOM report...and more zedlines

Image credit: Wikimedia A new report by the Bureau of Meteorology identifies how last month’s early-season bursts of heat sent temperatures of parts of eastern Australia far above average.

The Special Climate Statement examines two pulses of extreme warmth that seared large areas of inland Australia from Victoria to Queensland with temperatures a full 16 degrees above average breaking records which had only been set days before.

"Hot, dry northerly winds ahead of [a] trough and cold front contributed to New South Wales, southern Queensland, and areas in neighbouring States experiencing unprecedented hot weather for this time of the year," the bureau said in its report.

What goes into making a Guide Dog?

More than 90,000 Australians are legally blind. Many of them opt to use guide dogs as a means to get around. However guide dogs don’t just appear. It takes a whole team to get them ready to serve. Isabella Shoard from Guide Dogs Queensland explains the whole process. 

By Liana Walker


(Image: Wikipedia Commons)

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QUT drones combatting allergies and more zedlines...

Lecturers and students from QUT are using drone technology to test pollen allergies and to monitor air pollution. Image from Pixabay

The team said if their allergy research is successful, it will allow for more accurate medications to be aimed towards the right people.

Staff and students are also working alongside the World Health Organisation to document levels of air pollution surrounding the M1 motorway.

Children winning war against cancer

New figures show survival rates among children and adolescents battling cancer have improved significantly over the past three decades.

Plea for government to fund dialysis models that could have saved Dr G Yunupingu’s life and more Zedlines...

Kidney Specialist Dr Paul Lawton says the premature death of world famous Indigenous Musician Dr G Yunupingu could have been prevented if the correct funding models for kidney dialysis services were in place.

Dr Lawton is calling for swift government action to implement dialysis services in remote communities.

Reports from the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation have shown that in remote areas of Australia, the incidence of Kidney Disease is around 18 to 20 times higher for Indigenous persons, in comparison to the non-indigenous population.

Brisbane priest calls for marriage equality and more Zedlines...

One of Brisbane’s leading priests says it’s time for Australia’s government to hold a free vote on marriage equality.

St John’s Anglican Cathedral Dean Dr Peter Catt will attend Brisbane’s marriage equality rally on Saturday as one of many speakers to call for Australia’s politicians to legislate in favour of equal rights.

Catt says marriage has become more and more of a celebration and a commitment of the love between two people, and society is more than ready to embrace equal marriage rights.

Despite encountering opposition from conservatives within his own church, Catt says it makes no sense to withhold marriage rights from same-sex couples.


Putin expels 755 diplomatic staff and more Zedlines...

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to expel 755 American diplomats in retaliation to last week’s vote in Congress to develop sanctions.

Putin has demanded the Unites States cut hundreds of diplomatic staff and declared he would confiscate two US diplomatic properties after the US House of Representatives and the Senate passed new sanctions on Russia.

The sanctions were partially a response to conclusions by US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election, and to continue to punish Russia for its 2014 seizure of Crimea.

The 755 US diplomatic and technical staff must leave Russia by September 1.


Petition calls for Royal Commission into abuse of disabled people and more Zedlines

Jules Anderson, a disabled woman suffering from cerebral palsy, has created a petition on Change.org, calling on the Australian government to conduct a Royal Commission into the abuse of disabled people.

Ms Anderson alleges she was raped and sexually assaulted by her care worker and says fellow residents at her share accommodation house in Yooralla were as well, and many other people with disabilities have been sexually assaulted by staff in care homes.

Ms Anderson said previous complaints were made by other staff about her care worker, including reports of misconduct at other houses, but Yooralla management “did nothing” to protect her and other victims.

You can help by signing the petition at www.change.org.

0.0048% per cent of People Scanned with ID Scanners on Ban Orders and more Zedlines...

Almost half a million IDs that have been scanned at licensed venues in Queensland’s safe night precincts, since the Palaszczuk government introduced mandatory ID Scanning laws earlier this month. (Image Source: Pexels)

Out of the IDs scanner, only 0.0048% of IDs or one in every twenty thousand have raised red flags for security and safety.

Queensland's Attorney-General, Yvette D’Ath says  these figures give the government a real picture of how many people are going out which will help safe night boards and police with their initiatives in the future.  


Murwillumbah Host ADHD Support Group

Calls for reforms to Disability Service Provider and more Zedlines

National disability service provider Lifestyle Solutions has been under scrutiny recently, with New South Wales’ Ombudsman’s office monitoring the company following concerns of mismanagement and abuse claims. (Image: Pixabay/klimkin)

Lifestyle Solutions were subject to an investigation earlier this year following a series of patient deaths. The investigation undertaken in March by the Victorian Government and the NSW Ombudsman resulted in calls for sweeping reforms directed at the organisation.

Deputy NSW Ombudsman Steve Kimmond has stated that monitoring will continue in the near future, in addition to the appointment of an external consultant to review the imposed reforms.

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