Vanuatu workers exploited and more Zedlines

Worker exploitation has been discovered among the Australian government low-skilled workers program across Queensland.

It has been revealed 22 Vanuatu men, working in Australia’s horticulture sector have been exploited, with one man only receiving a total of $150 for 6 months of labour, while up to 13 men received no compensation at all.

This treatment reinforces the concerns many had with the work program, fearing it would mimic the practice of ‘blackbirding’ when 62,000 Pacific Islander people were forced into slavery during the 19th century.

World science festival sets out to inspire and more Zedlines

World science festival organises shows to attract young kids to scientific fields.

An ex-science teacher Science Steve is running interactive Festival Lab science shows to reveal the wonders of science to young children as the students interested in field are declining.

The shows run throughout the weekends in South Bank cultural forecourt to encourage the enthusiasm of the new generation with shows ranging from robotics to criminology.


RSPCA issues a southern queenslander with record number of charges over dog farm

Queensland government funds $200 million for school spend and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government is funding $200 million for school infrastructure projects throughout the state.


funds will focus 98 projects on improving school halls beside $45 million targeted for new schools sites.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk explained the fund as a snippet of what the June budget entails.


Medicinal Cannabis still not affordability

Health Minister, Cameron Dick, is calling for medicinal cannabis to be subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

This comes after the parliamentary committee examined a bill, aiming to make the drug cheaper, and more accessible for sick Queenslanders.

Brutal drug war in Philippines to continue and more zedlines

Philippines president unfeigned by a prospective International Criminal Court trial over his anti-drug war. Image Source: Flickr/VOCAL-NY

The country’s president Rodrigo Duterte said he will not be intimidated over an ICC trial to stop his "brutal" campaign against drugs after the campaign having claimed more than 8000 lives.

A former self proclaimed assassin from the Death Squad under the leader’s mayorship in Davot city has testified against him before the Philippine Senate and plans to file a case at the ICC.

Duterte has ordered the police force to shoot the suspects if in danger. He said he wants to see the criminals die rather than losing the security forces.


Stop global warming, save Great Barrier Reef and more Zedlines...

Scientists have warned we must stop global warming in order to save the Great Barrier Reef as new research shows nothing else will protect coral from mass bleaching

A study of three mass bleaching events in 1998, 2002, and 2016 found that coral was damaged by heatwaves underwater, regardless of improvements to water quality or fishing controls.

The reef suffered its worst damage ever from a bleaching event last year when 22% of coral was killed off in one hit.


Child safety Queensland: More than 70% of investigations unsubstantiated

Approximately 7 in 10child protection investigations are not justified in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Child Protection Australia report.

White rhino killed by poachers in France and more zedlines

A four-year-old white rhinoceros has been killed by poachers at a zoo in France, despite security cameras and five zoo staff members living on site. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Keepers found the rhino yesterday morning with three gunshot wounds to the head and a partially-removed horn.

This is allegedly the first time poachers have killed a live, captive animal in Europe.

Rhinoceros horns sell on the black market for around £30,000 each.

Catholic vandals destroy war memorial monument 

The Brisbane City Council is seeking court ordered restitution after vandals destroyed a famous monument at Toowong’s War Memorial Cemetery in religious protest.

Sexual health programs for Indigenous and Torres Straight Islanders to be completely defunded and more Zedlines

The Department of Health will defund critical sexual health programs for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders according to evidence heard at Senate Estimates. Image source:

The Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council and the Queensland AIDS Council for Sexual Health will have their funding halted as of 1st of July this year, despite the lack of consultation, program evaluation or justification from the Turnbull government.

When Senator Jennifer McAllister asked a Department of Health official if an evaluation had occurred they responded "no, we didn’t ask". The Department has not outlined alternative providers or where the funds have been redirected.

Drought in Queensland gets even more serious

Australian banks investing in fossil fuels and more Zedlines

Australia’s largest banks are investing seven billion dollars more into global fossil fuels than in clean energy despite supporting the Paris climate agreement. Image source: Flickr

ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac combined have financed ten billion dollars to non-renewable energy based projects in 2016; such as loans made to coal and gas projects.

According to ANZ some of our stakeholders view our financing of fossil fuel industries as in direct conflict with our stated position on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, their climate change statement supports a gradual and orderly transition.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games miles ahead with sustainability

Australia, Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

In 2009 Elspeth Muir’s youngest brother Alexander finished his last university exam and went out with some mates. Later that night he wandered to the Story Bridge, put his phone, wallet, t-shirt and thongs on the walkway and jumped 30 metres into the Brisbane River. Elspeth’s memoir Wasted (Text Publishing) is an intense book, and while confronting, it’s also honest, generous and warm.

Rules governing netball uniforms labelled as ‘outdated’ leaving a player humiliated and more Zedlines

According to Catherine Clark, chief executive of Netball Queensland, local netball association rules in relation to team uniforms are a thing of the past. <Flickr: Paul Appleyard>

Ms Clark was only made aware of these rules after a Brisbane netballer was made to feel humiliated after news broke a story of her skirt being deemed too short by the umpire.

Section 14E of the code states: 'Uniform dresses must be of sufficient length to fall below the level of uniform bike pants when a player is in a normal standing position'.

Qld netballer Rachael Brown claimed she was discriminated against during her grand final match because of her size, spending the last quarter of the game "crying on court".