Queensland Moving Towards Solar Power Energy Goals and more Zedlines

New figures confirm solar rooftops have overtaken Gladstone Power Station as Queensland’s primary power source. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

Energy Minister Mark Bailey has credited Premier Annastacia Palazscuk’s renewable energy policy for Queensland’s steady uptake of solar power.

Mr Bailey says Queensland currently has the most prevalent solar panel usage of any Australian state, and believes Queensland is on track to reach the target of one million solar rooftops by 2020.

Signage Company Covers Plaque Honouring Gallipoli Sniper 

Proposal to reintroduce Dingoes and other Zedlines

Reintroducing dingoes to areas they have previously inhabited could be the key to controlling feral cats and red foxes.

The Department of Agriculture estimates damage caused by foxes costs the government up to $227 million each year, and these predators are responsible for the extinction of at least 20 native animals.

A recent study fronted by Thomas Newsome of Deakin University suggests dingoes could drive off the feral foxes and cats while not posing the same risk to endangered animals.

Online delivery hurting small business

Small regional business is struggling to compete with supermarket online delivery services, according to business owners across Queensland.

Astromers believe we live in a parallel universe!? and more Zedlines...

Astronomers have found what they believe is proof we are living in a parallel universe. Image source: Pexels

Since the beginning of time, people have pondered the notion of the multiverse; where an infinite number of universes exist, all with differing realms and dimensions.

New research from the Royal Astronomical Society has focused on a ‘Cold Spot’ in the Cosmos, a ‘cool’ patch of space in the radiation of the universe after its formation.

Durham University researcher, Tom Shanks said this cold spot could essentially be a gap in the multiverse and could have been caused by a collision between our universe and another bubble universe.


Shark cullings mean dire environmental consequences, and more Zedlines....

Following a senate inquiry that began in November of 2016 into risk management of shark attacks, researchers warn of dire environmental consequences should the culling of sharks continue. Image source: Wikimedia

A marine biologist and associate professor of the University of Melbourne, Robert Day, said the apex predator plays an integral role in managing the oceanic ecosystem’s stability, and the continuation of mass killing will inevitably lead to an imbalance in our oceans.

Hawaiian researchers have also discovered the intimidation tactics of sharks aren’t only effective on humans, but certain prey, with studies proving the shark’s ability to regulate seagrass beds prevents overgrazing by turtles.


Forests discovered using photo-interpretation tool, and more Zedlines

Vast stretches of undocumented forests, equal to 60% of Australia’s landmass, have been discovered using a new tool to analyse the surface of the earth. Image source: Pixabay

The research was led by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and included teams of scientists and students from 15 organisations, including the University of Adelaide.

The researchers carried out their analysis using photo-interpretation tool, Collect Earth, and discovered 467 hectares of what was considered dry land in Australia, was actually dense forest.

University of Adelaide's plant conservation biology chairman, Professor Andrew Lowe said the findings mean scientists now have a new resource that can help mitigate climate change.


Reversal of budget cuts for community legal centres and more Zedlines...

New funding has been announced for Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Legal Services, with the reversal of previously proposed budget cuts.

Law Council of Australia President, Fiona McLeod says the family courts have been underfunded for years and this new funding will help reduce delays for family consultants.

With further announcements yet to come, Ms Mcleod says funding will provide relief to survivors of institutional abuse.


Don’t go knocking my house down

Tighter laws and penalties protecting heritage listed buildings in Queensland were passed in parliament last night.

Commotion over creepy crawly caterpillar outbreak, and more Zedlines

South-East Queensland is crawling with itchy caterpillars after reports of an outbreak through Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Image source: Max Pixel

Nature lovers have noticed a larger-than-usual number of the hairy caterpillars, sometimes called, itchy grubs, in long head-to-tail processions.

University of Queensland Professor Myron Zalucki said the numbers are significant, and while unsure of the exact reasons behind the caterpillar outbreak, he suspects it could be related to rainfall, temperature and host plant growth around November 2016 when they hatched.


Adani hides evidence of pollution at Abbot Point

Mandatory drug testing for parents with children in care, and more Zedlines

The Queensland Government will introduce mandatory drug testing for parents with children in departmental care. Image source: Flickr

This comes after recent government statistics revealed one third of children in protection has at least one parent who is using or has used ice.

Queensland’s Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman said the data from the state’s first ice summit assisted the Government in coming up with strategies to combat the problem.

She also announced drug and alcohol nurses will be embedded in government family support system for the first time, to enable better coordination and collaboration on the ground between family safety, the family support team, and health practitioners.

Israel appoints first female Judge to Muslim religious court and more Zedlines

For the first time in Israeli history, a woman has been appointed to serve as a judge in a Muslim religious court. [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

Hana Mansour-Khatib had her appointment confirmed yesterday by the Judicial Appointments Committee where all nine members voted in her favour.

Her appointment is a precedent for Israel, where Jewish women are prohibited from serving as judges on religious courts, which deliberate issues of marriage and divorce.

Indigenous diggers acknowledged with smoke ceremony 

A northwest Queensland ANZAC Day service has acknowledged Indigenous diggers for the first time with a smoke ceremony, traditional music and war paint.

Indian biotech firm produces 100% effective Zika vaccine and more Zedlines

An Indian firm has been testing a Zika virus vaccine which has shown 100% efficacy against infection during animal trials. (Image Source: Pixabay)

An Indian firm has been testing a Zika virus vaccine which has shown 100% efficacy against infection during animal trials.

Published in the ‘Nature group journal of Scientific Reports’, Bharat Biotech’s Zika virus vaccine protected against infection caused by the Asian Zika as well as the African Zika virus strain

This vaccine is ‘inactivated’, grown in a culture and killed in a chemical or physical process.

Rising mental illness in Queensland teens