Great Barrier Reef Roundtable to Meet Following Tragic Events and More Zedlines

The Palaszczuk Government is set to hold a Great Barrier Reef safety roundtable in Cairns tomorrow, following the continued bleaching and other tragic events along the reef.

As one of Queensland’s largest and most popular tourist attractions the roundtable will look at snorkel industry best practice standards and a possible increase in safety measures to protect visitors and the reef.

The roundtable will include Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace, Surf Life Saving Queensland, Northern Coroner Magistrate Kevin Priestly, tourism operators and other industry stakeholders.

Drugs Disguised as Virus to Fight Cancer
Drugs disguised as viruses could potentially be the latest weapon in fighting cancer.

Redfern Statement to be Handed Over and More Zedlines

Indigenous leaders will hand over the blueprints for the Redfern Statement to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull later today. (Image: Pixabay)

The Redfern Statement is currently backed by 50 different organisations and was released last year during the Federal Election as an “urgent call for a more just approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs.”

The 18-page manifesto will propose multiple changes across relevant areas including health, education, justice and family violence, with an emphasis on policies being made with communities rather than to communities.

CSIRO discovers breakthrough using soybeans

CSIRO-led scientists have used soybeans to make the world’s strongest material, graphene, more commercially viable. (Image source: Pixabay)

CSIRO-led scientists have used soybeans to make the world’s strongest material, graphene, more commercially viable.

Graphene is carbon material one atom thick.

The new technology is expected to reduce the cost of graphene production while also improving the uptake in new applications.

CSIRO has made a breakthrough in developing a high quality version of the material using soybeans.

Feeling hot? There's a heatwave.

Southern Queenslanders are set to swelter, as a heat-wave moves through, breaking records in its path.

Brisbane will reach a top of 34 degrees, five above the daily average for this time of year.

Acting health minister Stirling Hinchliffe urged residents to stay hydrated, saying if your urine is dark it’s best to increase your fluid intake, to best keep yourself safe. 

One Nation looks to Queensland election 

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to announce a “game changing” shake-up to state politics today in the lead-up to the next election.

Medicinal Marijuana in Australia

After a recent raid in South Australia on a woman who supplied medicinal marijuana without a licence, the discussion on the medicine has come up again. Brisbane Line reporter Jack McDonnell spoke with CEO of the Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies about this raid and where the current situation is with medicinal marijuana. 

Greens call for parliamentary entitlements overhaul and more Zedlines

Greens Leader and Senator Richard Di Natale is calling for an overhaul of the parliamentary entitlements system.(image: Flicker; Kate Ausburn)

Senator Di Natale joins other minor party politicians calling for the system to be reformed after federal Health Minister Sussan Ley stood aside amid investigations into her expenses.

Specifically, the Senator wants to introduce a national anti-corruption watchdog which will audit entitlements and provide expenses advice to politicians.


Central Queenslanders defy government over ADF land expansion

Meningococcal outbreak could have been stopped & More Zedlines

Four children fighting meningococcal at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital have a potentially deadly strain of the disease which could have been prevented by an out of stock vaccine. 

The vaccine for Meningococcal B is only available through the private sector, despite repeated attempts to get it onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Bexsero has been out of stock since October, with manufacturer Glaxo Smith Kline blaming “unexpected demand” for the shortage.

Watchdog barks over 'CU in the NT' slogan

The Advertising Standards Bureau has labelled the controversial ‘CU in the NT’ slogan as “extremely denigrating to women” while ruling on a complaint that was lodged to the industry watchdog.

Brisbane Drivers don't know their way around a roundabout and more Zedlines...

RACQ’s recent study suggests that the majority of Brisbane drivers do not know how to correctly indicate on roundabouts.(Image Source: Wikipedia)

The study monitored 800 vehicles, and several roundabouts across Brisbane, including Sunnybank and found more than 60 per cent failed to properly indicate.

Queensland road rules require motorists to indicate before entering the roundabout when either turning left, right, or performing a U-turn and must indicate left when exiting.

Failure to signal properly can result in a $73 fine and two demerit points.

Study Reveals Pilots Suffer From Suicidal Thoughts ... & More Zedlines

A Harvard University study has found thousands of commercial pilots have experienced suicidal thoughts.

Experts warned pilots might cover up their symptoms of depression for fear of losing their jobs, as they are automatically deemed unfit to fly if diagnosed.

The study comes after the 2015 Germanwings crash, when a pilot suspected of being mentally ill crashed the airliner into the French Alps, killing 150 passengers.

Government Urged to Ditch Toondah Harbour Project

Lego ninja statue vanishes into thin air, and more Zedlines...

Thieves steal lego ninja statue from Victorian toy store (Image Source: Wiki)

Calls to fill abandoned mines after drowning

Calls for a mine rehabilitation fund have been made in Queensland following the latest drowning in an abandoned mine quarry.

Community voices have argued for old mines to be filled in, or fenced off using contributions from mining companies.

Lock the Gate president, Drew Hutton said something needs to be done, to stop adolescents trying to "test themselves in these uncontrolled environments".