Suspicious fire at Geelong mosque - and more Zedlines

Geelong's only mosque burned down in a suspicious fire (source: pexels)


No Struggle Street for Brisbane

Brisbane City Council has refused permits for controversial SBS documentary Struggle Street to film its second series in Inala, after the first series was accused of exploiting residents.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the production of the film could damage the reputation of the suburb and its people.

Councillor Jonathan Sri said while the first series was not perfect, to completely deny the film-makers permission to film on public land is a poor way of handling the issue.


Federal Government Attacks Community Radio

The 2016 federal budget saw over 100 million dollars torn out of the arts, culture and broadcasting sectors. The cuts to community radio come at the same time as the Government is reducing the licence fees the commercial broadcasters have to pay. 4zzz reporter Craig Garret speaks with Community Broadcasting Association of Australia CEO Jon Bisset about the cuts and the future outlook for community digital radio.


Federal budget reduces foreign aid spending to record low - and more 8am Zedlines

Federal budget reduces foreign aid spending to record low , Artslink under voluntary administration, Mass Arrests of Protesters in West Papua and more Zedlines (Image ABC News: Matthew Roberts)

UNICEF expresses concern over last night’s budget

UNICEF has expressed serious concern over the announcement of last night’s budget and the implications it has for foreign aid and social services.  Australia’s contribution to foreign aid has been reduced to zero point 22 percent (0.22%) of gross national income.

The budget revealed foreign aid was reduced by a further 224 million dollars, making it the lowest it has ever been.

On-Air Discussion on Queensland Lockout laws

By Leonie Thorne | Eliot Rifkin

We discussed with Nick Braban of Our Nightlife Queensland the logistics of the upcoming Queensland 24 month lockout trial (aka Tackling Alcohol Fueled Violence Amendment Bill). How will it effect our 'Live Music' scene?

A Stakeholder's meeting was convened by the Attorney General to discuss the finer details of its implementation. There were 3 sessions:

Bri Lee: writer, editor and photographer

Bri Lee is an emerging writer based in Brisbane and the founder of Hot Chicks with Big Brains. She is developing her editing, photography, and videography skills, and has been published in Voiceworks, Acclaim, Spook, and Scum. Bri is the inaugural winner of the Kat Muscat Fellowship (a national award supporting young female writers and artists) and is currently working on a non-fiction manuscript.


Burger Force: Brisbane's award-winning graphic novel

Jackie Ryan is an Aurealis Award winning comic artist and author based in Brisbane. Her comic Burger Force looks at Brisbane from a decidedly unique point of view. In this interview Jackie covers everything from The Avengers to Joss Whedon to Italian photography artists. Burger Force is about a band of secret agents protecting pop culture where and when ever it's in danger. Their cover? Working in a fast food joint.


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Australian music industry revenue in the black and more 9am Zedlines

Australia’s music industry revenue has increased for the first time in three years. (Source: Wikimedia commons)

Researchers use VR to protect endangered Jaguars

Queensland researchers are using Virtual Reality technology to protect endangered Peruvian Jaguars.

The project, led by Queensland University of Technology’s Professor Kerrie Mengensen, creates VR environments for different sites in the Amazon rainforest and uses statistical modelling to find out where the cats live, hunt and travel.

Jaguars are one of the world’s most secretive animals and are currently considered a threatened species.

Redlands Conspiracy aims to celebrate local culture and put smiles on faces

The Redlands Conspiracy is a celebration of the local arts and will take place a week on Sunday, April 17 between 11am and 4pm.

It’s presented by the Redlands Greens, but organised by Robbie Mazlin, who is speaking about the upcoming event with 4ZZZ reporter, Toby Crockford.

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Amnesty flags human rights concerns in Qatar ahead of World Cup, and more 11am Zedlines.

Ex-Mayor cleared of corruption charges, Female homicide victims rise to 17 in 2016, Amnesty flags human rights concerns in Qatar ahead of World Cup, and more 11am Zedlines.

Ex-Mayor cleared of corruption charges.

The Former Lockyer Valley Mayor has been cleared of all corruption allegations in regards to any suspect benefits that may have come from his council's historic land swap deal.

The deal allowed 100 residents in low lying areas of the region to swap their land for council owned properties higher up, and had previously saved millions of dollars in the 2013 floods.

Former Mayor Steven Jones passed away in February of this year, with friends saying he was an ethical, honorable and decent man.

State-split referendum rejected by Treasurer, and more 9am Zedlines

State-split referendum rejected by Treasurer, Voters want refugees settled in Australia; poll, EU looks to return Afghan refugees, and more 9am Zedlines. (Image: Wikicommons).

State-split referendum rejected by Treasurer

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has rejected the idea of a separate North Queensland State.

Mr Pitt says revenue from mining and tourism, the north's key industries, would be nowhere near enough for the region to fund essential services.

The referendum was put forward by Federal Dawson MP George Christensen.

Mr Christensen is lobbying north Queensland politicians to support the referendum and has cited coal mining royalties as a key funding source for the possible new state.