North Queensland on cyclone watch and more Zedlines...

North Queensland is on high alert with the chance of a cyclone developing.

Queensland Region Director, Bruce Gunn, says a low-pressure system is developing in the South East of Papua New Guinea and is forecasted to drift slowly west.

Gunn says it’s too early to know the cyclone’s intensity, forecast path and where it will fall, but more will be clear in the coming days.


Land Owner Fined $1 million for Clearing Land

Central Queensland property owner has been fined just under $1 million for illegally clearing 350 hectares of native scrubland on his property.

Brutal drug war in Philippines to continue and more zedlines

Philippines president unfeigned by a prospective International Criminal Court trial over his anti-drug war. Image Source: Flickr/VOCAL-NY

The country’s president Rodrigo Duterte said he will not be intimidated over an ICC trial to stop his "brutal" campaign against drugs after the campaign having claimed more than 8000 lives.

A former self proclaimed assassin from the Death Squad under the leader’s mayorship in Davot city has testified against him before the Philippine Senate and plans to file a case at the ICC.

Duterte has ordered the police force to shoot the suspects if in danger. He said he wants to see the criminals die rather than losing the security forces.


Thai officials confiscate rhino horns worth $5 million and more Zedlines

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Customs officers in Thailand have confiscated 21 rhinoceros horns worth approximately five million dollars, with officials calling it the country’s largest seizure in years.

The rhino horns were found in luggage sent from Ethiopia, and arrest warrants have since been issued for two Thai women travelling from Vietnam and Cambodia to collect them.

A UN convention bans the global trade of rhino horn, which is prized as a traditional medicinal treatment for a wide variety of ailments including cancer.

Brisbane City Council senior officers leave post after IT blowout

Two senior officers have left the Brisbane City Council over the $60 million IT Systems cost blowout.

UN humanitarian chief appealing for famine funds and more Zedlines

The UN humanitarian chief is appealing for funds to combat famine in four countries.

Humanitarian chief, Stephen O’Brien, has pleaded the UN Security Council for “collective and coordinated global efforts” to gather 4.4 billion dollars by July in order “to avert a catastrophe”.

The world is facing the largest ever humanitarian crisis with over 20 million people in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria suffering from famine and starvation.

O’Brien says the famine in these countries is man made and due to the ongoing conflicts and absence of political intervention to stop the violence.


The Kat Muscat Fellowship

It’s tempting to see the terminology we’re raised with as correct, or at least harmless. Casual ignorance is for our grandparents with their stereotypical fondness for out-dated racial slurs. However, individuals who normally err on the side of political correctness seem unaware (and sometimes unconcerned) that the word pr*stitute is a slur; that the term perpetuates harmful stereotypes and assumptions; and that, no, ‘just kidding’ doesn’t give you a free pass.

— Kat Muscat, Junkee 2014

Petition calls for renaming of park and more Zedlines...

A new petition is calling for Brisbane City Council to rename an Oxley park after founding member of The Saints Ed Kuepper.

Petition calls for renaming of park

A new petition is calling for Brisbane City Council to rename an Oxley park after founding member of The Saints Ed Kuepper.

Ed Kuepper and The Saints were formative in the development of punk-rock and alternative music in Australia, and the petition asks this be recognised in the form a renaming.

The park sits at the junction of Oxley Road and Lawson Street where Kuepper grew up.


Brisbane Street Art Festival A Success

Anthrax outbreak kills eighty cattle and more zedlines

An anthrax outbreak has contaminated soil on a Queensland grazing property, killing eighty cattle. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Chief biosecurity officer Dr Jim Thompson says orders have been put in place to restrict human, stock and vehicle movement around the infected property.

A vaccination program for the remaining cattle is also in the works, along with a decontamination and disposal program for the deceased animals.

Great Artesian Basin to be reviewed for irrigation plans

Management of the Great Artesian Basin is under review over potentially detrimental development plans to irrigate agriculture.

Brisbane comic book scene to change

Brisbane’s comic book scene is set to bloom following a new mentorship program. Image Source: Max Pixel

The founder of Brisbane’s independent comic publisher Petrie Press, Alisha Jade, said the industry is dominated by mainstream American comics like Marvel and DC.

To encourage diversity in stories, Ms Jade has teamed up with comic book expo Supernova, to create a two month workshop and networking program.


Caboolture community protests student violence

Students and teachers have marched in protest after number of student bashings at the Caboolture train station since October.

Call for space dedicated to graffiti and more Zedlines...

Brisbane graffiti artist, Travis Vinson, says the city needs more central spaces for artists to express themselves.

The experienced artist and owner of business,, said Brisbane City Council’s lack of acceptance for street art has seen many home-grown artists travel abroad to work.

He says the only way forward is for the council to provide legal walls for graffiti, that artists can paint over continuously to express themselves.


Cruise ship terminal to be completed by late 2019

Work has been scheduled to begin in early 2018 on Brisbane’s new $100 million cruise ship terminal to be completed in late 2019.

Queensland to trial recycling remuneration scheme and more zedlines

Queenslanders may soon be reimbursed for recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans. (Image Source: Flickr)

Queenslanders may soon be reimbursed for recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

The Queensland government plans to introduce a container refund scheme in July 2018, where every bottle or can returned to a ‘reverse vending machine’ could prompt a refund of 10 cents.

A trial machine will be placed in George Street for three months from February 27, with initial donations going to charities.

Adele creates transport nightmare