Tired emergency crews will be better managed after Cyclone Debbie and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government will better manage fatigued workers in emergency situations in the wake of a review into the response to Cyclone Debbie. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite identifying that the response to Debbie was the best-planned to date, the review by Inspector-General of Emergency Management Iain MacKenzie made 18 recommendations to improve future responses.

The government accepted 17 of the recommendations, while it accepted the 18th, for emergency alerts to be made more timely and targeted, on principle.

Council defends agreement with technology company

Quebec Introduces Face Veil Ban and more Zedlines...

One of the thirteen provinces in Canada, Quebec, has introduced a new law which enforces citizens to remove any form of facial coverings in order to give or receive public services. (Source image: Wikimedia Commons)

The face veil ban applies for all citizens working in provincial and municipal services including hospitals, schools, daycare and public transport services; and all citizens receiving public services, including public transportation.

Board member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Shaheen Ashraf, said this new law marginalises Muslim women by limiting their access to government work and services.

Bar owners seek appeal for strict ID scanning laws

Lifelike robot speaks with UN on world resources and more zedlines

A robot modelled after Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn visited UN officials to share how droids could help distribute food and energy resources throughout the world. (Image from Flickr)

In an online video, the robot explains to UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed, how the rapid advance in artificial intelligence needs to be managed to benefit more than just the few.

The ‘celebrity’ robot has made numerous media appearances and given interviews.


Calls for changes in farm worker visas as unemployed Australians refuse to fruit-pick

New calls for changes in farm worker visas, with a trial targeted at getting unemployed people into agriculture, has gained little support.

Historical Convictions for Homosexuality in Queensland Overturned and more zedlines...

464 people who were convicted during the time when homosexual acts were illegal in Queensland, can now have their criminal records expunged.

Under legislation brought through the parliament yesterday, the Attorney General and Department of Justice will be responsible for the amendment of records.

Advocates welcome the action and reform, acknowledging how important it is for those convicted, and for the state of Queensland in recognising that loving who you love should not be against the law.

Launch of SES Week
Today will mark the official launch of SES Week here in Queensland, shining the spotlight on community members who volunteer in the State Emergency Service.

Union Plans Boycott of Streets Ice Cream

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and Unilever, the company that owns Streets ice creams are currently embroiled in an increasingly bitter dispute over a new enterprise bargaining agreement at the Streets factory in Minto, Sydney. The union claims that this agreement means workers would suffer a 46% pay cut as well as changes to working conditions. In a statement Unilever wrote that “The suggestion by unions that Unilever will or may reduce employee wages by 46% has no basis in

Queensland workplace injuries up from last year’s figures and more Zedlines...

Reports have confirmed more than 66,000 Queenslanders were injured on the job last financial year, equating to $800 million in statutory claims, an increase on the 65,302 injuries last year. (Image credit: Flickr)

The most common type of injury was musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, which made up half of the claims, other common injuries included wounds, lacerations, amputations, internal organ damage and fractures.

The manufacturing industry had the greatest proportion of injuries accounting for 16.4 per cent of accepted claims, followed by social assistance at 14.1 per cent and construction at 13.4 per cent.


Bundaberg hit rainfall record amid storm surge

Anti-vaxxers targeting regional QLD

Anti-vaxxers are planning a secret roadshow around regional Queensland towns with strong immunisation levels. (image by Pan American Health Organisation)

The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, or AVN, are planning to screen the movie Vaxxed - a film that blames vaccines for autism.

President of the Australian Medical Association Michael Gannon said he’s concerned that the AVN are targeting towns with current high vaccination rates and spreading “a message that isn’t even remotely worthwhile, interesting or worth debating”.

Health Minister Cameron Dick says Queenslanders should boycott the screenings, and venues should refuse to play the film.

City Council’s overseas spending sky-high

State-wide video conference to support young women in business and more zedlines...

A state-wide video conference held next week will allow Queensland’s young female entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges and needs.

The conference, held via video in 6 locations, will see guest speakers such as Pip Russell of Network 10 and Juiced TV, sharing their experiences as female entrepreneurs.

Cairns businesswoman Petina Tieman says networking groups for entrepreneurs typically do not discuss the unique challenges faced by young women in business.

Discussions held in the session will be used to help the government to support and enable young female businesswomen.

Queensland Government to spend millions on greyhound racing

Local Jobs First Roundtable to be held in Cairns and more Zedlines

Cairns is set to host a Local Jobs First Roundtable today, bringing both government and industry officials together to improve the employability of local young people in the tourism industry. (image credit: wikimedia)

Employment Minister Grace Grace will lead the Roundtable, with the goal of maximising employment opportunities for locals in Queensland’s ever-growing billion dollar tourism industry.

In the past years, tourism contributes $11.5 billion to Queensland’s economy, making up 5.8 per cent of Queensland’s workforce.

Full-time effort to coordinate management of feral pigs in north Queensland introduced

Asylum seekers face detention in PNG and more zedlines...

Asylum seekers in Manus Island detention centre may face indefinite detention in Papua New Guinea. Photo from Flickr.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said approximately 200 men, who have been found "not to be refugees", will be moved to an alternative detention centre.

This comes after the PNG Supreme Court ruled to close the detention centre, stating it is against the country’s constitution.

The detention centre is due to close on October 31st.

Chermside building fire

Residents of a Chermside building were forced to evacuate overnight due to a fire in one of its units.

Flames first broke out on Thursday afternoon and were extinguished.