New website to track political donations during QLD election and more Zedlines.

A new website allows the live tracking of political donations made to each party in a bid to increase transparency. Image credit: ECQ

The Electoral Commission of Queensland for the first time has an online disclosure page on their website to track political donations during the election.

The ECQ website shows that almost $1 million has been donated so far  with the LNP leading in donations since the election was called.

The inclusion of the disclosure page is a part of a reform introduced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in March to improve transparency.


New push for breast milk donations

Dark Side of Melbourne Cup

For many people, Melbourne Cup is a fun celebration, that brings an opportunity to dress up, have a punt and enjoy spring. But there is a dark side to the Melbourne Cup and the racing industry, that is not always acknowledged. Not only is there issues with widespread animal cruelty and horse deaths, but this time also brings a boom in ads for gambling apps and websites. Ebony Wilson spoke to Gerard Bryne from the Salvation Army about how this can be a challenging time for problem gamblers and Jane Speechly from the RSPCA about the problems of animal cruelty 

Australia's Big Four Banks and why they probably don't care about the Government's Parliamentary Hearings

Twice a year Federal Parliament’s Committee on Economics puts the CEOs of Australia’s four biggest banks (the Big Four) in the hot seat and ask them tricky questions. In the face of an unending parade of scandals the opposition has called for a Royal Commission into the banks. The Turnbull Government has stated that the Parliamentary hearings are enough to pull the banks into line.

Do the banks take these hearings seriously? Probably not —  and here’s five reasons why:

1. The Australian Government hires the Big Four

Global gender equality not expected for another century

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) to will take 100 years to close the gender inequality gap at the current rate. (Image from: Pixabay)

The WEF report has ranked 144 countries on their gender equality, through education, health, political participation and economical opportunities.

The 2017 report shows the gap has worsened since last year, and if efforts aren’t improved it will take a century to close the gap globally.

Women in Scandinavian countries have achieved the highest overall rankings, while women in the Middle East and North Africa held the lowest gender equality scores.


Activists call for humane treatment of Manus refugees

Queensland introduces GPS trackers for commercial fishermen and more zedlines...

Queensland commercial fishermen will be affected by some major changes, with GPS trackers aiming to be fitted in all boats. (Image Source: Wikimedia)

As part of the Queensland Government’s Sustainable Fisheries Strategy, all boats including small tender boats, used to drag out nets will require tracking devices to help collect data in assessing the sustainability of fish stocks.

With most commercial fishermen recording their catch data on hard-copy log books, the vessel monitoring system (VMS) helps make data collection more efficient.

Townsville and Rockhampton councils to pay over $31 million for Adani coal mine airstrip...and more zedlines

Image source: Lock the Gate Alliance/Flickr Townsville and Rockhampton councils are paying $31 million for an airstrip for Adani’s Queensland coal mine hundreds of kilometres away from both towns, and could see costs rise if a deal between the energy giant and traditional land owners fails to be met.

Townsville and Rockhampton have agreed to spend $15.5 million each on the airport in a deal to secure Adani’s guarantee of 2200 jobs for residents.

Townsville has also agreed to pay up to $18.5 million if the airport is shifted to a location outside Wangan (wang-gern) and Jagalingou land, where a traditional owners group is currently battling Adani’s plans to build Australia’s largest coal mine.

New program KickStart aims to help young people with tenancy troubles

The Youth Outreach Service which is run out the Salvation Army has started a new program which aims to help young people between the ages of 16-25 with issues surrounding tenancies. With renting being a major part of young people's lives it can be a confronting and difficult area to navigate. Often young people can be unaware of their rights as tenants and also what avenues that are available to them. Brisbane Line reporter Jack McDonnell spoke with Michael a youth worker with the Salvation Army and The Youth Outreach Service about this program and how it can help. 

Allegations of mistreatment against Muslim inmates at Brisbane correctional centre and more Zedlines...

Muslim inmates at Brisbane’s Arthur Gorrie correctional centre have complained of being denied halal food, beaten, humiliated, and banned from prayer by prison staff.

The Islamic Council of Queensland, in a letter to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), said that there have been incidents of non-Muslim inmates being ordered to assault Muslim prisoner, and prisoners have been threatened with gas if they continued to pray together.

The Islamic Council heard the allegations of mistreatment during visits with Muslim inmates, and made an appeal for action, which was unsuccessful as, according to a QCS spokesperson, no further evidence was provided to back up the claims.

Property developers to be banned from donating to state and local government and more Zedlines...

Property developers will be banned from giving political donations at a state and local government level. (Imgae Source: 7th Fleet)

Following on from recent investigated corruption allegations, the Crime and Corruption Commission's report has recommended property developer donations be banned at the local government level.

Announced on Wednesday, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she is in full support of a ban on developer donations and better means to deal with perceived conflicts of interest for councillors.

Neo-nazi group targets Toowoomba with Hitler posters

A Neo Nazi group is boasting about plastering posters featuring Hitler and swastikas across Toowoomba.

Survey reveals drivers are more willing to speed in school zones and more zedlines

A new survey has revealed more drivers are becoming confident they won’t get caught whilst speeding through school zones (Image:Wikimedia Commons)

RACQ spokeswoman Lauren Ritchie said more than 82 per cent  of drivers who admitted to speeding through school zones this year said they had done so because they didn’t think they would get caught.

This is a 30 per cent jump from last year, which Ms Ritchie says is concerning and dangerous as there’s no excuse for speeding where vulnerable kids are present.

Greyhounds being euthanised once retired