New website to track political donations during QLD election and more Zedlines.

A new website allows the live tracking of political donations made to each party in a bid to increase transparency. Image credit: ECQ

The Electoral Commission of Queensland for the first time has an online disclosure page on their website to track political donations during the election.

The ECQ website shows that almost $1 million has been donated so far  with the LNP leading in donations since the election was called.

The inclusion of the disclosure page is a part of a reform introduced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in March to improve transparency.


New push for breast milk donations

Australia's Big Four Banks and why they probably don't care about the Government's Parliamentary Hearings

Twice a year Federal Parliament’s Committee on Economics puts the CEOs of Australia’s four biggest banks (the Big Four) in the hot seat and ask them tricky questions. In the face of an unending parade of scandals the opposition has called for a Royal Commission into the banks. The Turnbull Government has stated that the Parliamentary hearings are enough to pull the banks into line.

Do the banks take these hearings seriously? Probably not —  and here’s five reasons why:

1. The Australian Government hires the Big Four

Indigenous Author facing racial abuse from NSW students

Australian authors and poets are jumping to the defence of an award-winning Indigenous writer, following online abuse by year 12 students.

Ellen van Neerven’s poem Mango, from the book Comfort Food, was a featured task in New South Wales recent HSC exam, with year 12 students required to “explain how the poet conveys the delight of discovery”.

However with many students unhappy with the question took to social media, creating memes and expressing their frustrations towards the author, with many comments descending into racist and vulgar abuse.

Many have also criticised New South Wales Education Standards AUthority for what they say is a poorly worded question.

Local Jobs First Roundtable to be held in Cairns and more Zedlines

Cairns is set to host a Local Jobs First Roundtable today, bringing both government and industry officials together to improve the employability of local young people in the tourism industry. (image credit: wikimedia)

Employment Minister Grace Grace will lead the Roundtable, with the goal of maximising employment opportunities for locals in Queensland’s ever-growing billion dollar tourism industry.

In the past years, tourism contributes $11.5 billion to Queensland’s economy, making up 5.8 per cent of Queensland’s workforce.

Full-time effort to coordinate management of feral pigs in north Queensland introduced

Multicultural winners announced and more Zedlines...

Two Queenslanders and five organisations have been recognised as the State’s top multicultural achievers at the Queensland Multicultural Awards over the weekend in Logan.

The Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Grace explained award winners were appreciated for their valuable contributions to advocate and promote a united, harmonious and all-encompassing Queensland community.

The Awards have been celebrated since 1990, and this year’s theme centred around Creating Welcome, Building Opportunity and Celebrating Diversity.

What does the Home Affairs Office really mean

On July 17 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a federal Home Affairs Office — to be run by Peter Dutton, which will include the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the Australian Border Force (ABF). The announcement shakes up the Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) ‘family tree’, with the Government arguing the changes will improve the AIC’s capacity and make it more agile, will make us safer, and will give us a ‘better’ and more robust national security system.

Queensland Trials Professional Foster Carer Program

Queensland is to trial a new professional foster carer program that hopes to improve the lives of young people with high support needs.

The program is costed at 3 million dollars, aimed at nurses and teachers and will run for 2 years as the government monitors its success.  

The professional foster carers will be paid up to sixty-five thousand a year and will also be trained in fields such as child development and counselling.


Artworks On Show in Brisbane

Brisbane colours will truly be flying this July as the city opens up its most popular public spaces in order to showcase world renowned works by local artists.

Livestock Responsible for Growing Koala Attacks and more Zedlines

According to a koala rescuer, the native species is being attacked by livestock as frequently as by dogs.

A rescuer from Rescue to the Wildlife Inc in the Darling Downs said that habitat destruction from development and tree felling is forcing koalas travel across the ground to find safety, making them vulnerable to attacks. 

Farmers and rescuers have reported attacks caused by cattle and horses that have injured the animals.


LNP Attack Queensland Budget

Seven days after Treasurer Curtis Pitt handed down the Queensland Budget, the LNP is still attacking the government's decisions.

Brisbane buses get pimped, and more Zedlines....

A slate of changes is set to hit new Brisbane buses, including USB phone charging ports. Image source: Flickr

The Brisbane City Council 2017 - 2018 budget has proposed over $30 million towards 60 new buses this financial year, to replace the 50 buses expected to retire.

Public transport boss, Adrian Schrinner, said in addition to the charging ports, the new buses will have three-dual doors, to allow more passengers to disembark and board simultaneously, reducing travel times along certain routes.


Mark Bailey’s email account debacle

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has come under fire, following a report forwarded to the state corruption watchdog.

60th anniversary of the Palm Island protest, and more Zedlines...

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Strike 57 – an indigenous protest which shut down Palm Island. Image source: Flickr


The protest, which is marked with a public holiday on Palm Island, saw Willie Thaiday, Albert Geia, Eric Lymburner, Sonny Sibley, Bill Congoo, George Watson and Gordon Tapau lead an island-wide strike against unpaid wages and working conditions for five days.

State Minister for Local Government and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner said the Palaszczuk government supports the Strike 57 commemorations.


Queensland Government offers reassurances to London