Woolworths warns electricity costs will inflate prices and more Zedlines

Supermarket giant Woolworth’s product prices are expected to increase due to rising electricity costs. [Image source: Wikipedia]

Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci warns electricity is a material issue within the company and its third largest cost.

Customers can expect prices increases within the next financial year.

Koala makes miraculous recovery from car incident 

A koala named DJ has been released into the wild after recovering from being hit by a car on the Sunshine Coast.

DJ was treated for a fractured arm and internal bleeding, and underwent eight weeks of physiotherapy to regain her grip.

New population of rare tigers found in Thailand and more Zedlines

A new population of the critically endangered Indochinese tiger has been discovered in a national park in eastern Thailand. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

A small population with at least six cubs were found in the jungle, the second known breeding Indochinese tiger population.

Tiger populations in the wild have dwindled from 100,000 a century ago to 3,900 today, but this is slowly on the rise.

Council withholds support from Brisbane smoking ban

The Brisbane City Council has refused to support a King George Square smoking ban, despite a 35-signature petition.

A whinny for race horses and more Zedlines

Retired Queensland race horses have been given a second chance at life with Queensland Racing Minister Grace Grace launching a new animal welfare program.(Image Source: Public Domain Pictures)

The incentive will save the lives horses set for the abattoir when they are no longer needed in the racing industry.

Racing Australia’s 2016 annual report claims 90 percent of horses are rehomed when retired but this data is refuted by animal activists.

2000 staff pre-deployed ahead of Cyclone Debbie and more updates
In the midst of the oncoming category 4 tropical cyclone, the Queensland government has pre-deployed or put on standby 2000 staff to prepare for when Cyclone Debbie makes landfall later today.

World science festival sets out to inspire and more Zedlines

World science festival organises shows to attract young kids to scientific fields.

An ex-science teacher Science Steve is running interactive Festival Lab science shows to reveal the wonders of science to young children as the students interested in field are declining.

The shows run throughout the weekends in South Bank cultural forecourt to encourage the enthusiasm of the new generation with shows ranging from robotics to criminology.


RSPCA issues a southern queenslander with record number of charges over dog farm

Trump takes aim at kitten website, and more Zedlines

The internet is expectantly full of cute animals and funny memes, but now US President Donald Trump has allegedly taken aim at a kitten website, designed by a 17-year-old girl from San Francisco. Image Source: Pixabay

Lucy created the website as a laugh while applying for developer jobs, the only thing the website offered was a chance to virtually scratch photos of Trump’s head using the paws of a kitten.

Originally called Trumpscratch, and then Kittenfeed, Lucy claims she received two threatening cease and desist letters from The Trump Organization - while Lucy complied with the letters, she said a president should not have the time or care to hire people to shut down harmless sites like hers.

Cane toad introduced to national park and more Zedlines

Tourists may be responsible for bringing a cane toad into Mount Kosciuszko National Park. [Image source: Simple Wikipedia]

Cane toads are introduced pests spreading throughout Australia, but had never before been found in the southern alpine environments of NSW.

Anyone visiting national parks is advised to check their vehicles for unwanted pests.

Gay Panic defence abolished

A bill to scrap the controversial Gay Panic defence has officially been passed in Queensland Parliament this week.

Pigs bring home the bacon and more Zedlines

Eight little pigs ran all the way to the finish line raising $8000 for the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter service at the seventh annual Sandy Creek Pig Races. (Image: Food 4 Your Mood)

The event held near Warwick on Saturday attracted hundreds of Darling Down locals making the race one of the most successful fundraisers for the charity in the region.

Last calendar year, the Toowoomba RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter completed 587 missions, including 458 inter-hospital transfers, four neonatal transfers, 121 airlifts from the scene of an accident or incident and four search and rescues, in a service worth over $7.3 million to the region.

Brisbane to keep character

Norway named the world’s happiest country and more Zedlines

A chilly climate isn’t keeping Norway from basking in the glow of being named the world’s happiest country yesterday. (Source: Flickr - Ronel Reyes)

The Scandinavian country has taken out the top spot ahead of Nordic neighbours Denmark and Iceland according to the 2017 UN World Happiness Report

Australia tied with Sweden for ninth position behind perennial rival New Zealand.

Python undergoes radiation

Three-year-old carpet python Lucas is said to be second ever reptile to undergo radiation treatment in Australia after beginning on Friday.

Katter Party calls for legalised croc hunting and more Zedlines

Bob Katter’s Australian party is gaining support behind their bid to cull crocodile numbers after two suspected crocodile attacks in just two days. Source: Flickr fvanrenterghem

Following the crocodile attack on a teenager in Innisfail on Sunday night, a man was found dead on Monday with injuries consistent with a crocodile attack after he went spearfishing alone on Saturday.

The attacks come just a week after the Palaszczuk government updated its crocodile management strategy detailing minimum intervention to crocodiles outside populated areas.

Tough action needed to save Great Barrier Reef

An analysis of three major bleaching events over the past three decades has confirmed the worst.

Queensland Innovators to Pitch to Global Investors at Myriad and More Zedlines

Entrepreneurs from across Queensland will present their wares and pitch to global investors at the Myriad Festival in Brisbane this month. (Image: Flickr)

The Palaszczuk Government is supporting a 127-strong delegation from all corners of Queensland to showcase their business ideas to local and international world industry leaders.

Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch said the festival will open doors to new customers, investors and contacts for the Queensland innovators and develop ground-breaking products and business services for global investors.