Artifical reefs planned in Rockhampton to protect diversity of fish species, and more Zedlines...

'Fish hotels' are part of a Central Queensland science project to protect fish colonies. (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Artificial reef plan to protect fish species

Scientists from Central Queensland are building check-in 'fish hotels' in an attempt to protect the diversity of aquaculture in the region.

In a collaborative project hosted by the Fitzroy Basin Association, Yeppen Lagoons in Rockhampton will have accommodation for a dozen new artificial reefs.

Project manager, Shannon Van Nunen, said the fish hotels will be part of a broader strategy to increase the number of species in the local catchment.


Endangered bird delays $1.3 billion Cleveland Development and more Zedlines

A rare and critically endangered Russian migratory bird, which flies south each year has delayed construction of the Walker Groups Toondah harbour project at Cleveland.(source: flickr/0ystercatch)

The endangered Bar-tailed Godwit, which travels to the region each year from its nesting site in the Yellow sea was confirmed by a Walker Group spokesperson as the main reason for the delay.

Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has asked for extra conservation information regarding the project, and has delayed further developments on the site for at least six months.


Popping party drugs to treat PTSD and more Zedlines

The party drug ecstasy is now one step closer to being used as a legal treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons).

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug for clinical trials, the final stage before it becomes a legal prescription medication.

Professor Nicole Lee from Curtin University said that mixing ecstasy with antidepressants can cause the brain to produce far too much serotonin.


Cafe helps those with a disability learn industry skills

A cafe in Nambour is giving people who have a disability a chance to learn skills in the hospitality industry.

Nine trainees are undertaking the initiative and are involved in many cafe tasks.

PM given green light to celebrate Mardi Gras and more Zedlines

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull won’t be banned from Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebrations, after the committee board ruled against banning the PM from the celebrations. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Members of the committee had called for the Prime Minister to be banned after is inaction for the equality of the LGBTIQ community.

A statement released by the Mardi Gras committee said as a cornerstone cultural event in Sydney, Mardi Gras values the healthy dialogue we create with a broad spectrum of political parties.


Queenslanders brace themselves for soaring temperatures

Experts warn Queenslanders not to underestimate the heatwave threat, as temperatures continue to soar above December averages.

Warning ahead of summer heatwave and more Zedlines

Experts are warning against underestimating the dangers of heat waves as Queensland is expected to experience soaring temperatures this week (image source: Flickr, Adeel Anwer).

The Bureau of Meteorology has devised a system to classify heatwaves similar to the way cyclones are classified.

Dr Thomas Loridan says many people underestimate the dangers of heatwaves, and they can pose a threat akin to that of other natural disasters, as every 100,000 people exposed to a category five heatwave would result in at least three fatalities.


Super bill draws criticism

Plastic Bag Bans and Container Deposit Schemes set for QLD to tackle plastic wastage

Analysis shows if we continue to go on dumping plastic in the ocean that there will be more plastic than fish in the worlds oceans by 2050.

- Toby Hutcheon

Queensland prepares for a scorcher as temperatures rise and more Zedlines

Southeast Queensland is bracing for another heatwave coupled with fire danger. (Image Source:

Temperatures in excess of 35 degrees Celsius are to be expected, and officials have highlighted the possibility of fires breaking out as a result of the dry conditions all throughout the state.

Residents are warned to have a Bushfire Survival Plan memorised in case of emergency.

You can follow the developments of the weather over at


Australia's first modern-bone Museum
Queensland couple Jaimie and Debra Cook are planning the first modern bone museum in Australia.

Addressing the impacts of suicide on farming communities and more Zedlines..

A new website aiming to reduce stigma surrounding suicide in farming communities is asking people from farming communities to complete an in-depth survey to help researchers better understand the impact suicide has on families left behind.

The Ripple Effect, launched a few months ago, has garnered more than 7000 visits, and also provides strategies on how to deal with negative thoughts, as well as information on how to help someone who is thinking about taking their own life or struggling with suicide bereavement.

Research by Griffith University shows that Queensland and New South Wales agricultural workers could be twice as likely to die by suicide compared to those in other occupations.

NT child abuse rate increases and more Zedlines

The Northern Territory children’s commissioner, Colleen Gwynne, has released her annual report, finding that rates of child abuse have skyrocketed in the region. (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The report shows the number of notifications of potential harm to children has more than doubled in the past five years, with a 20 per cent spike in reports last year alone, and found Indigenous children are extremely over-represented in the statistics.                                            

Ms Gwynne says there needs to be pre-court, pre-offending strategies in place in order to prevent kids from entering into child protection and the youth justice system in the first place.


Research into allergy vaccine

Virtual reality arcade to open in Brisbane City and more zedlines

Brisbane City will soon be home to Queensland’s first virtual reality arcades, thanks to two Ipswich-based entrepreneurs. The pop-up arcade will open in Queen Street on Friday December 2nd and will allow patrons to engage in a variety of VR experiences, including swimming with whales. Source:Flickr

Brisbane City will soon be home to Queensland’s first virtual reality arcades, thanks to two Ipswich-based entrepreneurs.

The pop-up arcade will open in Queen Street on Friday December 2nd and will allow patrons to engage in a variety of VR experiences, including swimming with whales.

Lex Van Cooten and Rodney Robbins, the pair responsible for the initiative, say their aim is to “show people that the technology isn’t in the future - it’s here now.”