New government plans remove protections for marine life

The Federal Government’s new plans for 44 marine parks have left conservationist groups outraged.

Under the Government’s proposed developments, more areas will be opened for commercial fishing and protection zones will be downgraded to allow for more trawling operations.

Environmentalist Michelle Grady says these proposed changes are completely contrary to public consultation and the removal of our current marine protections would constitute world first.

The Government says that these allegations are false and that these new plans have considered both biodiversity and local industries.


Qantas set to fly global entrepreneurs to Brisbane

How the greyhound industry is changing

By Liana Walker

A Four Corners report in 2015 revealed to the nation just how entrenched live-baiting was within the greyhound racing industry. 

Trainers were found to be using live pigs, rabbits and possums to bait the race dogs in actions that led to several suspensions and charges. 

An enquiry in New South Wales found other problems nationally with in the industry including overbreeding which saw up to 17,000 greyhound dogs killed each year. 

Since then, there have been many changes to the industry. 

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Blazes burning on in New South Wales and more zedlines...

New South Wales is still feeling the heat, with 70 bushfires still burning and 20 out of control. Photo from Flickr.

Residents have been warned to prepare their homes and have a fire plan until the situation resolves.

Dry weather and high winds have caused higher fire dangers but conditions are expected to improve on the weekend, allowing firefighters to start controlled burn offs, before declining again on Monday.

Children lacking swimming skills at risk

Ahead of the Surf Life Saving Queensland annual Coast Safe report, the organisation is addressing the decline in school-aged children with basic swimming skills as the ‘greatest challenge’.


Florida animals from Zoo Miami have seen a change in scenery since the arrival of Hurricane Irma.  

The zoo has relocated smaller fragile animals such as Pink flamingoes to concrete bunkers, which is an upgrade from previous hurricanes, where flamingoes found themselves locked in toilet blocks for protection.

Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill says the Zoo is as ready as they can be and that workers have scrambled to secure animals and finish testing emergency equipment.

Larger animals including elephants, lions and apes have not been evacuated, but their enclosures have been heavily fortified.

Malcolm Turnbull Urges Aussies in North Korea to Leave and more Zedlines...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is considering evacuating Australians from the Korean Peninsula. (image source: Flickr)

The prime minister says the threat of war is the greatest it’s been since the Korean War but confident the global community can bring North Korea “to it’s sense.”

He urges Australians in that region to register their details with Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Queensland Childcare Workers to Strike Over Pay

Working parents will have to find alternatives for their children today as childcare workers go on strike across southeast Queensland at 3:20pm.


The University of Queensland researchers are one step closer to developing new medicines for treating inflammatory diseases and allergies.

The team of UQ researchers have built molecular switches that can control the immune response to many common allergens including asthma, eczema and dermatitis.

The molecular switch that researchers have developed turns off an important protein on the surface of human immune cells that controls how our immune system responds to allergens.

Smarter Go Card System on the way, and more Zedlines

A smart Go Card solution is being promised by the state government, with a tender in the works for a new system that will allow commuters to use their devices and smartwatches to tap on and off. (Image: Australian Catholic University)

TransLink director-general Matt Longlands said he cannot reveal much about the three private companies vying for the tender, except that the process was almost complete.

A system that allows phones, smart watches, other smart devices, and tap-and-go credit cards is being promised at this stage.

Queensland's Australia Zoo welcomes rare white koala joey

Australia Zoo has welcomed the birth of a rare white-haired koala joey, standing out from a group of other koala’s born at the zoo in recent months. (Image: Pixabay)

According to staff at the zoo, the marsupial's pale coat is not due to albinism but most likely a recessive gene it inherited from its mother, with experts saying the feature would make the animal a target to predators in the wild.

The zoo, along with Tourism Australia, have asked the public to help with a name for the female joey, in a Facebook post that has since been shared thousands of times.

Queenslands Labor government is facing corruption allegations by one of their own backbenchers

Hundreds of animals killed in meshing program and more zedlines

A report by the New South Wales government has revealed hundreds of animals have lost their lives as a result of the Shark Meshing Program. Picture source: wikimedia.

The report has shown almost 400 animals were killed over the 2016-2017 season, which runs from the beginning of September to the end of April.

Many of the animals that became entangled in the nets were from critically endangered, threatened or protected species.

Humane Society International Marine Scientist Jessica Morris said the statistics are an urgent reminder for the government to change to non-lethal technology.

New raids and fresh accusations against Pisasale

QLD Premier demands apology from Queensland Rail after latest train debacle and more Zedlines...

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is calling for Queensland Rail to apologise to every passenger left trapped on a train for almost three hours on friday night.

Reports of stranded passengers having to urinate in the carriage were labelled as horrific by the Premier.

Passengers heading into the city were stuck on the Ferny Grove line with many people venting their frustrations on social media as they could do nothing but sit and wait stranded between the Windsor and Bowen hills stations.

Opposition leader Tim Nicholls says he could not believe the QR thought the stranding was an important issue when it had given no apology and offered a measly $1.50 refund tickets.