Climate Change

Queensland top 10 in deforestation... and more Zedlines

A new report shows Queensland is one of the largest deforesters in the world. (Image: WIkimedia commons)

The Queensland Department of Science shows 395,000 hectares of land has been cleared in the state over the past two years.

Ahead of the election, Labor has promised to re-enact environmental protections, while the LNP plans to let deforestation continue at current rates.

Labor are underdogs, according to Premier

Queensland premier Anastasia Palaszczuk is claiming an ‘underdog status’ for the Queensland election, despite polls suggesting Labor is leading.

Melbourne abattoir remains open despite evidence of abuse, and more zedlines...

Animal rights activists have released footage of Star Poultry Supply abattoir in Keysborough, Melbourne boiling chickens alive. Photo source: Flickr

The footage, obtained in March, was given to Victoria’s abattoir regulator, but no formal animal cruelty investigation was conducted, allowing the slaughterhouse to continue operating.

The department responsible for enforcing animal cruelty laws, Agriculture Victoria released a statement to ABC’s 7.30 saying they were “satisfied” with the company’s handling of the situation and staff were being retrained.

Aboriginal painting breaks record of highest selling painting by female Australian artist and more Zedlines

Earth's Creation, painted by Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye, has sold for 2.1 million dollars at Fine Art Bourse auction, setting the record for a female Australian artist. Photo source: Fine Art Bourse

Earth's Creation broke its own record set in 2007 when it sold for 1.05 million dollars.

The auction was held on Thursday at Cooee Art, Australia's oldest Aboriginal art gallery.

Auctioneer Tim Goodman believes the sale will revitalise the Aboriginal art market.

The artwork has been granted an export permit to be displayed to further international audiences.

Traditional adoption practices to be acknowledged under Labor government

Syria joins Paris Climate Agreement... and more Zedlines

Syria announced it would join the Paris climate agreement during the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany yesterday. (Image: Wikimedia commons)

From here, the country will have to submit its “instruments of ratification”; this will likely include part of the Syrian constitution which stipulates protection of the environment.

Syria’s move to join now makes the US the only country in the world to not be a part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Melanoma rates in Queensland stable for the first time

A new study by the Cancer Council Queensland shows for the first time, incidence rates for invasive melanomas in people aged over 60 have stabilized and are beginning to fall.

Political donation ban put back in the spotlight and more Zedlines

The peak Queensland body for the property development industry have called for a complete ban on political donations. (Image Credit:7th Brigade)

The calls come following the introduction of legislation by Premier Annastacia Palazczuk banning political donations at a state or local government level by property developers.

Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland chief executive Marina Vit has called the bill discriminatory to the industry, pushing for a bill that maintains transparency without discrimination.


Rural volunteer firefighters call on political parties for support

Thargomindah on the forefront of Australia’s electricity crisis and more Zedlines

While State and Federal politicians struggle to find a solution to Australia’s continuously rising power costs, a rural Queensland town is looking for its own solution. (Image Credit:Wikimedia)

Residents of Thargomindah experience frequent blackouts due to the town's location on the electricity grid, resulting in the town developing and relying on a geothermal power plant which works to flip the existing power formula.

With other rural towns pushing for more reliable electricity, the project is in the concept design stage with an expected operational date of early 2018.


Feral animals found to be bigger threat than climate change for Simpson Desert wildlife

Forecast for Great Barrier Reef suggests more bleaching will occur this summer and more Zedlines

Forecasts for this summer suggest that, while there is unlikely to be mass bleaching events like those that occurred in 2016 and 2017, there is still reason to be concerned for the Great Barrier Reef.

While forecasts are still uncertain, the Coral Watch program of the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration put much of the reef on Alert Level 1 in February 2018, meaning that bleaching is likely.

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a researcher from the University of Queensland, says the results are reason to worry, as heat stress may inhibit the coral’s chances of recovery.

Coral spawning events will emerge in the coming weeks, however may be inhibited by the coral bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, which left around 50 per cent of the reef’s coral cover dead.

Fiji’s presidency of Climate Change Conference draws attention to climate migration and more Zedlines...

The UN Climate Change Conference of Parties, known as COP23, kicks off today, with Fiji as this year’s president.

This will give the country an opportunity to draw attention to the risks of coastal erosion and regular flooding, which has necessitated the relocation of whole villages, including that of Vunidogoloa and Vanua Levu, and is attributed by village residents and the government to global warming.

Similar issues are also faced by other Small Island Developing States, with Dr Celia McMichael from the University of Melbourne’s School of Geography stating that lower-income areas are most vulnerable to climate-related migration risks.

PNG Army ready to take over Manus... and more Zedlines

The Papua New Guinea Army is preparing to take over the Manus Island detention centre, and it is still unclear how they will deal with the 600 men who have refused to leave. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

political blame game is occurring as a result, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying the men are not Australia’s responsibility, while PNG Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas says his country has no obligation to deal with them either.

As for the men, it seems they will be attempting to say put, and have collected drinking water in wheelie bins, because pipes have been cut and water tanks emptied.

Trawler survivor honours mates

Ruben McDornan, The sole survivor of the trawler which sunk near the town of 1770 has honoured his mates in a tribute.

North Queensland mayors given holidays by Adani... and more Zedlines

Two North Queensland mayors have each received more than $1600 worth of gifts from Adani this year, as part of a deal where the local councils would pay for an airstrip to service the company. (Image: Stop Adani, Flickr)

Mayor Margaret Strelow and Mayor Jenny Hill were both afforded holidays to India from Adani, and disclosed the benefits on official council registers.

However, official minutes of both councils do not show the councillors declaring the holidays as conflicts of interest during chamber discussions on the Adani deal.

No word on public service returns before election

Queensland voters will head to the booth this month without knowing whether the State’s expanding public service has delivered returns.