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Portuguese children sue 47 countries over climate change and more zedlines..

Portuguese schoolchildren affected by forest fires in June are looking to sue 47 European countries, saying that the country’s failure to tackle climate change threatened their right to life.

Children from the Leiria region of Portugal are seeking an initial £35,000 via crowdfunding to mount their case, which will target the 47 countries which are major emitters in Europe, including France, Germany and the UK.

The children will be represented by British barristers who are experts in environmental and climate change law, and are supported by the Global Legal Action Network.

Among the Mungbean Militia: The front line of anti-Adani activism

From an undisclosed camp within the Bowen region, a convoy of activists set off after dawn on Tuesday for the first step in a campaign of direct civil disobedience. Their target, the controversial Carmichael coal Mine proposed by the Indian mining group, Adani.

Protesters peacefully blockaded the road into Abbot Point Coal Terminal, disrupting workers from arriving on shift and giving themselves a visible presence from the heavily trafficked Bruce Highway.

UQ senate links to fossil fuel companies revealed

A report just released by Fossil Free university groups uncovers the links between Australian universities and fossil fuel companies. University of Queensland features prominently in the report, with the highest amount of donations form the sector and strong links between the UQ senate and the industry.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Sarah Blessing from Fossil Free UQ about the report.

Thousands flood Brisbane streets to march for same-sex marriage

Brisbane’s CBD was filled with thousands of people over the weekend to march for same-sex marriage.

Streets were closed as the city centre was flooded with rainbow flags and passionate citizens urging people to vote ‘YES’ on the upcoming postal poll.

The High Court recently threw out the case to stop the plebiscite and Australian households will begin receiving surveys this week with a result expected in mid-November.

Queenslanders are warned to prepare for dangerous bushfire season

Australian scientists lead breakthrough to repair damage reefs

Research led by Australian scientists could pave the way for coral reefs all around the world to be repaired and restored.

The research project, conducted in the Philippines, has proven that coral larvae is able to grow into colonies the size of dinner plates within three years and can also begin reproducing in this time.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Harrison, from Southern Cross University, says it is possible to grow coral larvae in tanks and deliver them directly onto reefs in need of restoration, including the Great Barrier Reef.


Brisbane City Council spends questionable $192 million

Gold Coast fires continue to spread and more Zedlines...

Three fires spread across the Gold Coast this morning as firefighters battled to contain them. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Firefighters were initially sent to the scene after reports of a car fire at Reedy Creek just before 7am.

But on arrival, the crew quickly needed to contain a vegetation fire in the area and were waiting for further support from two rural firefighting teams.

Residents may face water restrictions

South East Queensland residents may face water restrictions for the first time in years, as dam levels fall across the region.

Water use has increased across the board, with both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast top of the list for water usage.

Artificial intelligence fighting deforestation in Congo

New artificial intelligence technologies capable of predicting where deforestation is most likely to occur could help the Democratic Republic of Congo cut carbon commissions and protect its quickly shrinking rainforest.

The technology has predicted that woods covering an area the size of Luxembourg will be cut down by 2025, releasing 205 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Scientists widely agree that preserving rainforests is the cheapest and most effective way to reduce the carbon emissions that drive global warming.

Congo’s rainforest is the second largest in the world after the Amazon, but is under constant pressure from farming, mining, logging, and infrastructure developments.


Genetically modified crops included in latest Queensland climate change plans and more Zedlines

Genetically modified crops could be used by Queensland farmers to combat the effects of climate change (Image credit: John Coppi).

These crops would be able to withstand higher temperatures and worsening climatic conditions, where Southern Queensland could see more droughts with increasing emissions.  

Farmers would be one of the hardest hit groups from climate change says Environment Minister Steven Miles, the government has proposed a strategy which would help farmers protect their properties, livestock and crops.


Brisbane students win big at World Robot Summit

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Friends of Adani: POSCO

It’s hard to keep track of the twists and turns in the Carmichael Coal Mine saga. What’s clear is that if the mine does go ahead Adani won’t do it alone. The QLD and Federal governments haven’t been shy in showing their support for the mine — but Adani will also rely on a web of contractors and companies to help implement the project. Looking deeper, it appears that the Human Rights and Environmental record of some of the companies with connections to the project are as sketchy as Adani’s own chequered history.


More exposure to diversity equals less prejudice and more Zedlines...

New research by RMIT has found that people living in more diverse suburbs are less likely to express or experience Islamophobia.

The study led by Associate Professor Val Colic-Peisker and Associate Professor Karien Dekker examined whether the religious visibility of Muslim residents had an impact on local community cohesion and Islamophobia.

Associate Professor Val Colic-Peisker says the study confirms the suggestion of the ‘contact theory’: that direct social interaction with minority groups leads to the diminishing of prejudice against them.



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