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Australians feel Turnbull is not doing enough for kids in prison

The majority of Australians feel the Turnbull Government isn’t doing enough to protect children from abuse in the prison system, an Amnesty International poll has found. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The poll was commissioned ahead of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, showing only one out of three felt the Federal Government is doing enough.

77 per cent of respondents said independent inspectors should have full access to monitor and report abuse in children’s prisons.

The Turnbull Government claimed youth crime and justice is a state issue, not federal.


Queensland dairy farmers potential pay rise

Mining industry uproar over Galilee Basin debate and more Zedlines

The debate over construction of a railway which will enable mining projects in the Galilee Basin region continues, with heads of industry calling for more affirmative action (Image Credits: Takver).

Queensland Resource Industry Council general manager, Adrien Rourke, has warned that the government’s lack of certainty regarding railway projects could result in a dramatic drop in state investment and large job losses for regional Queenslanders.  


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has maintained that businesses should not fear drops in investment in the state.


Huge support for Labor’s renewable energy future


24hr vigil to be held at Peter Dutton’s office and more Zedlines

A 24 hour vigil for the refugees on Manus Island will be held outside Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s office in Strathpine from 6pm on the Wednesday the 8th of November. (Image credit:Flickr)

The vigil is being organised by the Refugee Action Collective QLD, with over 500 people already expected to take part.

Eight people have died on Manus Island, with the closing of the facility taking place last week, a humanitarian crisis is in swing on the island.


Deforestation and Koalas top QLD election talking points

Deforestation and Koalas were the major talking point last night at the Strathpine Community centre where Environment Minister Steven Mills, alongside Greens Candidate Jason Kennedy and ALP Candidate Nikki Boyd spoke.

Forecast for Great Barrier Reef suggests more bleaching will occur this summer and more Zedlines

Forecasts for this summer suggest that, while there is unlikely to be mass bleaching events like those that occurred in 2016 and 2017, there is still reason to be concerned for the Great Barrier Reef.

While forecasts are still uncertain, the Coral Watch program of the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration put much of the reef on Alert Level 1 in February 2018, meaning that bleaching is likely.

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a researcher from the University of Queensland, says the results are reason to worry, as heat stress may inhibit the coral’s chances of recovery.

Coral spawning events will emerge in the coming weeks, however may be inhibited by the coral bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, which left around 50 per cent of the reef’s coral cover dead.

PNG Army ready to take over Manus... and more Zedlines

The Papua New Guinea Army is preparing to take over the Manus Island detention centre, and it is still unclear how they will deal with the 600 men who have refused to leave. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

political blame game is occurring as a result, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying the men are not Australia’s responsibility, while PNG Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas says his country has no obligation to deal with them either.

As for the men, it seems they will be attempting to say put, and have collected drinking water in wheelie bins, because pipes have been cut and water tanks emptied.

Trawler survivor honours mates

Ruben McDornan, The sole survivor of the trawler which sunk near the town of 1770 has honoured his mates in a tribute.

North Queensland mayors given holidays by Adani... and more Zedlines

Two North Queensland mayors have each received more than $1600 worth of gifts from Adani this year, as part of a deal where the local councils would pay for an airstrip to service the company. (Image: Stop Adani, Flickr)

Mayor Margaret Strelow and Mayor Jenny Hill were both afforded holidays to India from Adani, and disclosed the benefits on official council registers.

However, official minutes of both councils do not show the councillors declaring the holidays as conflicts of interest during chamber discussions on the Adani deal.

No word on public service returns before election

Queensland voters will head to the booth this month without knowing whether the State’s expanding public service has delivered returns.

Search warrant carried out in ABC South Bank office and more Zedlines...

Queensland police have executed a search warrant at ABC office in South Bank.

The warrant reportedly follows a claim made by Queensland Cabinet Secretary Leighton Craig, claiming Newman government cabinet documents may have been improperly accessed.

It is believed the information was used to write several stories in February this year about budget cuts in 2012 under the then LNP government.


Queenslanders in Baffle Creek and Lowmead Return Home

Families in Baffle Creek and Lowmead regions are finally able to return to their homes after being forced to evacuate their homes last week due to flooding.

Thailand orders donation halt for monks and sale of holy objects at temples...and more zedlines

Image source: Pexels In an attempt to overhaul a religion recently marred by controversy, Buddhist in Thailand monks are launching reforms to impose tighter checks on the finances of the thousands of temples in the country.

There have recently been a host of rape, drugs, and embezzlement charges laid against Buddhist monks, which prompted the government to devise a smart ID card that would carry information of drug and criminal offences for monks instead of paper documents.

Townsville and Rockhampton councils to pay over $31 million for Adani coal mine airstrip...and more zedlines

Image source: Lock the Gate Alliance/Flickr Townsville and Rockhampton councils are paying $31 million for an airstrip for Adani’s Queensland coal mine hundreds of kilometres away from both towns, and could see costs rise if a deal between the energy giant and traditional land owners fails to be met.

Townsville and Rockhampton have agreed to spend $15.5 million each on the airport in a deal to secure Adani’s guarantee of 2200 jobs for residents.

Townsville has also agreed to pay up to $18.5 million if the airport is shifted to a location outside Wangan (wang-gern) and Jagalingou land, where a traditional owners group is currently battling Adani’s plans to build Australia’s largest coal mine.

Tired emergency crews will be better managed after Cyclone Debbie and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government will better manage fatigued workers in emergency situations in the wake of a review into the response to Cyclone Debbie. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite identifying that the response to Debbie was the best-planned to date, the review by Inspector-General of Emergency Management Iain MacKenzie made 18 recommendations to improve future responses.

The government accepted 17 of the recommendations, while it accepted the 18th, for emergency alerts to be made more timely and targeted, on principle.

Council defends agreement with technology company