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QLDers might not get a fare deal if Uber is made illegal, and more 9am Zedlines

Queenslanders could face higher taxi fares and long waiting times if Uber is made illegal (Source: Flickr)

Brisbane's heritage trading scheme allows developers to build bigger

A controversial high-rise development in the Brisbane CBD will go ahead, despite it not conforming to the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan.

The heritage-listed National Bank building will allow its owners, The Aria Group, to transfer its development potential to its high rise on Edward street, allowing it to have a footprint larger than the normal 45 per cent for this type of development.

Record breaking rain in May for far north QLD and more 8am Zedlines

May has been a record breaking month for rain in far north Queensland (Source: Wikipedia)

Divers experience rare swim with five-metre whale shark off North Stradbroke Island

Divers off North Stradbroke Island have been treated with a rare and spectacular sighting of a five metre long juvenile whale shark.

University of Queensland marine biologist Dr Kathy Townsend said it was only the second confirmed sighting of a whale shark off North Stradbroke in about 10 years.

Suspicious fire at Geelong mosque - and more Zedlines

Geelong's only mosque burned down in a suspicious fire (source: pexels)


No Struggle Street for Brisbane

Brisbane City Council has refused permits for controversial SBS documentary Struggle Street to film its second series in Inala, after the first series was accused of exploiting residents.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the production of the film could damage the reputation of the suburb and its people.

Councillor Jonathan Sri said while the first series was not perfect, to completely deny the film-makers permission to film on public land is a poor way of handling the issue.


Gay panic defence to be repealed - and more Zedlines

Attorney General Yvette D'ath announced her intention to repeal Queensland's gay panic defence (source: flickr)

Gay panic defence to be repealed

Attorney General Yvette D’ath indicated an intention to remove the gay panic defence from Queensland law.

Currently a perpetrator can use fear of a homosexual advance from a victim as a partial defence to murder.

Ms D’ath said the Criminal Code must not be seen to condone violence against the gay community.


Queensland drought continues

Queensland has seen little improvement in its drought conditions after a fourth failed wet season.

Greece passes new package amid violent protests and more Zedlines

Submitting to the demands of Eurozone creditors, the Greek parliament approved the hugely controversial austerity package amid violent protests. (Source: Wikicommons)

Greece passes new package amid violent protests

Submitting to the demands of Eurozone creditors, the Greek parliament approved the hugely controversial austerity package amid violent protests.

The controversial package, which includes pension reforms and tax hikes, has seen a demonstration, which attracted around 10,000 people, turn violent.

In response to protesters throwing molotov cocktails and projectiles riot police were called in and began firing tear gas.

Canadian wild fire leads to evacuation of 88,000 people and more Zedlines

A state of emergency broke out yesterday after the blaze already destroyed 80% of Fort McMurray's Beacon Hill community. (Source: Flickr)

Domestic violence campaign to overhaul family law systems

After speaking at a candlelight vigil for victims of domestic violence in Brisbane last night, Rosie Batty is launching a new campaign to overhaul the family law system.

The former Australian of the year will launch a campaign backed by the Women’s Legal Service focusing on providing survivors with free legal help in family law cases.

Cyber Security Strategy unveiled

The government has unveiled the new Cyber Security Strategy (source: flickr)

Uber fines increased

A new law passed in Queensland Parliament will see Uber drivers faced with fines of up to $2,300 and administrators with fines of over $23,500. The bill also sees transport inspectors given more powers to detect and fine drivers. The amended Katter’s Australian Party bill passed last night with LNP support.

Cattle drive cancelled

Funding for Indigenous rangers needed

The Australian Greens have called for continued federal funding for Indigenous ranger groups (source: wikimedia)

Black lung disease reappears

Coal miners and union members rallied outside Parliament House on Wednesday protesting the recent cases of black lung disease in the community. Miners urged the government to start taking action and help prevent the disease from being spread to other members of the coal mining industry. Black lung disease is caused by prolonged exposure to coal dust and was thought to have been eradicated 30 years ago, however there have been 5 new reported cases since September 2015.

Costly cleanup

UQ animal geneticists kicking goals for cattle industry, and more 11am Zedlines

The work of an animal genetics team at the University of Queensland could help Australian cattle farming become safer and cheaper. (Source: Wikimedia)

UQ animal geneticists kicking goals for cattle industry

The work of an animal genetics team at the University of Queensland could help Australian cattle farming become safer and cheaper.

The Animal Genetics Laboratory at UQ’s School of Veterinary Science is conducting genetic tests to help the cattle industry reduce the need for dehorning.

AGL science leader Dr Russell Lyons says poll testing is helping cattle breeders select the best breeding cattle for their herds and may help the industry end the painful practice of dehorning.

Earthquake in Ecuador kills at least 235, injures over 1500

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador has killed at least 235 and injured over 1,500 people, forcing officials to declare a state of emergency in the worst hit areas. (Source: Wikipedia)

Habitat destruction pushing migratory birds to brink

Queensland researchers fear habitat destruction is pushing populations of migratory shorebirds to the brink.

According to University of Queensland Researcher Rob Clemens, many species have already seen numbers greatly decline over recent years.

Authorities are particularly concerned for the Toondall Harbour tidal flats, an important resting ground for migratory birds, which is being threatened by a $1.3 billion construction proposal.