Science savvy kids and more Zedlines

Citizen science raised to new heights, with kids signing up to help document Australian species in app ‘Atlas Living Australia’.

Wildlife spotter aims to make science fun while adding to a national database of Australian species. 

Children take and upload photos identifying their finds and those made by others.

Australian University evolution ecologist Professor Craig Moritz says “it actually gets kids out in the real world getting interested in our biodiversity."



A strategy to strengthen the future of volunteering

A street artist paints a powerful anti-Adani mural on the wall of the Greens Office in New Farm and more Zedlines

The painting depicts Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk holding a gun pointed at Nemo, from Disney’s Finding Nemo, with “REEF KILLER” written next to it.

 Sydney artist Scott Marsh says he is absolutely disgusted by the Adani Carmichael mine, and vowed to continue producing Adani-inspired artworks.



Queensland in full swing for National Reconciliation Week.

Infrastructure and public spaces in Brisbane are lighting up to create awareness  for National Reconciliation and will be lit until June 3.

Brisbane City Council has released a ‘green, clean sustainable report’, aiming to make Brisbane a global top-10 lifestyle city by 2031 and more Zedlines 

The plan outlines a boost in public transport and cycling, reduction of carbon emissions and improvement of natural habitats and urban forests. 

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk labelled the plan as the council's most ambitious environmental agenda in the city's history - while Council's opposition leader Peter Cumming said the plan was a PR document lacking substance. 
The 87 page document cost more than $30 000 to produce. 


A private vet has confirmed a case of  Hendra virus in a pony paddock in the Gold Coast Hinterland. 
The infected pony was not vaccinated against the disease, and was later euthanised.

Tourism on the rise in Iceland despite melting glaciers and more zedlines

Over 2 million tourists are expected to visit Iceland this year to witness their unique glaciers which have been reconstructed with glass to stop them from melting due to climate change. Picture source: goodfreephotos.com

10 per cent of the island is covered in glass sheets to avoid danger to tourists and tour guides as they walk through the glaciers.

Global warming is causing glaciers to melt across the planet, and the rapid melting of glaciers in Iceland is causing problems for tour guide companies with some locations being deemed too dangerous for tourists to visit.

Glaciologists estimate Iceland's glaciers have been losing about 10 cubic kilometers of ice every year since 1995.

Commemmorative anniversary of 1967 referendum

Get Up! And Stop Coral Bleaching and more Zedlines

Environmental activists are planning an anti-Adani protest outside Queensland parliament today. [Image Source: Wikipedia]

Green group GetUp! plan to wear white as a representation of coral bleaching and petition Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reject a mine proposal for the Galilee Basin.

A controversial royalties deal between Adani, Ms Palaszczuk and Treasurer Curtis Pitt made without cabinet approval sparked the protest.

Queensland Puts Uber on a Tighter Leash

New legislation has been put in place to protect Queensland users of Uber and similar ride booking services.

Queensland Moving Towards Solar Power Energy Goals and more Zedlines

New figures confirm solar rooftops have overtaken Gladstone Power Station as Queensland’s primary power source. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

Energy Minister Mark Bailey has credited Premier Annastacia Palazscuk’s renewable energy policy for Queensland’s steady uptake of solar power.

Mr Bailey says Queensland currently has the most prevalent solar panel usage of any Australian state, and believes Queensland is on track to reach the target of one million solar rooftops by 2020.

Signage Company Covers Plaque Honouring Gallipoli Sniper 

Qld artist using plastics to highlight growing waste issue and more Zedlines

An artist out of North Queensland is using art to highlight the growing issue of waste within Australia (Image: Getty Images).

Through maths and a passion for environmental awareness, Alison McDonald has created an inventive 19 piece exhibit using simple geometric patterns and 100% recycled materials.

Ms McDonald’s captivating and interactive exhibit aims to demonstrate the effect an individual can have by simply being mindful of the waste they are creating.

LNP’s no body, no parole policy dropped
The Liberal National Party has failed to get its ‘no body, no parole’ policy into the government’s parole board bill.

Queensland man dies on Mt. Everest and more Zedlines

A fifty-four year old Australian man dies while descending Mt. Everest.

The Tibet Mountaineering Association says the climber died at seven thousand five hundred feet after suffering from altitude sickness.

The man, named Francesco Marchetti, from Mackay, Queensland, appeared to be an experienced climber.

Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson says he had known Frank for over 30 years, and his death is devastating news.

Rockhampton and Cairns to trial rooftop solar on public housing.

Young girl escapes an aggressive sea lion and more Zedlines

A sea lion has dragged a young girl underwater in Vancouver.

The girl was sitting on the edge of a dock with a crowd of onlookers watching the sea lion, when it reached up and grabbed her by her dress, pulling under.

A man believed to be a relative of the girl jumped in after her, bringing her back to safety. She appeared unharmed.


Over the next two weeks more than 2600 Year 9 students will gather across Australia for Young Leader’s ‘Altitude Day’ series.

The series is a two-week national roadshow that celebrates the positive change that young people are able to make in the world.

The Daintree Blockade: the battle for Australia’s tropical rainforests

In December 1983 a small group of local Daintree residents formed a peaceful protest when the Douglas Shire Council, with the support of the Bjelke Petersen State Government, commenced work on a road from Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield in Australia’s tropical north east, about two hours north of Cairns. As an aside, Bjelke Petersen was the longest-serving Queensland Premier (1968–1987); was vocal in calling for Whitlam’s sacking in ‘75; and was openly antagonistic towards the new federal Labor Government (1983–1996).