Queensland top 10 in deforestation... and more Zedlines

A new report shows Queensland is one of the largest deforesters in the world. (Image: WIkimedia commons)

The Queensland Department of Science shows 395,000 hectares of land has been cleared in the state over the past two years.

Ahead of the election, Labor has promised to re-enact environmental protections, while the LNP plans to let deforestation continue at current rates.

Labor are underdogs, according to Premier

Queensland premier Anastasia Palaszczuk is claiming an ‘underdog status’ for the Queensland election, despite polls suggesting Labor is leading.

Concerns over toxic landfill in East Timor and more Zedlines

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's unregulated Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili. (Image source: UN Photo/Martine Perret)

Children exposed to toxic conditions in East Timor 

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili.

The unregulated dumping ground has been named an environmental and public catastrophe, and is home to lethal substances such as asbestos and untreated hospital waste. 

According to the World Health Organisation, "about 100 tonnes of hazadous wastes are produced every year in Dili from healthcare activities alone". 


EU cuts funds to Turkey over 'deteriorating democracy'

Many EU member states openly condemn the Turkish Government's arrests of tens of thousands of people after a failed coup last year. 

The EU states that they will cut funding to Turkey in the wake of their deteriorating situation in relation to democracy. 

Both local and international human rights groups have accused Turkey of using the coup as an excuse for silencing political opposition within the country. 

Turkey is currently denying the accusations. 


QLD government looks for ways to remove dying Ibis colony.

InternationalTransgender day mourns those lost to violence

The day is a culmination of Transgender Awareness week, which aims to raise the visibility of transgender people and address the issues trans people face.

Today is the international Transgender day of remembrance, dedicated to honouring the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti transgender violence. 

The day was started in 1999 by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998.  

A 2014 report on hate crime from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects shows that, of the victims murdered, 80% were people of color, 55% were transgender women, and 50% were transgender women of color. 

Melbourne abattoir remains open despite evidence of abuse, and more zedlines...

Animal rights activists have released footage of Star Poultry Supply abattoir in Keysborough, Melbourne boiling chickens alive. Photo source: Flickr

The footage, obtained in March, was given to Victoria’s abattoir regulator, but no formal animal cruelty investigation was conducted, allowing the slaughterhouse to continue operating.

The department responsible for enforcing animal cruelty laws, Agriculture Victoria released a statement to ABC’s 7.30 saying they were “satisfied” with the company’s handling of the situation and staff were being retrained.

Australians feel Turnbull is not doing enough for kids in prison

The majority of Australians feel the Turnbull Government isn’t doing enough to protect children from abuse in the prison system, an Amnesty International poll has found. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The poll was commissioned ahead of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, showing only one out of three felt the Federal Government is doing enough.

77 per cent of respondents said independent inspectors should have full access to monitor and report abuse in children’s prisons.

The Turnbull Government claimed youth crime and justice is a state issue, not federal.


Queensland dairy farmers potential pay rise

Wedding and tourism businesses set to invest from same-sex marriage legalisation

Australia’s wedding and tourism industry are set to benefit once the same-sex marriage bill has passed, with the boom potentially profiting Queensland’s economy. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Simon Latchford said the move will impact a large number of businesses in both industries, from wedding planners to food and beverage services.

Wedding campaigns are being redesigned and rolled out between now and mid-next year, in a bid to encourage gay couples to choose a region for their venue.

Protestors calling for Canstruct to reject Nauru contract

Mums 4 Refugees and the Refugee Action Collective (RAC) is protesting outside Canstruct, in Yeerongpilly this morning.

Biocontrol for Australian fauna employs South American bugs and more Zedlines

Biocontrol bugs from South America are battling the cat's claw creepers plants that smother natural Australian fauna.

Gympie Landcare biological technical officer, Yvonne Hennel, has stated using bugs is necessary because of the manpower, time and cost of maintaining the plants by hand.

Cat’s claw creepers have the potential to tear down trees and kill off vast areas of vegetation, posing a major threat to local flora and fauna.


Queensland One Nation Leader apologises over wording on safe schools program

Queensland One Nation leader, Steve Dickson, has apologised over his wording of the safe school’s sex education program.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden to reintroduce talks of resettling refugees and more Zedlines

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach discussions about resettling refugees from the closed Manus Island Detention Centre with Prime Minister Turnbull. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach Malcolm Turnbull about the Manus Island Detention Centre crisis at the East Asia Summit this week.

Approximately 420 asylum seekers and refugees still remain at the now-closed processing centre, with reports that the Papua New Guinean authorities will soon remove them.

The two leaders discussed New Zealand’s longstanding offer to resettle 150 men from Australia’s detention centres more than a week ago.


Queensland deforestation rates could be on the rise and more Zedlines

New figures indicate that if proposed land clearing goes ahead it will double last year's figures for deforestation. Image credit: Flickr

The Wilderness Society says Queensland deforestation rates have the potential to double last year’s figures, with close to 1 million hectares of land already being approved to clear.

Wilderness Society Queensland Campaign Manager Gemma Plesman says ‘deforestation in Queensland has increased 250% since 2011’ and ‘more than 99 per cent of the proposed clearing is of untouched forest and woodlands’.

1.25 million hectares have been cleared in the four years since the Newman Government relaxed tree laws.