First global plan for reefs aims to save only ten per cent

The first global plan aimed at saving coral reefs around the world has been revealed, along with the alarming announcement that only 10 per cent of the reefs will survive the next 35 years. (Image Source: Eco Cafe).

This is the first world wide initiative aimed at protecting coral reefs from extinction with funding provided completely by philanthropists, not governments.


Scientists have estimated 90 per cent of the world’s reefs will disappear before 2050 due to coral bleaching induced by global warming and pollution.


The ‘50 reefs initiative’ has been headed by the University of Queensland’s professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg who said the radical plan is the coral reefs best chance of survival.



Renewables gaining momentum and more Zedlines

Solar power may be more affordable than fossil fuels according to a report released by the Climate Council.

 The report shows costs for solar power have fallen by almost 60% over the past five years, with Climate Councillor and former president of BP Australasia Greg Bourne adding they are expected to fall even further by 2040.

This comes as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has announced a commitment to renewable energy, in stark contrast to the Coalition’s focus on coal.


Mandatory ID scanners introduced to Brisbane

Brisbane’s bars and clubs will be required to scan ID’s in a new effort to combat dangerous and aggressive behaviour.

Cars and chlamydia top koala killers and more zedlines

Cars and chlamydia are the top causes for koala deaths across South-East Queensland, according to new research from the University of Queensland. (Image Source: Max Pixel)

Cars and chlamydia are the top causes for koala deaths across South-East Queensland, according to new research from the University of Queensland.

UQ’s School of Veterinary science worked with Moggill Koala Hospital to analyse over fifteen years of its data.

The research found that motor vehicle collisions accounted for over a quarter of koala deaths, closely followed by chlamydia symptoms accounting for nearly a fifth.

Medicinal cannabis to be legalised in Australia and more zedlines

The use of medicinal cannabis will today be legalised in Australia after the first private cultivation license was confirmed. (Image Source: Public Domain Images)

The use of medicinal cannabis will today be legalised in Australia after the first private cultivation license was confirmed.

Health Minister Greg Hunt will today make the announcement which will permit those suffering chronic pain to access the drug following a doctor’s referral.

Victoria has already harvested its first crop for epilepsy sufferers and Mr Hunt believes today’s announcement will permit an interim supply of the drug through importation.

Bulimba Barracks to be sold to developers

Protests at Westpac to stop the Adani mine

Yesterday protests took place around the country at Westpac banks to protest their involvement in the Adani mine due to environmental concerns. While some of the other banks have distanced themselves from the mine Westpac is still currently involved in investments with the mine. Brisbane Line Reporter Jack McDonnell spoke to Moira Williams a community campaigner from 350.org about the environmental campaign that is happening against this mine. 


Image credit: wikipedia

DFO Plane Crash and More Zedlines...

A plane has crashed into the DFO factory outlet and burst into flames, shortly after takeoff from the Essendon Airport in Melbourne, this morning.

It is unknown if there are any casualties at this stage, but it is understood that five people were on board the Beechcraft plane which was a charter flight to King Island.

Thirteen fire crews have been battling the fire, paramedics and police are also on scene.

The immediate area has been evacuated and both the Tullamarine and Calder Freeways are closed in both directions near the crash site.

Spike in arms sales at Cold War levels and more Zedlines

US and Europe lead the way in Arms sales to the Middle East, with China quickly catching up.

There’s been a spike in the international arms trade -with sales figures unheard of since the Cold war - according to a peace activist’s report.

The Stockholm Peace Research Institute said the Middle East has nearly doubled its intake in the last five years, with Saudi Arabia increasing their arms importation by over 200%, purchasing the majority of arms from the United States and the United Kingdom.

New continent found off Australian coast and more Zedlines..

Scientists claim to have discovered a new continent off the coast of Australia, dubbed “Zealandia”. (Image source: wikimedia)

 A study for the Geological Society of America referred to the land mass as ‘earth’s hidden continent’ as while it is 4.9 million square kilometres in size, 94 per cent of it is under water.

New satellite technology and gravity maps of the sea floor have revealed Zealandia as a large unified area fulfilling all requirements for continent status.

There would be various implications if a new continent were to be introduced, particularly in defining what belongs to Australia and New Zealand.


Renting is difficult but I’m too poor to buy a house and more Zedlines

Australia’s first housing tenants survey has revealed Australian’s have poor security and minimal power to demand standard property maintenance.

The survey shows a large portion of tenants put up with poor quality housing out of fear complaining to their landlords will result in eviction.

Spokesperson for consumer group Choice, Matt Levey, says 83 per cent of people surveyed were either on 12 month or non-fixed term leases, meaning they potentially would not know where they will be living in a year’s time.


Ergon’s new tariff structure to be decided soon

State Oppositions hold renewable energy target practice amid push for clean coal

Image: Blackwater BMA mine (Matt Dennien)

Liberal State Oppositions in Victoria, SA and QLD have this week claimed they will scrap state-based renewable energy targets, allowing the Federal Government to call the shots should they win office.