8000 Residents Petition for Cheaper Hospital Parking in Brisbane and more Zedlines...

Almost eight thousand people across Brisbane have signed a petition calling for the “excessive” parkings costs at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to be reduced. (Image Source: Geograph)

Launching the petition a week ago online, Leichhardt resident Kat McGowan is calling upon Queensland Health Minister, Cameron Dick and Mater Health services to stop capitalising on families’ misfortune and children’s illnesses and cut the costs of hospital car parking.

Cassowary Lady Turns Life Around and more Zedlines

A woman from Mission Beach dubbed, “the Cassowary lady” has rebuilt her life after being forced to leave her home due to wild dogs.

Ingrid Marker lived alongside a family of seven cassowaries for two decades in her far-north Queensland home, but the birds were distressed by the arrival of the dogs a few years ago and eventually left the area.

Marker was then herself harassed by the dogs, forcing her to also leave due to trauma.

Vodka is an Antidote for Antifreeze in Animals

Vodka has helped save the life of a Queensland tomcat.

The cat was found near a tyre store in Lowood, west of Brisbane, and was believed to have ingested the toxic agent antifreeze.


He was rushed to the nearby RSPCA animal hospital where he was given vodka, which is the common antidote for antifreeze.

He has now received the nickname ‘Tipsy’.


Brisbane Youth Detention Center Thrust into Spotlight Following Report

Oyster recycling for Moreton Bay

Moreton Bays’ Pumice Stone Passage is getting a new lease on life with the introduction of an oyster recycling station.

The program, headed by Dr Ben Diggles is designed to use clean oyster shells to restore and rebuild the shellfish reef on the passage. Diggles says that recycling oysters is a practical and productive way to protect shellfish reefs while combating the increasing numbers of jellyfish and algae in the bay.

The station is a replica of the traditional Indigenous midden practice used in the area and so will be a good fit for the eco system.

Local restaurants have already offered their used oyster shells and the program is scheduled to begin in April.


70% of Mosul IDPs to return home

The Iraqi minister for immigration predicts that at least 70% of internally displaced persons from Mosul will be returning home by the end of this year.

Immigration minister Darbaz Mohammed says more than a quarter of the IDPs have already returned home, and is hopeful that there will be no more camps housing refugees by the end of the year. 

Mosul was declared liberated from ISIS this month, but Mohammed says they will consider it a victory when large numbers of refugees return home. 

Public Housing to cost $34 million

Over the past five years close to $34 million has been spent repairing Queensland public housing due to vandalism, damage and uncleanliness.

Promising Great Barrier Reef Research and more Zedlines...

Queensland research on wetland restoration is indicating promising results in the battle to protect the Great Barrier Reef from nutrient and sediment excess.

The research is supported by the Palaszczuk Government and has received more than $250 thousand in funding.

Initial results suggest wetlands can eradicate nitrogen from the water and that forested wetlands have higher carbon and nitrogen storage capacity in comparison to marshes.

The project will offer a framework for the restoration of wetlands, which play a vital role in blocking and managing pollutants that threaten the health of the reef.



EvacuateNow Vigil


At The Coal Face: Hazelwood, Acland, Kingaroy and Adani

‘The smoke got thicker and darker and then it seemed to be
coming from everywhere, swirling around until it blackened the entire town’

— The Coal Face by Tom Doig

‘Coal is good for humanity’

— Tony Abbott and Malcolm Roberts
(neither know what they’re talking about)

‘By the time it’s at the stage where it’s quite dramatic, the company’s gone, the mine's gone and the groundwater systems are destroyed’

NSW mega-piggery plans get shut down and more Zedlines...

Controversial plans for a large scale piggery in southern New South Wales have been shut down amidst environmental concerns.

Regional New South Wales operation, Blantyre Farms, applied to build a new $12 million piggery with the capacity to hold 25,000 animals near Harden but Hilltops Council have formally rejected the application following a public forum where over 40 people spoke for and against the development.

Council administrator Wendy Tuckerman said she had no option but to reject it, and mentioned the council are not legally bound to continue with the plans because the general terms of agreement were not approved by state agencies.

Get on your bike Sydney! And more Zedlines...

Sydney has finally followed in the footsteps of other capital city counterparts and organised the first bike share system with a total of 160 red bikes cropping up across town ready for public use.

The rideshare system was purchased by local mortgage broker Donald Tang, after he sought out a more convenient way to travel to meetings in the city with patrons being able to access an app to both unlock and lock the bike wherever they wish to ride it and pay for it.

Similar ride-sharing operations are available in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Beijing but University of Technology transport researcher Michelle Zeibots said the scheme has had less success in Australia partly due to our strict helmet regulations.

Brisbane bus drivers to go on strike next week and more zedlines

Brisbane City Council bus drivers are set to go on strike next week in response to prolonged negotiations over a new enterprise agreement. Picture source: Flickr.

The strike will go for two hours on two mornings of next week, from 4:30am to 6:30am on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Rail Tram and Bus Union said the majority of council drivers voted for protected industrial action.

According to the union, drivers are striking over shift-work requirements and workplace health and safety provisions, particularly since the murder of Brisbane City Council bus driver Manmeet Alisher last October while he was on shift.

Adani failing to protect black-throated finch