LNP to scrap juvenile bail housing if elected and more zedlines...

Queensland’s Liberal National Party said they will close supervised bail accommodation for juvenile offenders if elected to government, instead putting minors in prisons. Photo from Flickr.

The Labor party announced plans last week to roll out specialised centres over the next few months, designed to house between four and 12 children who had been charged with an offence but were yet to face court and were unable to return home.

Currently, minors awaiting trial but unable to go home make up about 80% of the population of youth detention facilities in Queensland.

Flood Class Action Against Queensland Government Delayed Until December and more Zedlines...

The Queensland flood class action will be put on hold and leave almost seven thousand Queenslanders waiting a further two months before their day in court. (Image source: Wikipedia)

The trial which was set to begin in the New South Wales Supreme Court on October the third will now be moved to the fourth of December this year, with two weeks of hearings and then the trial re-commencing in February next year.

The delay is caused by mediation efforts between Maurice Blackburn lawyers who are representing the flooded Queenslanders and Seqwater and the Queensland Government.

Queensland State of Electricity Rewrite

Fortitude Valley to house state’s first vertical high school and more Zedlines

The location of the former Brooke Street state school in Fortitude Valley will likely become home to the state’s first vertical high school by 2020 (Image Credits: JAM project).

Last month, Education Queensland began investigating a vertical high schools policy. High-school cramming in inner-city school necessitated the need for a new model for school development.


The Fortitude Valley location is one of two proposed vertical high school schools in Brisbane, with the second slated for the inner south.


A planning day run by the Department of Education in November will develop concepts for the Fortitude Valley proposal.


The schools will accommodate between 1200 and 1500 students each.


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Local Jobs First Roundtable to be held in Cairns and more Zedlines

Cairns is set to host a Local Jobs First Roundtable today, bringing both government and industry officials together to improve the employability of local young people in the tourism industry. (image credit: wikimedia)

Employment Minister Grace Grace will lead the Roundtable, with the goal of maximising employment opportunities for locals in Queensland’s ever-growing billion dollar tourism industry.

In the past years, tourism contributes $11.5 billion to Queensland’s economy, making up 5.8 per cent of Queensland’s workforce.

Full-time effort to coordinate management of feral pigs in north Queensland introduced

UQ senate links to fossil fuel companies revealed

A report just released by Fossil Free university groups uncovers the links between Australian universities and fossil fuel companies. University of Queensland features prominently in the report, with the highest amount of donations form the sector and strong links between the UQ senate and the industry.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Sarah Blessing from Fossil Free UQ about the report.

Blazes burning on in New South Wales and more zedlines...

New South Wales is still feeling the heat, with 70 bushfires still burning and 20 out of control. Photo from Flickr.

Residents have been warned to prepare their homes and have a fire plan until the situation resolves.

Dry weather and high winds have caused higher fire dangers but conditions are expected to improve on the weekend, allowing firefighters to start controlled burn offs, before declining again on Monday.

Children lacking swimming skills at risk

Ahead of the Surf Life Saving Queensland annual Coast Safe report, the organisation is addressing the decline in school-aged children with basic swimming skills as the ‘greatest challenge’.

Third Melbourne Council Abandons Australia Day Celebrations and more Zedlines...

A third Melbourne council has voted to abandon official Australia day celebrations. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreland city council has now passed a motion stating that the “council believes it is not an appropriate date for an inclusive national celebration, as January 26 marks the beginning of the British invasion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands and oppression of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Moreland city council has now joined neighbouring councils Yarra and Darebin in dropping all references to Australia Day on January 26.

Kevin Rudd’s Godson Physically Attacked Over Defending Marriage Equality Posters

Lowest Rates of Scientists in Australian Universities and More Zedlines...

Although Australians are attending university at a higher rate than ever, science graduates are sparse across the country. (Image source: Pixabay)

A new report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which compared education outcomes, has found graduates of science, maths and statistics fields are down to as little as 6% of students.

Meanwhile, these fields have highest employment rates for STEM graduates.

As jobs in science and technology are on the rise, a fellow in higher education at the Grattan Institute, Ittima Cherastidtham, said it is important to promote the subject in schools.

Cherbourg to Pilot First Social Reinvestment Program

Discovery of new known life forms by UQ researchers and more Zedlines

Research by the University of Queensland has uncovered over 8,000 new life forms, representing a near 10 per cent increase in known genomes (Image credits: Herney).

Researchers have stated the discovery means they are much closer to fully representing the microbial world.


A.C.E Co-researcher Dr Donovan Parks believes fully understanding the microbial world lays the foundation for critical biogeochemical and industrial processes in the future.


Study shows Australian Consumers more Pessimistic and Queensland construction struggling  


Deloitte’s latest Access Economics report says people are spending more but are feeling more pessimistic, with consumer sentiment shifting downwards.

Queen's Wharf development to be bigger than expected and more Zedlines...

Detailed plans for the Queen’s Wharf development have been sent for approval by the state government, with buildings on the plan designed to be as tall as 74 storeys. (Image source: Pexels)

The precinct, which will replace the old executive building, would allow for 600 more hotel rooms than originally expected if it is to reach maximum height.

As well as the hotel rooms, the development application plan includes a casino; resort complex; a bar; a park; retail precinct; residential apartments; parking space; a microbrewery; a major sport facility; and a new pedestrian bridge connecting to South Bank, all on a 27.3 hectare site.

The development application is now open for the public to have their say.