Somerville House continues call for abandonment of private school body and more Zedlines

Parents of Somerville House have ramped up pressure for the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association to dismantle their governing body at the school.

Numerous staff, including Principal Florence Kearney have resigned in opposition to the PMSA in recent months, with further protests scheduled for the 21st of November.

The debacle began when Somerville House senior executive Rick Hiley was fired over a data breach, before being promoted within the PMSA to their general manager.


LNP pledges pedestrian and cycle crossings upgrade

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New website to track political donations during QLD election and more Zedlines.

A new website allows the live tracking of political donations made to each party in a bid to increase transparency. Image credit: ECQ

The Electoral Commission of Queensland for the first time has an online disclosure page on their website to track political donations during the election.

The ECQ website shows that almost $1 million has been donated so far  with the LNP leading in donations since the election was called.

The inclusion of the disclosure page is a part of a reform introduced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in March to improve transparency.


New push for breast milk donations

Optus offers compensation to NBN customers and more Zedlines...

Optus is the latest telecommunications giant to offer compensation to customers who have not received the National Broadband Network speeds they were promised. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The admission by Optus that some customers might have been overcharged follows yesterday's move by Telstra to refund around 42,000 accounts where advertised speeds could never be achieved.

Like Telstra, Optus has attributed the underlying source of undelivered speeds to NBN copper wire access.

School fails students in marking blunder

The Queensland Education department has admitted that a significant marking blunder at an Ipswich state school could affect the chances of some senior english students gaining entry into university.

Telstra compensate for slow NBN... and more Zedlines

Telstra has admitted it may have breached the Australian Consumer Law by promising super fast speeds on the NBN. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The company has offered compensation to 42,000 customers who have experienced slow internet connection after false, misleading claims were made to them in advertising.

The ACCC investigated Telstra’s claims over the last two years, and now says customers were not receiving the high speeds they paid for.

Telstra will allow their customers refunds, a change of internet plans or the option to leave their contracts entirely without paying a fee.

Pisasale stole from Men’s Shed, court hears

Criminals selling fake dogs before Christmas and more Zedlines

Queensland Police are warning that scammers are using reputable trading websites, social media, and local newspapers to sell fake dogs in the lead up to Christmas.

The culprits are claiming they have recently moved interstate or overseas and are forcing buyers to pay for transport and medical expenses before the dogs can be delivered.

Police are urging Queenslanders not to trust an ad just because it appears in a legitimate newspaper or website, saying that if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

LNP electricity policy raises concerns about solar power

PNG Army ready to take over Manus... and more Zedlines

The Papua New Guinea Army is preparing to take over the Manus Island detention centre, and it is still unclear how they will deal with the 600 men who have refused to leave. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

political blame game is occurring as a result, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying the men are not Australia’s responsibility, while PNG Immigration Minister Petrus Thomas says his country has no obligation to deal with them either.

As for the men, it seems they will be attempting to say put, and have collected drinking water in wheelie bins, because pipes have been cut and water tanks emptied.

Trawler survivor honours mates

Ruben McDornan, The sole survivor of the trawler which sunk near the town of 1770 has honoured his mates in a tribute.

North Queensland mayors given holidays by Adani... and more Zedlines

Two North Queensland mayors have each received more than $1600 worth of gifts from Adani this year, as part of a deal where the local councils would pay for an airstrip to service the company. (Image: Stop Adani, Flickr)

Mayor Margaret Strelow and Mayor Jenny Hill were both afforded holidays to India from Adani, and disclosed the benefits on official council registers.

However, official minutes of both councils do not show the councillors declaring the holidays as conflicts of interest during chamber discussions on the Adani deal.

No word on public service returns before election

Queensland voters will head to the booth this month without knowing whether the State’s expanding public service has delivered returns.

Factory explosion in Jakarta and more zedlines...

Two explosions in a fireworks factory in Tangerang, 25 kilometres west of Jakarta, have killed at least 47 people and left dozens injured. Image sourced from Riteshman, Pixabay

Police determined 103 people were working in the factory during the time of the explosions, and are still attempting to locate 60 others.

"The first thing we are going to do after the area has cooled off is a humanitarian effort," Tangerang City Police chief Harry Kurniawan said.

Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the explosions, however police strongly suspect the cause to be an electrical fault.

Parents protest against Somerville House

New Zealand students hope university fees reduce and more zedlines

The New Zealand elections leaves university students hopeful that tertiary fees will be reduced under New Zealand prime-minister-elect Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party campaigned heavily on education reforms,which includes a three year plan to phase in free tertiary education by the year 2024 and boost student allowance benefits.

Psychology and criminology student Jordan Butler says when he finishes his dual degree, he’ll be left with a $30,000 debt which he says will prohibit him from purchasing a house in the near future.

UQ senate faces the music on fossil fuels

Students at the University of Queensland have been campaigning for some time to get the university to cut its investments in the fossil fuel industry.

Last year the university senate voted against divestment; but in the last couple of weeks students have discovered that more than half the senate who voted on the motion have direct financial ties to the fossil fuel industry. This has led to a step up in campaigning from the students. 

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Hannah Schich from Fossil Free UQ at the uni on Thursday.