Sunshine Coast Council raises transport levy to fund light rail and more zedlines

The Sunshine Coast Council has endorsed a $15 increase in the annual transport levy in an attempt to bring the area closer to a light rail that would emulate the Gold Coast’s. Picture source: Wikimedia commons.

The levy, now at $42 per year, will rake in an expected $5.7 million this year, which will primarily cover planning for the project.

Sunshine Coast City councillor Rick Baberowski said the rail, which is expected to run between Maroochydore and Caloundra, and cost upwards of $1.6 billion, is an important part of future planning for the region, with the expected population to grow by 200,000 residents over the next twenty years.

Council rejects expansion of Islamic college

Vodka is an Antidote for Antifreeze in Animals

Vodka has helped save the life of a Queensland tomcat.

The cat was found near a tyre store in Lowood, west of Brisbane, and was believed to have ingested the toxic agent antifreeze.


He was rushed to the nearby RSPCA animal hospital where he was given vodka, which is the common antidote for antifreeze.

He has now received the nickname ‘Tipsy’.


Brisbane Youth Detention Center Thrust into Spotlight Following Report

Indigenous Queenslanders encouraged to develop computer coding skills

Eight indigenous communities will benefit from 157 thousand dollars in grants to support the delivery of STEM.I.AM coding and robotics activities.

Aurukun , Cook, Douglas, Gladstone, Logan, North Burnett, Paroo and Townsville were announced to be the communities that will benefit from computer coding based skills programs.

Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch said the program was specifically designed to encourage more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school students to pursue science, technology, engineering and maths courses at university.

70% of Mosul IDPs to return home

The Iraqi minister for immigration predicts that at least 70% of internally displaced persons from Mosul will be returning home by the end of this year.

Immigration minister Darbaz Mohammed says more than a quarter of the IDPs have already returned home, and is hopeful that there will be no more camps housing refugees by the end of the year. 

Mosul was declared liberated from ISIS this month, but Mohammed says they will consider it a victory when large numbers of refugees return home. 

Public Housing to cost $34 million

Over the past five years close to $34 million has been spent repairing Queensland public housing due to vandalism, damage and uncleanliness.

Women's Association to help rural girls access sanitary pads and more Zedlines

A Queensland Country Women’s Association on the Gold Coast is sewing reusable sanitary pads for girls in remote Indigenous communities, after a report arose revealing some girls felt forced to skip school and resort to stealing sanitary items during their period. (image: flickr - Tim Gillin)

A University of Queensland Global Change Institute report discovered a number of schools throughout Australia had no access to sanitary bins, which has prompted Joanne Hubner from the Queensland CWA branch in Coomera to take action.

Ms Hubner had been sewing the washable pads for girls in Nepal before discovering Australian girls were dealing with the same problem, and now the CWA are seeking help to send their pads to remote communities in rural Australia.

QPS VS Towing Company

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) has become embroiled in a conflict with towing company, who are contracted to impound cars caught doing burnouts, racing or other hooning behavior at a cost to the driver.

QPS has ordered an injunction against the company to prevent them from texting car owners to call Police Minister Mark Ryan about disputed impoundment fees and the QPS is threatening drop

The towing company alleges they are in debt for 10 million dollars and is demanding payment from the Queensland Police for their services.

Queensland to become leader in clean energy growth

The Palaszczuk government have unveiled plans to become the leader in clean energy growth by the year 2050.

Chemicals Causing Fish to Display Feminised Traits

According to research in London, chemicals flushed down household drains have caused one-fifth of male fish to display feminised traits.

Professor Charles Tyler, of the University of Exeter, explained the fish have experienced reduced sperm quality and are less likely to show aggressive behaviour.

The findings of the research suggest the chemicals causing these changes include ingredients from contraceptive pills and cleaning products.


Afghanistan Girl Robotics Team Denied U.S. Visas

A young, all-girl Afghani robotics team have been refused visas from the U.S. after spending months building a robot to compete in an international competition.

The team received their materials later than every other team due to terrorism concerns but still scrambled to build a ball-sorting robot as their entry.

The competition takes place in Washington this month, with competitors invited from all around the world set to take part.

Aged care provider cuts staff

Not-for-profit aged care provider, Southern Cross Care, is under fire after announcing cuts to nursing staff as a part of their restructure.

Free sanitary products for school girls in Kenya and more zedlines

Kenyan schoolgirls will have access to free sanitary pads thanks to a new government initiative. Picture source: Wikimedia commons

It is hoped the move will improve female access to education in the sub-saharan country, as girls are far more likely to drop out because they often miss out on up to 20% of the school year due to the fact many don’t attend school during menstruation.  

The change was signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta  through an amendment to the country’s education act, and also requires schools to provide safe and environmentally sound mechanisms for disposal.

Queensland prisoners learning trade while behind bars

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Research shows the bond between humans and animals is beneficial to both species, and there is no better way to celebrate that love than by bringing your furry friend to work. (Image Source: Pexel)

Friday the 23rd of June marks international take your dog to work day where businesses are encouraged to open their doors to all furry friends, great and small.

Clinical psychologist Dr Samantha Clarke studies the benefits of owning a dog, finding dog owners generally report a lower rate of depression and deal with grief better than non-dog owners.


Brisbane City Council removes hedges used as storage by homeless