Labor refuses a minority government and more Zedlines

Annastacia Palaszczuk said she would prefer to lose the state election than form a minority government.

In the event of a hung parliament, the Premier promised to make no deals with crossbench MPs from the Greens, One Nation, or Katter’s Australian Party.

Ms Palaszczuk said voters will choose to elect either a majority Labor government or a “chaotic” minority LNP government.

UQ Dipstick Technology allows instant DNA extraction
Researchers from the University of Queensland have developed technology allowing DNA to be quickly extracted from organisms.

Treatment of Rohingya likened to Apartheid... and more Zedlines

Amnesty International has come out in condemnation of the Myanmar government. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Amnesty International has condemned the Myanmar government for its policies which are restricting travel, hospital access and school attendance for Rohingya Muslims.

The human rights group has likened it to apartheid experienced by Native South Africans, as exploitation and discrimination is rife among Myanmar’s Border Guard Police.

Internationally, there have been calls for an arms embargo, targeted sanctions and an increased effort to ensure international aid money does not fund discriminatory projects.

Election drive-through voting begins and more Zedlines

The Electoral Commission of Queensland is trialling drive-through polling booths in Brisbane's bayside and on the Sunshine Coast.

ECQ elections director Wade Lewis says the idea takes into account Queensland’s ageing population and is designed to make voting more accessible for those with mobility issues, especially the elderly and their carers.

Voters in the electorates of Noosa and Oodgeroo who visited the drive-through booths yesterday were pleasantly surprised by the initiative.


WWI tank kept in plastic bubble in Brisbane

The only surviving World War One German tank is currently housed in Ipswich for forensic analysis.

Concerns over toxic landfill in East Timor and more Zedlines

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's unregulated Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili. (Image source: UN Photo/Martine Perret)

Children exposed to toxic conditions in East Timor 

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili.

The unregulated dumping ground has been named an environmental and public catastrophe, and is home to lethal substances such as asbestos and untreated hospital waste. 

According to the World Health Organisation, "about 100 tonnes of hazadous wastes are produced every year in Dili from healthcare activities alone". 


EU cuts funds to Turkey over 'deteriorating democracy'

Many EU member states openly condemn the Turkish Government's arrests of tens of thousands of people after a failed coup last year. 

The EU states that they will cut funding to Turkey in the wake of their deteriorating situation in relation to democracy. 

Both local and international human rights groups have accused Turkey of using the coup as an excuse for silencing political opposition within the country. 

Turkey is currently denying the accusations. 


QLD government looks for ways to remove dying Ibis colony.

InternationalTransgender day mourns those lost to violence

The day is a culmination of Transgender Awareness week, which aims to raise the visibility of transgender people and address the issues trans people face.

Today is the international Transgender day of remembrance, dedicated to honouring the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti transgender violence. 

The day was started in 1999 by transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998.  

A 2014 report on hate crime from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects shows that, of the victims murdered, 80% were people of color, 55% were transgender women, and 50% were transgender women of color. 

130 Children Die Daily from Saudi-backed Blockade

Seven million people are on the brink of famine and nearly 900,000 have been infected with cholera since the Saudi-backed coalition closed all air, land and sea ports.

Reports from an  international aid group say approximately 130 children die each day in Yemen, due to the ongoing Saudi-led coalition.

According to the Save-the-Children report, more than 50,000 children have died from extreme hunger and disease as a result of the coalition closing all ports to stop the flow of arms from Iran last November.

The UN is also calling for the blockade to be lifted, and said it could lead to the largest famine the world has seen in decades.


Wedding and tourism businesses set to invest from same-sex marriage legalisation

Australia’s wedding and tourism industry are set to benefit once the same-sex marriage bill has passed, with the boom potentially profiting Queensland’s economy. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Simon Latchford said the move will impact a large number of businesses in both industries, from wedding planners to food and beverage services.

Wedding campaigns are being redesigned and rolled out between now and mid-next year, in a bid to encourage gay couples to choose a region for their venue.

Protestors calling for Canstruct to reject Nauru contract

Mums 4 Refugees and the Refugee Action Collective (RAC) is protesting outside Canstruct, in Yeerongpilly this morning.

Australia says YES to marriage equality

(Image Source: Demi Lynch. Yes campaigners celebrate results of postal survey at Queens Garden.) 


It was a historic moment yesterday as thousands gathered across Australia to hear the results of the marriage law postal survey.

At 9am the results were released to the general public across the nation and 61.6 per cent of voters said yes to marriage equality.  

Yes supporters gathered at Queens Garden in Brisbane, including ‘Equal Love’ convenor Jess Payne who has been campaigning for same-sex marriage for over ten years. 

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Senator Dean Smith initiates same-sex debate in Parliament and more Zedlines

West Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith has delivered an emotional second-reading speech in parliament this morning. Image source: Wikipedia Commons/JJ Harrison

Senator Smith’s address is the first to accompany his bill to the floor of Parliament that seeks to legislate yesterday’s Yes vote on the marriage equality postal survey.

Debate continues as Labor Senator Penny Wong and Greens Senator Janet Rice also speak to the Senate in favour of the bill.

Man finds enormous gold nugget in North Queensland

A lucky Townsville man has found a huge nugget of gold buried in the Queensland bush.

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