LNP to scrap juvenile bail housing if elected and more zedlines...

Queensland’s Liberal National Party said they will close supervised bail accommodation for juvenile offenders if elected to government, instead putting minors in prisons. Photo from Flickr.

The Labor party announced plans last week to roll out specialised centres over the next few months, designed to house between four and 12 children who had been charged with an offence but were yet to face court and were unable to return home.

Currently, minors awaiting trial but unable to go home make up about 80% of the population of youth detention facilities in Queensland.

A spike in demand, and online abuse, hits LGBTIQ youth service

A number of mental health groups nationwide have this week flagged a spike in demand for their services as Marriage Law Postal Survey campaigning kicks into gear.

Estimate of 40 Million Slaves Across the World and More Zedlines...

Figures from a coalition of human rights groups have estimated there were over 40 million slaves across the globe last year. (Image source: Flickr)

The International Labour Organisation, the International Organisation for Migration, and the Walk Free Foundation said nearly three quarters of slaves are female, and make up some of the 15 million women who are married without consent.

The findings are the first estimate at a global level, and are prompting calls for stronger rights, better governance of migrants, and improved identification of victims.

Assaults in Queensland Prisons Continue to Increase

Fairfax media reported assaults in Queensland’s prisons have doubled in the past three years.

Thousands affected by typhoon in southern Japan

Thousands of people have been evacuated, and two have been declared missing, after a typhoon made landfall in southern Japan yesterday.

Nearly 60,000 households on the island of Kyushu have been issued with evacuation orders, as the Meteorological Agency warned of strong winds, high waves and mudslides.

The typhoon has also impacted transport, with hundreds of flight and train services being cancelled.

Queenslanders consuming too much red meat

Queenslanders are being urged to swap their meat for veggies after a new study has found that only 7 per cent of residents in the sunshine state are eating enough vegetables.

Greens: taxpayers should fund international expansions of media organisations...and more zedlines

Image credit: Wikimedia The Greens have accused the Turnbull government of double standards, saying Australian taxpayers should subsidise the expansion of multinational media companies by extending a new fund for regional media outlets to the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian.

As part of the media ownership reforms, a $60 million fund has been promised to boost independent and regional publishers and young rural journalists.

Currently, the program is restricted for Australian run outlets with a turnover of between $300 thousand and $30 million a year.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young says that journalists investing in Australian journalism, regardless of the country the outlet is from, deserve backing as much as anyone else.

School urges community to vote no in SSM survey

The University of Queensland to Ban Smoking on Campus and more Zedlines...

Queensland’s largest university will become a smoke-free zone as of July 1, 2018 (Image source: Public Domain Pictures)

Announced yesterday, The University of Queensland sates their campuses will adopt the policy after consulting with the state government and health experts.

Director of occupational health and safety at UQ, Tim Carmichael, says the smoking ban reflects evolving societal norms.



Taco Bell heads to down under

Mexican-style american fast food giant Taco Bell is set to open its doors in Brisbane.

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Olympic Committee refusing to endorse same sex marriage and more Zedlines

The Australian Olympic Committee is refusing to back same sex marriage in attempt to keep religious groups from being offended. (Image Source: Flickr)

Chief Executive Matt Carroll says there are two sides to this discussion and he is respecting both sides.

Until yesterday, the AOC had not commented on the rising social issue and even after the release of a statement to Fairfax media, there has been no commitment to a position.


Very high fire warnings for Queensland

High temperatures paired with gusty winds and low humidity have caused most of Queensland to be placed on high fire alert.

Third Melbourne Council Abandons Australia Day Celebrations and more Zedlines...

A third Melbourne council has voted to abandon official Australia day celebrations. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreland city council has now passed a motion stating that the “council believes it is not an appropriate date for an inclusive national celebration, as January 26 marks the beginning of the British invasion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands and oppression of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Moreland city council has now joined neighbouring councils Yarra and Darebin in dropping all references to Australia Day on January 26.

Kevin Rudd’s Godson Physically Attacked Over Defending Marriage Equality Posters

Thousands flood Brisbane streets to march for same-sex marriage

Brisbane’s CBD was filled with thousands of people over the weekend to march for same-sex marriage.

Streets were closed as the city centre was flooded with rainbow flags and passionate citizens urging people to vote ‘YES’ on the upcoming postal poll.

The High Court recently threw out the case to stop the plebiscite and Australian households will begin receiving surveys this week with a result expected in mid-November.

Queenslanders are warned to prepare for dangerous bushfire season

Australian scientists lead breakthrough to repair damage reefs

Research led by Australian scientists could pave the way for coral reefs all around the world to be repaired and restored.

The research project, conducted in the Philippines, has proven that coral larvae is able to grow into colonies the size of dinner plates within three years and can also begin reproducing in this time.

Lead researcher Professor Peter Harrison, from Southern Cross University, says it is possible to grow coral larvae in tanks and deliver them directly onto reefs in need of restoration, including the Great Barrier Reef.


Brisbane City Council spends questionable $192 million