Cosmic rays come from extragalactic sources and more zedlines...

An international team of scientists have discovered high-energy cosmic rays that hit Earth come from outside our galaxy. Photo from Pixabay.

These rays, first recorded about 50 years ago, are charged particles hitting the Earth’s atmosphere, but unlike low-energy rays that come from the sun or exploded stars, scientists had been unable to determine the cause or where they came from.

The team studied 10 years’ worth of data from the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina, concluding that the high-energy cosmic rays come from an extragalactic source approximately 326 million light years away, but were unable to determine how they are created.

The team will now try to find a more direct source.

Heatwave hits state and more zedlines...

Thunderstorms are anticipated, followed by an extreme heatwave in Sunshine Coast and Darlings Downs as temperatures reach the high 30s in some areas this weekend. Photo from Flickr.

A high pressure system is stationed off the east coast and is set to send the mercury up to midsummer levels on what should be a spring day, with daytime maximums up to 10 degrees above average.

Forecasters have warned of 90 kilometre an hour winds across the Gympie region, which thunderstorms are threatening for this afternoon and evening, with a 70% chance of rain today.

Maximum weekend temperatures include 38 on Sunday in Roma, Gatton, Ipswich, and Emerald, and the mid 30s in Nambour, Warwick, Rockhampton, and Gympie.

Mysterious Flesh eating ulcer cases continue to soar on the Mornington Peninsula and more Zedlines...

A rise in cases of Mycobacterium Ulcerans is concerning local doctors as the rise of the disease nearly triples in the past year in the Mornington Peninsular located in Victoria. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Geelong Hospital deputy director of infectious disease, Associate Professor Daniel O’Brien says there is no way to tell where it might appear next.

So far the condition has infected up to one hundred and fifty-nine cases which is up from fifty-eight in the same period in 2015.


One Nation Senator Faces Court Today over Citizenship Questions

Senator Malcolm Roberts will be questioned in the High Court sitting in Brisbane today over his former british dual-citizenship.

Inland Railway to be Built Across Queensland Floodplain Despite Warnings From Farmers and more Zedlines...

The Melbourne-to-Brisbane inland rail line will be built across the Condamine floodplain in Queensland, despite warnings from farmers that it could put lives at risk. (Image source: Wikipedia)

The Australian Rail and Track Corporation says the inland rail would be built on an embankment two metres higher than the existing line, which floodplain grain-growers Brett Kelly and Jason Mundt have criticised.

Mr Mundt says this higher embankment could see water back up for tens of kilometres in a big flood, endangering the lives of many.

Brisbane City Council Hopes ID Scanning Will Not Deter People From Major City Festival

The Brisbane City Council is hoping the state’s ID scanning laws won’t deter thousands from Valley Festival in October.

Local Jobs First Roundtable to be held in Cairns and more Zedlines

Cairns is set to host a Local Jobs First Roundtable today, bringing both government and industry officials together to improve the employability of local young people in the tourism industry. (image credit: wikimedia)

Employment Minister Grace Grace will lead the Roundtable, with the goal of maximising employment opportunities for locals in Queensland’s ever-growing billion dollar tourism industry.

In the past years, tourism contributes $11.5 billion to Queensland’s economy, making up 5.8 per cent of Queensland’s workforce.

Full-time effort to coordinate management of feral pigs in north Queensland introduced

Queenslanders lose $215 million to Pokies and more Zedlines

Queenslanders lost a record 215 million in one month to casino and hotel gambling, which equates to an average loss of more than $280,000 every hour per day (Image Credits: Pcb21).

The figures were revealed by a Fairfax Media analysis of open data published by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.


Over the 12 months to July, that figure ballooned to $2.28 billion, a marginal increase on the previous year's $2.27 billion.


Queensland nursing exchange program links city and country


Four nurses have exchanged jobs for three months as part of the State Government's Nursing and Midwifery Exchange Program.


Lowest Rates of Scientists in Australian Universities and More Zedlines...

Although Australians are attending university at a higher rate than ever, science graduates are sparse across the country. (Image source: Pixabay)

A new report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which compared education outcomes, has found graduates of science, maths and statistics fields are down to as little as 6% of students.

Meanwhile, these fields have highest employment rates for STEM graduates.

As jobs in science and technology are on the rise, a fellow in higher education at the Grattan Institute, Ittima Cherastidtham, said it is important to promote the subject in schools.

Cherbourg to Pilot First Social Reinvestment Program

Refugee Camp Receives Football Pitch and More Zedlines...

Syrian refugees in Jordan’s largest refugee camp now have a football pitch, which was built as part of efforts to normalise life for the displaced people living in the camp. (Image source: Pixabay)

Funded by FIFA and the Union of European Football Associations, the football pitch will become a place of relief for those who are currently living in caravans in Jordan’s al-Zaatari camp.

Syria’s civil war is now in its seventh year, and infrastructure in improving in the camp in an effort to normalise the lives of the 8000 Syrians who have fled to al-Zaatari.

More on Offer from Redcliffe Ferry

Following its maiden voyage a fortnight ago, the Redcliffe2MoretonExpress ferry will run an extra weekly service and offer discounts for local residents.

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Support increases for those affected by FASD and more Zedlines

Support for children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and their families is set to be expanded after funding was approved for a new Griffith University project. (Image credit: flickr)

A consortium led by Professor Sharon Dawe from Griffith’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland will help to acknowledge the lifelong physiological, neurological, developmental and behavioral problems for children whose mothers drink alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Professor Dawe’s said early diagnosis and support is essential with children with FASD.


Cancer Council holding Girls Night In to raise funds

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Florida animals from Zoo Miami have seen a change in scenery since the arrival of Hurricane Irma.  

The zoo has relocated smaller fragile animals such as Pink flamingoes to concrete bunkers, which is an upgrade from previous hurricanes, where flamingoes found themselves locked in toilet blocks for protection.

Zoo Miami spokesman Ron Magill says the Zoo is as ready as they can be and that workers have scrambled to secure animals and finish testing emergency equipment.

Larger animals including elephants, lions and apes have not been evacuated, but their enclosures have been heavily fortified.