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UN expresses shame over Rwanda genocide anniversary

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, which saw the killing of at least 800,000 people consisting mainly of Tutsis and moderate Hutus ended in 1994 when Tutsi-led rebels took control of the country

The UN has expressed their shame over not having prevented these mass killing.

UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon and several european representatives gathered at the national museum where the torch President Paul Kagame lit three month earlier at the start of the official mourning is burning.

French representatives were banned from attending as they were allies of the Hutu government when the killings occurred.

Spokespeople from France stated they regret this development but would partake in other global events mourning the genocide.

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Woman detained without trial

For 18 month Roseanne Fulton had to endure unjust and illegal treatment.

Fulton has now been released from jail in West Australia, where she has been held for the last 18 months. The aboriginal woman has been held without conviction and without receiving proper care for her disability. Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues has called this case cause for ‘national shame’. She will now be transferred back to Alice Spring to be near her family and caregiver.

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Turkish court rule internet censorship illegal

The Turkish court ruled the prohibition of Twitter ordered by the government on March 20 illegal, claiming it violates the freedom of expression under Article 26 of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

Mr Sentop, an ally of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, says that the access to Twitter could be allowed only for three people who resorted it to the court: teachers and Yaman Akdeniz and Altiparmak Kerem, and vice chairman of the Republican People's Party and opponent of the current government, Sezgin Tanrikulo.

Some Turkish citizens can access YouTube through alternative paths.

The Turkish people expect the court will soon unblock its use.

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1 million Syrians seek refuge in Lebanon

Over a million refugees from the Syrian civil war have now been registered in Lebanon.

The refugees represent nearly a quarter of all people living in the Arab country.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Lebanon is now the country with the highest per capita concentration of refugees in the world.

About 9.5 million people - nearly half the population of Syria - have left their homes since the civil war began 3 years ago.

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Manus Island refugees to be settled in PNG

Refugees at the Manus Island centre have been told that they are to be resettled in Papua New Guinea.

The news arrives a couple of weeks after PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill appeared to reject the plan.

It is expected that the process to determine whether the refugees will be eligible for resettlement will be completed by the end of the month.

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High Court application filed for refugee child

An urgent application will be filed to the High Court by the lawyers of two asylum seekers and their Brisbane-born child who are set to be moved to a Darwin immigration detention centre tomorrow.

The child was born in November in Brisbane's Mater Hospital, after his mother was transferred here from Nauru due to health concerns.

Murray Watt, the family's lawyer, says transferring the family by force is wrong and that the baby, who is entitled to Australian citizenship, shouldn't be in detention at all.

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Report slams QLD sentencing human rights violation

A new report has labelled mandatory sentencing in Queensland "unfair and unworkable" and says it could potentially lead to "serious miscarriages of justice".

The paper to be released by Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson and the Queensland Law Society on Friday also claims that mandatory sentencing contradicts the Australian legal system's fundamental principles.

The QLD Government has introduced at least 10 new mandatory sentences during its time in power for people found to be members of criminal motorcycle gangs and for sex offenders who tamper with or remove monitoring bracelets.

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Death penalty on the rise

Earlier this week, capital punishment was brought into the light of the media once again, as we heard of the mass sentencing of five-hundred-and-twenty-nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – a mass violation of human rights.

Following this, Amnesty International has released figures revealing executions are, shockingly, on the rise.

Gemma Boase has more.

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Dozens injured in Kenyan bombing

Three bombs went off monday afternoon in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, killing six people.

According to the Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre there are currently 21 people injured and another 13 in critical condition.The bombs were thrown into the crowded area known for it’s many food stalls. It is now closed off while the police and forensics teams are at the site investigating. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Former Palestinian president pleads not guilty

Former Pakistani president and army chief Pervez Musharraf has been charged for treason.

Musharraf pleads not guilty on all charges relating to his imposition of emergency rule in 2007. He has made his second appearance in court today, where he was denied travel to both the Arabian Emirates to visit his mother and the US to treat his heart disease The court said his right to leave the country has to be determined by the government. This seems unlikely as the government is determined as they say to demonstrate that the military doesn’t get away with abusing the law.

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