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Rohingya Muslims Flee to Bangladesh and more Zedlines

Thousands of refugees have fled Myanmar and poured into Bangladesh in the last 24 hours following outbursts of violence directed towards Rohingya Muslims.

Both Rohingya insurgents and Myanmar’s security officers have been involved in armed conflict since the violence broke out on August 25th and have been accused of executing civilians and burning down homes.

Red Cross teams and the United Nations Refugee Agency have set up refugee camps but are struggling to assist the 60’000 refugees that have arrived in Bangladesh on foot and boat in the last 10 days.

Shortage of new train drivers for Queensland Rail

QC calls on Federal Goverment to comment on two year old Native Title Review

A prominent human rights lawyer has called on the Federal Goverment to immediatley comment on a two year old report on the Native Title Act.

Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen AM QC said the report, 'Connection to Country: Review of the Native Title Act, 1993' was made public in 2015 and made over 30 recommendations that would profoundly affect Native Title claimant's ability to access their rights.

According to Dr Keon-Cohen, these reforms would bring the Act in line with the spirit of the Mabo ruling, which brought about its establishment.

Indigenous offenders reconnect with country and more zedlines...

Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander offenders and their parents will be taken to traditional land to receive guidance from Elders. Image sourced from Pixabay

Queensland Youth Services announced their partnership on September 1 with the Yinda Program to mentor Indigenous teens aged 10 to 17.

The initiative is expected to connect young Indigenous offenders to their community, culture and country, and to restore family bonds.

Seven tonnes of rubbish cleared by volunteers

Volunteers have cleaned up seven tonnes of rubbish along Chilli beach in the Cape York Peninsula, ABC reports.

Hefty price for smokers

The cost of cigarettes has spiked, with the government introducing a 13 per cent price rise across Australia. Photo from The Sun.

The increase was first announced in the May budget, and will be implemented each September over the next four years.

The government is expected to rake in an additional $365 million in tax over the next four years as a result of the change.

Funding boost for homeless

The Department of Housing and Public Works has given a $75,000 boost to aid people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Gold Coast.

QUT drones combatting allergies and more zedlines...

Lecturers and students from QUT are using drone technology to test pollen allergies and to monitor air pollution. Image from Pixabay

The team said if their allergy research is successful, it will allow for more accurate medications to be aimed towards the right people.

Staff and students are also working alongside the World Health Organisation to document levels of air pollution surrounding the M1 motorway.

Children winning war against cancer

New figures show survival rates among children and adolescents battling cancer have improved significantly over the past three decades.

Protesters gather to fight for refugees

A protest is being held on September 1 to fight for the rights of refugees outside Brisbane’s Department of Immigration. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

The Refugee Action Collective has called the demonstration to oppose what they call the government’s latest round of “refugee bashing”.

The group said the Government’s current victims are the people brought to Australia for medical treatment, then forced to work before they are medically able to do so.

If you wish to take part in the demonstration, head to the Department of Immigration on Adelaide Street at midday.

Water Contamination found near landfill in Ipswich

Community hits back at homophobic posters plastered throughout West End and more Zedlines...

Posters attacking LGBQTI families have appeared in West End streets ahead of the marriage equality postal vote. (image source: wikipedia)

Claiming voting for gay marriage is the same as voting for child abuse and that same sex couples with children are not families, the posters have since been ripped down or defaced with expletive messages written in permanent marker.

The LGBQTI Legal Service are encouraging people to send evidence of vilification in order to file an official complaint.



Detailed plans for Brisbane River's future revealed

Smarter Go Card System on the way, and more Zedlines

A smart Go Card solution is being promised by the state government, with a tender in the works for a new system that will allow commuters to use their devices and smartwatches to tap on and off. (Image: Australian Catholic University)

TransLink director-general Matt Longlands said he cannot reveal much about the three private companies vying for the tender, except that the process was almost complete.

A system that allows phones, smart watches, other smart devices, and tap-and-go credit cards is being promised at this stage.

Same-sex marriage: advertising restrictions put on hold

The Federal government is waiting for the high court to rule on the validity of same-sex marriage postal survey before embarking on strengthening advertising restrictions (Image: Wikimedia)

The news comes after the first advert from the No Campaign was televised nationally.

The Postal survey is not subject to the Commonwealth Electoral Act which prohibits misleading or deceptive information to be distributed.

The Coalition is calling for a legislation change, but it has to wait until the High Court has held a hearing against the postal survey.

Lawyer calls for release of Native Title Review

A prominent lawyer is calling on the federal government to release a report recommending substantial changes to Native Title Law.

National Op Shop Weeks Needs Your Help

Photo used with permission from Jon Dee

National Op Shop Week hopes to inspire Australians to support their local Op Shops and the programs they pay for.

Running from the 27th August, events will be held across the country, and will be supported by media personalities Craig Reucassel and Gretel Killeen.

4ZZZ reporter, Nicole Keramos spoke to the event's founder, activist Jon Dee about how vital quality donations are to Op Shops and to the projects they support.


To find out more about National Op Shop week, go to: