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Potential flood warning for Brisbane residents and more Zedlines

Brisbane residents are being warned of potential flooding over the weekend as tidal predictions suggest abnormally high king tides over the next few days. Image: Wikimedia.

The Brisbane City Council believes the 2.45 and 2.78 metre prediction for 8am this morning and 9am tomorrow morning respectively, could see those living around the bayside, the riverside and other low lying suburbs affected.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned residents of a high chance of storms Sunday, with rainfall expected for the afternoon.

A list of locations handing out sandbags throughout the weekend can be found online.

Brisbane City Council partners with Goa

Students Reprimanded Over Derogatory Chant and more zedlines

Four male students from the Australian National University have been reprimanded for chanting offensive and derogatory songs, including graphic sexual nursery rhymes with euphemisms for oral sex.

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins says the incident is “concerning.”

The students were suspended for the duration of Orientation Week, however ANU have demanded further information on the incident, saying additional action could be taken, including further suspension or expulsion.

The Australian Human Rights Commission is currently conducting a national project examining sexual assault and sexual harassment issues on Australian university campuses.

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Mexico cancels sugar export permits to US over trade dispute and more zedlines

Mexico has cancelled sugar export permits to the United States following a dispute over the pace of shipments. (Image Source: Flickr)

Mexico has cancelled sugar export permits to the United States following a dispute over the pace of shipments.

In a letter seen by Reuters, Mexico’s sugar chamber cites the vacant positions in the United State’s Department of Commerce for the cancellations.

The letter detailed that without counterparts in Department of Commerce to negotiate with, Mexico cancelled the permits to be renegotiated in April.

This move could disrupt sugar supplies in the United States, as Mexico is the nation’s top foreign supplier of sugar.

Land rights not mining rights: climate justice, native title, and Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network

Addressing Question Time last month on West Australia’s need for “reliable, accessible, and secure sources of energy,” Julie Bishop paused and chuckled, “do I stop?”

She didn’t. Instead, Bishop continued about the need for reliable baseload power in the state as chants echoed from the public gallery. “Land rights, not mining rights.”

These were people frustrated at the speed which new native title legislation was going through.

MS patients missing out on adequate oral health care and more Zedlines

New studies reveal many people living with multiple sclerosis do not have access to or do not receiving adequate oral health care. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The UQ School of Dentistry published report explores the oral health behaviours and dental care experience those with MS face, discovering the whole experience can be very complicated for a patient.

More than 2.3 million people are the world live with MS, while 23,000 of those are Australian.

Brisbane mateship saves life

Quick-thinking removalists have saved the life of a fellow employee after a house fell on him in Tarragindi yesterday afternoon.

UQ research on gestational diabetes and more Zedlines

University of Queensland School of Public Health researchers have surveyed 4700 women and found early puberty in girls is an indicator of developing diabetes during pregnancy. Image source: Pixabay

The data revealed that girls who hit puberty aged 11, are 50% more likely to experience gestational diabetes, than those who undergo puberty aged 13 or older.

Researcher Danielle Shoenaker said the findings could help health professionals with identifying women at higher risk of gestational diabetes.

Chemical leak in Toowoomba meat factory forced staff to evacuate

A chemical leak has seen workers an abattoir evacuated.

Sexual health programs for Indigenous and Torres Straight Islanders to be completely defunded and more Zedlines

The Department of Health will defund critical sexual health programs for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders according to evidence heard at Senate Estimates. Image source:

The Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council and the Queensland AIDS Council for Sexual Health will have their funding halted as of 1st of July this year, despite the lack of consultation, program evaluation or justification from the Turnbull government.

When Senator Jennifer McAllister asked a Department of Health official if an evaluation had occurred they responded "no, we didn’t ask". The Department has not outlined alternative providers or where the funds have been redirected.

Drought in Queensland gets even more serious

Australian banks investing in fossil fuels and more Zedlines

Australia’s largest banks are investing seven billion dollars more into global fossil fuels than in clean energy despite supporting the Paris climate agreement. Image source: Flickr

ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac combined have financed ten billion dollars to non-renewable energy based projects in 2016; such as loans made to coal and gas projects.

According to ANZ some of our stakeholders view our financing of fossil fuel industries as in direct conflict with our stated position on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, their climate change statement supports a gradual and orderly transition.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games miles ahead with sustainability

Abortion Reform in Queensland - How We Almost Had It

Queensland has something of a reputation for outdated or heavy handed criminal law, from the gay panic defense to the bikie laws, but this week Parliament had an opportunity to make a difference in one area that hasn’t been changed for over a hundred years: abortion.

With the withdrawal of two Bills that could have made history on Tuesday 28 Feb 2017, women of Queensland will have to wait a little longer for reform.

Calls for investigation into human rights abuses in West Papua and more Zedlines

Seven Pacific Island nations have called for the United Nations to launch an investigation into allegations of widespread human rights abuses in West Papua. Image source: Flickr

Vanuatu, Tonga, Nauru, Palau, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands have called on the UN to produce a report which addresses what is actually happening in what is currently Indonesia's Papua region.

There are concerns Indonesian security forces are carrying out extrajudicial executions and beating of West Papuan activists.

State government to make it easier to pay fines

The Palaszczuk government has introduced legislation which aims to make it easier for people to pay off fines and penalties.