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Doctors warn a GST on health could hurt - and more 10am zedlines

Tasmanian doctors warn taxing health services could deter the people who need medical attention most. [image: Public Domain]

QLD Gov to allow more dredging at Cairns Port

The Queensland government has paved the way for capital dredging at the Cairns Port, despite it still not being labelled a "priority port".

State Development Minister Anthony Lynham announced Labor's plan to amend the Sustainable Ports Development Bill. The changes will allow Ports North to dredge up to 50,000 cubic metres of material per project, which adds up to a total of 150,000 cubic metres in a four-year period.

A refugee activist who threw his shoes at Peter Dutton to face court - and more 9am zedlines

Supporters for David Sprigg - a brisbane refugee activist who threw his shoes at Peter Dutton who faced face court on Wednesday. (image: permission provided by @robintaubenfeld, twitter)

DV case workers call for local shelters

Domestic violence case workers in remote Queensland communities are calling for action as women travel hundreds of kilometres to seek refuge.

Charleville support worker, Donna Enders, has called for local refuges to be established as she observes local women leaving their networks to access support.

Water conservation alive in South-east Queensland...AND MORE 11AM ZEDLINES!

Water conservation alive in South-east Queensland

South-east Queenslanders have stuck to their water saving ways since the 2001-2009 drought and in 2015 are using almost half the water per person they used when the last drought started in 2001.

In 2001, the average person used 300 litres of water per day to wash, eat, drink and water the garden.

According to figures released by Seqwater, in 2015 alone, each person was using just under 170 litres per day.

10am Zedlines

The heavens open for drought stricken Queensland, Climate change the key issue for Bill Shortens tour of the Pacific region and at least 15 migrants have drowned trying to reach Greece, and more in your 10am Zedlines.

Surfdancing set to sizzle on beaches

All surfers need to be limbre, but “Surfdancing” is turning traditional warm ups upside down. 

A young Noosa girl is among a super flexible new wave of boardriders combining ballet with the beach.

Surfdancing allows these new wave of boardriders to do dance moves on surf boards.

It is  hoped to become a contest showpiece one day and is now taught to school groups.

Even top-notch longboarders are using it as a way to improve their style, grace and lines for competition

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Honolulu police officer arrests lesbian couple for kissing and more 11am Zedlines

Redbacks are booming in south-east Queensland, so watch out! Source: WikiCommons

Legacy Way tunnel stinging motorists

100 motorists a day are caught speeding in Brisbane’s Legacy Way tunnel, according to new figures.

Over 6200 motorists were issued fines of between $150 and $1000 for speeding in the months of July and August.

Queensland Police Inspector Allan Hales said motorists are given sufficient warning about the seriousness of speeding in the recently-opened tunnel and reminds drivers not to rely on cruise control.

Redbacks on the rise in SEQ

Anonymous targets Klu Klux Klan and more 10am Zedlines

Councillor Graham Quirk has announced a new water featured will be installed in the middle of the Brisbane River. Source: FreeAussieStock

Longreach students win national poetry awards

Two aspiring poets from rural Queensland have won awards at a national poetry writing competition.

The two students from Longreach State School were recognised at the annual Ipswich Poetry Fest, which accepts entries from all over the country.

Ten-year-old Aliana Rogers won third place for a poem about the effect of the drought on her town.

Telstra outsources jobs to Phillipines and more 9am Zedlines

Refugees crossing the border between Hungary and Austria on their way to Germany. Source: WikiCommons

Mount Isa knocks back radioactive waste management plan

Mount Isa City Council has decided not to pursue an application to create a radioactive waste management facility in far-north Queensland.

The council voted earlier this month to submit the application in hopes the facility would boost jobs in the area, but decided against the proposal on Wednesday.

Mt Isa Mayor Tom Grady says there would not have been enough time to conduct the necessary community consultation before making the submission.

Australian high school dropout rates...AND MORE 9AM ZEDLINES!

The face of Brisbane

What does the face of Brisbane look like? The museum of Brisbane wishes to answer this question as it seeks 100 everyday people to represent the city's face for its 2016 100 per cent Brisbane exhibition.

The mammoth 100-day search, which has already begun, is recruiting people who will share their thoughts and beliefs about where they feel they exist within their community and Brisbane.

Each person has 24 hours to recruit someone else, until 100 people are connected

Unravelling the mystery of the pyramids...AND MORE 8AM ZEDLINES!

Outdated Queensland abortion laws 

Two Queensland experts have revealed abortion laws in Queensland are lagging behind modern medical practice, seeing many women travel interstate in what is being termed abortion tourism.

The editorial notes diagnosis of foetal abnormality is now offered to pregnant women at 10 to 13 weeks, with the implication that a woman, upon discovering a serious abnormality may choose to terminate the pregnancy.

Julie Bishop in Indonesia for the first time since the Bali Nine executions - And more 10am Zedlines

Ms Bishop will attend the Indian Ocean Rim Association Ministerial meeting in Indonesia.

B.O.M offices under review
Mount Isa MP, Rob Katter, said a review of Bureau of Meteorology field offices could negatively impact services in regional Queensland.

The Bureau is currently reviewing thirty field offices nationally to determine which ones could be moved on to a fully automated weather observation service.

Assistant director of observing, strategy and operations, Anthony Rae, says the changes to staffing will result in redeployment rather than redundancies. 

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