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Community Groups Negotiate the G20 Security Safety Act

The QLD Safety and Security Act that was passed in 2013 has been put in place to secure the safety of delegates assembling for the G20 summit in Brisbane this November. The changes to laws within specific zones directly impact community groups assembling in those zones where out breaks of violence is highly anticipated by planning authorities. The available climate for community members wishing to participate in global and local issues is restrictive and at times hard to negotiate.

Entrenched sexism recognised as factor in widespread domestic violence

Australia’s police commissioners have identified “vulgar and violent attitudes towards women” as a key cultural factor in unacceptably high rates of family violence and say it will not stop until men’s attitudes change.

They have urged victims to report assaults to police, who they say have transformed their own attitudes towards family disputes in recent years.

Most commissioners say police working closely with other agencies involved with family violence is the only practical way to tackle a crime that kills one woman per week in Australia.

Iranian-British woman protesting against sexism jailed in Iran

An Iranian-British woman who took part in a demonstration in Tehran against a ban on women attending some men's sporting events was jailed for a year for spreading anti-state propaganda, Iranian media has reported.

25 year old Ghoncheh Ghavami was arrested on June 20 outside the city's Azadi Stadium, where she and others were demanding that women be allowed in to watch a volleyball match between Iran and Italy.

She was charged by a Tehran court with activities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.

Clive Palmer questions Scott Morrison's new migration legislation

Clive Palmer has sent a “please explain” letter to the immigration minister, Scott Morrison, after a parliamentary human rights committee found the government’s proposed new migration laws were incompatible with international human rights.

The laws may stop asylum seekers going to court when a minister breaches Australia’s obligation not to return refugees to a place of persecution.

The Palmer United Party expressed deep concerns the legislation went far beyond what was agreed.

A report from the parliamentary joint committee on human rights has found that the basic intent of the new laws breaches Australia’s obligations, by seeking to “sever the connection” between Australia’s international obligations and its domestic law.

Aboriginal leaders changing child removal

The New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services has agreed to work with Aboriginal elders group, Grandmothers Against Removals, to curb the rising number of Aboriginal children who are forcibly removed from their families.

A working group will look at how the Government and communities can provide alternatives to taking children from their homes if concerns have been raised about their welfare.

The group said there had been an unprecedented increase in the number of Aboriginal children who are taken from their families.

Beaten child refugees in Nauru

Child refugees in Nauru have reported beatings and death threats after being physically assaulted on Sunday night. The unaccompanied boys are between 15-17 they reported being stopped by a group of Nauruan men on motorbikes when they were headed to their home.

The group, after finding out their refugee status began beating them and allegedly saying “ we will kill you, this is our country and no one can protect you, not even Save the Children or immigration”.

One boy was later left unconscious after the attack.

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Allegations of torture in Australian Child Welfare System

Allegations have risen against Australia's Child Welfare System. Stating occurances of electric shock treatment and other forms of torture in orphanages and foster homes with the last one as early as the late 1990s.

Care Leavers Australia Network (CLAN) are set to meet with the UN committee against torture in Geneva next week, when occurrences of physical and sexual abuse as well as torture, malnourishment and forced labour of the children. Reports have come foster homes, children's homes and orphanages over the past 100 years.

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Warnings over a surge in violence in Kashmir

India and Pakistan have traded warnings over a surge in violence in Kashmir which has killed at least 19 people.

India and Pakistan have traded warnings over a surge in violence in Kashmir which has killed at least 19 people.
While Each side accuses the other of starting hostilities which broke out a week ago, 19 civilians were killed since the fighting began last Friday, 11 from are from the Pakistani side while eight are from the Indian side.

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Brisbane's increasing abuse of Muslims

Brisbane's Muslim women, have increasingly been subject to both physical and verbal abuse amid terror raids and Australian military action in the Middle East.

Brisbane's Muslim women, have increasingly been subject to both physical and verbal abuse amid terror raids and Australian military action in the Middle East.

On Tuesday, Queensland police charged a 44-year-old man, in West End, after he allegedly threatened to light a woman's hijab on fire.The University of Queensland student, said that she was "stunned and sad" about the unprovoked attack.

Muslim community leader and Eidfest president Yasmin Khan said it was an unfortunate example of an increasing occurrence in Brisbane.

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Former NT superintendent to review juvenile detention

The Northern Territory Government has named the former superintendent of Long Bay jail, Michael Vita, to run its review of juvenile detention.

The move came as the Northern Territory's Aboriginal legal service called for urgent changes to the youth justice regime in the NT, pointing out that the territory's juvenile detention rate was six times the national average.

Attorney-General John Elferink said the review would focus on youth detention and not broader questions of youth justice.

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