Human Rights

Are Australia’s human rights protections adequate?

Saturday Brisbane Line is organising four regular, monthly interviewees. One specialist each week over the course of each month to help us better understand current local, state, national or international legal, environmental, cultural, and economic issues could have on Brisbane and SE QLD. Here we’re looking at the gaps in Australia’s protection of human rights and how we deal with corruption.

Fortitude Valley data centre set for approval and more Zedlines

Brisbane City Council are set to approve construction on a new seventy five million dollar data centre in Fortitude Valley.

Fortitude Valley data centre set for approval

Brisbane City Council is set to approve construction on a new seventy five million dollar data centre in Fortitude Valley.

The project is expected to create over three hundred jobs during construction and when completed, the five-storey building will feature a state of the art twenty-four hour IT facility, computer servers and will house innovative storage data facilities.

Medicare-Funded Doctor Home Visits Under Threat

After-Hours doctors visits, funded by Medicare, may become a thing of the past, according to the National Association of Medical Deputising Services

Medicare funded Doctor’s visits  after-hours, are under threat, despite a new report that says they could save the health system hundreds of millions of dollars.

Doctor Spiro Doukakis, from the National Association of Medical Deputising Services says it's a vital option for many patients, especially for regional patients.

Dr Doukakis said:

Immigration Minister Says Australia May Take More Refugees from Syria,Iraq, and more Zedlines

The Australian Government will consider taking more refugees from Iraq and Syria, but wants to see what happens over the coming months before increasing its agreed intake of refugees.

Federal Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, is indicating the government can expand their refugee intake from Syria and Iraq.

Mr Dutton says  if people have faith in the integrity of the process, then it does give the government the ability to expand beyond the 12,000 people it has already agreed to.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball says he has no plans to increase the intake to 12,000 people, however he wants to increase the annual humanitarian intake.

Photo: WikiCommons/DFID

Experts condemn crocodile culling in Queensland, and more Zedlines

Terri Irwin warns crocodile culling isn't the answer. Source: Flickr

Australia Zoo’s Terri Irwin has condemned Queensland MP’s for considering crocodile culling in the state.

She said there needs to be a better understanding of how to co-exist with the animals rather than the extreme measure of culling.

President of the Queensland Crocodile Conservation and Protection Society, Dean Adermann accused the LNP of scare-mongering, he said culling is a "dangerous con job" and potentially gives people a false sense of security.

New Melanoma test fast-tracks results, and more Zedlines

Patients being tested for Melanoma will now only have to wait six hours, rather than three weeks, to receive their results. (Image source: Flickr)

A new Australian blood test or ‘liquid biopsy’ is set to be launched today at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute in Melbourne.  

The usual surgical biopsy takes two to three weeks, but with this quicker option, a patient's treatment is fast-tracked.


Refugee graduates grade 12 at Brisbane school

Iranian Refugee Mojgan Shamsalipoor received her graduation certificate this morning, after completing her final year of high school from a detention centre in Darwin.

100 Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean Sea, and more Zedlines...

Latest capsize brings migrant death toll to over 4,270 this year. (Photo: wikicommons/unframe)

Around 100 migrants are feared dead in the Mediterranean Sea, following the sinking of their rubber boat on Thursday. 

27 people were saved and six bodies were recovered by a British navy ship, off the coast of Libya.

This tragedy adds to the death toll of 240 people over three days, according to aid groups… which is only expected to grow, as migrants continue to leave Libya for Italy, regardless of rough seas. 


Asylum Seeker Receives Graduation Certificate in Person.

8.7% of people classed as 'under-employed' and more Zedlines

A record 8.7% of people with a job are now officially classed as ‘underemployed’, according to figures released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. (Image source: Pixabay)

The constantly changing landscape of employment and a shift to globalised production now means 1.1 million Australian workers are chasing more hours.

Men are copping the brunt of the increase, though the unemployment rate is stable at 5.6%.

Sue Richardson, from the National Institute of Labour Studies and Flinders University, told the Sydney Morning Herald the structural changes in the economy have affected blue collar men in particular.


Mine proposed for the Fraser Coast

Hawking: Colonise Space or Face Extinction, and more Zedlines

Humans have a finite time left on Earth before the planet becomes unable to support the species, according to an renowned scientist. (Image: Wikipedia/Piriskoski)

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says that humans need to colonize another planet or face mass extinction.

Hawking says humans have a thousand years to find another planet - if we survive the next century.

The Cambridge professor says we must leave Earth behind for our best hopes of survival, staying no longer than needed.  


Local Asylum Seeker Graduates

Brisbane asylum seeker, Mojgan Shamsalipoor, has graduated grade 12 after completing her studies from a detention centre.

Mojgan Shamsalipoor graduates High School and more Zedlines

Mojgan Shamsalipoor, the Iranian woman made famous for her battle to be released from immigration detention earlier this year, has been awarded her graduation certificate from Yeronga State High School. source: twitter @MarkBaileyMP

Mojgan was freed from two year-long immigration detention in September after her refugee application was denied.

She was granted a three-month bridging visa upon her release and will be able to live with her husband.


Queensland introduces digital learning classes

Queensland State Education Minister Kate Jones, has now introduced compulsory digital learning classes for children in Prep through to year 10.