Marriage equality vote could be vulnerable to voter fraud...and more Zedlines

(Image source: flickr.com/photos/adelaide_archivist) Australian Bureau of Statistics experts are warning the marriage equality postal survey is vulnerable to voter fraud because Australians will not be given individual identifiers.

The idea of a secret vote could be contradicted if ballots include personal identifiers, as the ABS would be able to match voters opinions on same-sex marriage with other personal information.

Despite this implication, former ABS chief, Bill McLennan, is warning if voters are not sent an individual identifier, the ABS will struggle to determine who has voted, creating opportunity for voter fraud to occur.

Fire Ants Close in on Brisbane

Fire ants have broken biosecurity containment lines after the insects’ nests were discovered in Lowood, West of Brisbane.

Ten nests have been found in the region, and locals are being urged to check their properties for potential further nests.

This finding means the ants have now spread six kilometres beyond the containment zone.


Victim of Mackay Mine Incident Passes Away

A man injured in a mine incident in Mackay has passed away days later, leaving behind a wife and child.

The incident occurred at the Goonyella Riverside mine on Saturday, and the death was confirmed on Monday night.

Sydney's "tent city" welcomes the homeless, annoys politicians

This week prominent NSW politicians like premier Gladys Berejiklian and Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore have been publicly arguing over whose responsibility it is to move on a growing homeless encampment from Martin Place in Sydney's CBD.

One voice that hasn't been given much prominence though is that of the people living in the camp, which has been providing food, shelter and community since December.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Lance Priestley, who helped start the 24-7 Safe Space and Street Kitchen.

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Syrian ceasefire zone extended...and more Zedlines

A fourth “de-escalation zone” has been established in Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry’s spokesperson says.

Russia has been an ally to Syrian Armed Forces and National Defence Forces since the Civil War started in 2011.

Spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday on Russian TV that the ministry and Syria’s opposition agreed on a ceasefire starting Thursday afternoon in the new zone north of the city of Homs, which is located about 162 kilometres north of Damascus.

About 150 000 people live in the area.

Mental illness biggest risk for homelessness

Oyster recycling for Moreton Bay

Moreton Bays’ Pumice Stone Passage is getting a new lease on life with the introduction of an oyster recycling station.

The program, headed by Dr Ben Diggles is designed to use clean oyster shells to restore and rebuild the shellfish reef on the passage. Diggles says that recycling oysters is a practical and productive way to protect shellfish reefs while combating the increasing numbers of jellyfish and algae in the bay.

The station is a replica of the traditional Indigenous midden practice used in the area and so will be a good fit for the eco system.

Local restaurants have already offered their used oyster shells and the program is scheduled to begin in April.


Homeless renowned artist draws attention to Aboriginal aged care and more Zedlines

A renowned Aboriginal artist sleeping in extremely poor conditions has drawn attention to Australia's poor Age care for elderly aboriginal in remote regions around central Australia (Image: Flickr).

 Kathleen Ngale aged 87 has had paintings on display around the world including Paris, New York, and Milan, now sleeps on a mattress outside unable to walk and without access to basic food and hygiene facilities.

Ngale is among many elders of the community sleeping rough, neglected of adequate health care and safety services.

Foulmouthed boxing fans banned from Qld stadiums
Men who heckled three women with sexist comments during the Pacquiao-Horn fight have received a two-year ban from all Queensland stadiums.

Homeless in Kabul

Kim Asher and her partner have been supporting Sharif, a young Afghani, since early 2012, when he was homeless in Kabul. He is an orphan and is a member of the Hazara community. The Hazara (Persian: هزاره‎‎) are overwhelmingly Shia Muslims and make up the third-largest ethnic group in Afghanistan.

CEO sleepout - helping or insulting the homeless?

The Vinnies CEO sleepout is an annual event where company executives raise money to sleep outdoors for a night. Held on Thursday night in Brisbane, this year it has raised over half a million dollars in Brisbane and over five million nationally.

But in response to the spectacle of CEO's in sleeping bags behind guarded fences, groups like the South East Queensland Anti-Poverty Network wanted to speak to some of the executives about some of the political issues around homelessness and how they could lobby to change them.

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Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Research shows the bond between humans and animals is beneficial to both species, and there is no better way to celebrate that love than by bringing your furry friend to work. (Image Source: Pexel)

Friday the 23rd of June marks international take your dog to work day where businesses are encouraged to open their doors to all furry friends, great and small.

Clinical psychologist Dr Samantha Clarke studies the benefits of owning a dog, finding dog owners generally report a lower rate of depression and deal with grief better than non-dog owners.


Brisbane City Council removes hedges used as storage by homeless

Perth Group Feed the Homeless and more Zedlines

Food Rescue's small army of volunteers is helping more than 11,000 people secure a meal each week, just by rescuing food destined for landfill.

Food Rescue's Julie Broad says "It makes no sense for the big supermarkets to throw their food out, they should pass over the food that is still edible so that we can pass on to the charities.

Allan Barry that receives this food comments, "As soon as you've got a full stomach it can change your whole mindset from being depressed to being happy."


Frozen Berries are in the Spotlight