Do good dumpster divers and more Zedlines

A Brisbane group is turning discarded supermarket food into home-cooked meals for the hungry, lonely, and isolated. Photo Credit: anarchosyn

Men and women gather without a permit every Friday in West End park to wash the unwanted food and turn it into vegan and vegetarian dinners.

The group are part of Food Not Bombs, a global movement to reclaim public space and protest against rampant food wastage.

Gold Coast announces plans for Cruise ship terminal

The Gold Coast City Council has announced plans for a larger and more complex cruise ship terminal off the Southport Spit, raising concerns about potential oil spills.

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Homelessness more expensive than last resort housing and more Zedlines...

A cost-benefit analysis has revealed ignoring homelessness is more expensive than providing last resort housing. (Source: Wikimedia)

The analysis, commissioned by the University of Melbourne, found almost $11,000 per person per annum could be saved each year if the government bankrolled more last resort housing.

The savings would come from reduced healthcare costs, crime, and unemployment, according to Melbourne Sustainable Society director, Brendan Gleeson.


Signing of MoU with one of QLD's largest Indigenous health organisations

Free to charge or free of charge: update for renewables and more Zedlines

Elon Musk and Malcolm Turnbull have discussed renewable energy after a 100 day battery farm proposal by the former. Image source: Public Domain Pictures

The billionaire entrepreneur offered to solve South Australia’s electricity problem by building a Tesla battery farm in the state within 100 days, or it would be free of charge.

A spokesman from the PM’s office said the two had an “in-depth” discussion on storage and the future of electricity. This came after Mr. Musk spoke with South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill about fixing the state’s electricity problems.


Robot to aid QLD emergency team

Queensland Police have unveiled a new robot to aid service personnel.

Queensland womens' prisons severely overcrowded and more Zedlines

A recent study shows women’s prisons to be severely overcrowded. Image source:

Inmate numbers released to Australian Regional Media show Queensland Corrective Services are housing hundreds of additional offenders without creating extra facilities.

Brisbane Women’s Correctional Central is housing one hundred and twenty women above its legal capacity and Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre holds an extra forty women.

Queensland Correctional Services accommodated these women by placing a mattress on the floor next to the cell’s exposed toilet.

Nude Olympics to be held in Byron Bay

Queensland Rail push to hire more female employees and more Zedlines

Gender roles are being challenged in a push by Queensland Rail for more female recruitment after hiring four times their current rate of women. Image: Wikimedia

This new intake will see the current rate of female drivers grow from 4 to 6 percent, bringing Queensland Rail up to par with that of New South Wales.

Queensland Rail has introduced new mentoring programs, more flexible work hours and now showcases more women on social media in non-traditional roles in a bid to welcome new female employees.

Transport Minister Jackie Trad said the new female recruitment is proof “traditional barriers were being broken down.”

Measles outbreak hits Brisbane

The Breakfast Club On The Move and more Zedlines

Redcliffe charity, The Breakfast Club will be moving from their community hall into a van to travel across South East Queensland to deliver essentials to the homeless.

The organisation which serves over 900 meals every month to those in need and has just received a grant from the State Government’s Dignity First Fund to help purchase a van.

Chairwoman, Ros Thomsen, says the new set of wheels will help them expand their services to harder to reach areas from Brighton to Deception Bay.

The van will also be used to help move furniture for people who find housing and transport donations.


Explosion rocks Paris train station and other Zedlines...

Dozens of passengers have been evacuated from a Paris train station after an explosion. (Source Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Police say the incident near Place d’Italie stop was caused by an electrical fire, with a spokesperson emphasising it as an electrical fault, not a terrorist attack.

Two passengers are being treated by emergency services and initial reports have stated up to 8 people have been injured, with some suffering smoke inhalation.


Queensland Strawberry Farm Uncovers 27 Illegal Workers

A Queensland strawberry farm raid netted 27 illegal workers on a property near Stanthorpe.

BCC call on spaniels to assist in Koala census and more Zedlines

Brisbane City Council have employed the help of two English springer spaniels to assist in gathering information about the city’s koala population. (Image Credit: pixabay)

Brisbane City Council have employed the help of two English springer spaniels to assist in gathering information about the city’s koala population.

Taz and Nutmeg will track Koalas through Brisbane’s bushland at a five-month cost of $120,000 to help in accurately portraying a picture of the animals’ spread across the city.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has previously expressed his fondness for the marsupials and believes this program will help protect one of Australia’s national icons.

A gift for the homeless

Another Hit For The Homeless and more Zedlines

Melbourne city council has voted to change a by-law allowing homeless people to sleep rough in the city by banning makeshift camps. (Image Credit: Wikimedia)

Melbourne city council has voted to change a by-law allowing homeless people to sleep rough in the city by banning makeshift camps.

The vote held in Melbourne's town hall on Tuesday was won five to four despite large public outcry.

The council has defended the amendment claiming their intentions are to ban camps around the city, not homelessness and will be subject to a 28 day public consultation period.


City Council denies cycling safely
Brisbane City Council has firmly rejected Space For Cycling in Brisbane’s latest petition

More Charges for Young Australian of the Year Finalist and more Zedlines

A former young Australian of the Year finalist and founder of the Street Swag charity has had more fraud charges laid against her. (source:flickr Colin Davis)

Jean Madden is currently being investigated for several counts of fraud, after she allegedly misappropriated $441,000 from the homeless welfare group, the 37-year-old woman is now facing six more counts of fraud including falsifying records and attempted fraud.

Ms Madden founded Street Swags in 2010, with the aim to provide homeless people with canvas bags that convert to bedding.  


The Sunshine State Capitalises with Solar

Six projects are set to make Toowoomba and the Darling Downs a solar power capital.