Same-sex couple to wed before Christmas and more Zedlines...

Two Melbourne women have been granted legal permission to wed before Christmas, sooner than the expected date same-sex couples could marry.

Stephanie Dybal and Megan Stapleton, who have been together for more than five years, planned their non-binding wedding for the twenty-first of December.


As the couple planned their wedding months before the same-sex marriage postal vote, they were granted legal approval to wed before the usual mandatory four-week waiting period for signed legislation to come into effect.


Stories of sexual assault, torture and chemical restraints from Wolston Park Hospital shared and more Zedlines....

Harrowing stories of sexual assaults, torture and chemical restraints have been shared by those who endured life in the Wolston Park Hospital, at Wacol, as children. (Image Source: Pixbay)

Children in the care of the state, who did not have a mental illness and suffered abuse and neglect, were wrongly sent to adult mental health facilities between the 1950s and 1980s.

The Queensland government has announced it has approved a confidential compensation payment and counselling for nine women, with arrangements being made for their ongoing support.


Queens Wharf development accused of implementing hostile architecture

Dangerous skippers to be prosecuted in the Northern Territory and more Zedlines...

Dangerous navigating of a vessel will be prosecuted under new legislation passed by Northern Territory parliament.

If found guilty, skippers will face a maximum penalty of seven years in prison if someone is seriously injured, or 10 years if someone is killed.

The NT Government say there was a legal loophole that has seen boat drivers involved in collisions avoid criminal charges.

Brisbane architecture deterring homeless people
Greens councillor Jonathan Sri has called for changes to the design of the 3 billion dollar Queen’s Wharf development.

New program KickStart aims to help young people with tenancy troubles

The Youth Outreach Service which is run out the Salvation Army has started a new program which aims to help young people between the ages of 16-25 with issues surrounding tenancies. With renting being a major part of young people's lives it can be a confronting and difficult area to navigate. Often young people can be unaware of their rights as tenants and also what avenues that are available to them. Brisbane Line reporter Jack McDonnell spoke with Michael a youth worker with the Salvation Army and The Youth Outreach Service about this program and how it can help. 

Gay sauna raided in Indonesia and more zedlines...

A gay sauna in Indonesia has been raided, and 58 have been arrested, in what some say is another sign of the country’s anti-LGBT backlash.

Police raided the sauna late on Friday, after allegations from the public that it was being used for prostitution, and Indonesian police spokesperson Argo Yuwono says seven people will be charged under the country’s pornography laws.

Senior Indonesian researcher at Human Rights Watch, Andreas Harsono, says the raid is part of an anti-LGBT campaign in Indonesia.

Homosexuality is not illegal in the country, but the small LGBT community faces growing hostility from police and the community.


Galillee Blockade targeting Downer organisation

LNP to scrap juvenile bail housing if elected and more zedlines...

Queensland’s Liberal National Party said they will close supervised bail accommodation for juvenile offenders if elected to government, instead putting minors in prisons. Photo from Flickr.

The Labor party announced plans last week to roll out specialised centres over the next few months, designed to house between four and 12 children who had been charged with an offence but were yet to face court and were unable to return home.

Currently, minors awaiting trial but unable to go home make up about 80% of the population of youth detention facilities in Queensland.

Language Warning: Your bad language can get you fined.

Swearing some would argue is a part of Australian life. What some consider as bad language, is becoming more accepted and used in contemporary society. While Australia is seen internationally as a very laid back country, most would be surprised with how strict our laws are in terms of swearing in public. All states and territories in Australia have some law that criminalises bad language in public. In Queensland from June of 2016 to June 2017, 1,687 people were charged with offensive language directed at a police officer.

Occupation of Lytton Road House

The Anti Poverty Network SEQ recently occupied a house in Lytton Road to demonstrate the amount of houses that are unoccupied. They believe these houses should be become available and repurposed to the homeless community in Brisbane. Brisbane Line reporter Jack McDonnell spoke to an organiser from Anti Poverty Network SEQ, Feargal McGovern during the occupation and also later about what the occupation was about and what went down. 

Image credit: Jack McDonnell 

Hefty price for smokers

The cost of cigarettes has spiked, with the government introducing a 13 per cent price rise across Australia. Photo from The Sun.

The increase was first announced in the May budget, and will be implemented each September over the next four years.

The government is expected to rake in an additional $365 million in tax over the next four years as a result of the change.

Funding boost for homeless

The Department of Housing and Public Works has given a $75,000 boost to aid people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the Gold Coast.

A change is in the West End

If you have lived in West End for a significant amount of time you may have noticed the area around you has been changing.  The increase of population, rental and property prices has the suburb once known for it’s bohemian atmosphere transforming into Brisbane’s latest gentrified hub, forcing lower income earners out. 

Story by Liana Walker