CEO sleepout - helping or insulting the homeless?

The Vinnies CEO sleepout is an annual event where company executives raise money to sleep outdoors for a night. Held on Thursday night in Brisbane, this year it has raised over half a million dollars in Brisbane and over five million nationally.

But in response to the spectacle of CEO's in sleeping bags behind guarded fences, groups like the South East Queensland Anti-Poverty Network wanted to speak to some of the executives about some of the political issues around homelessness and how they could lobby to change them.

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Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Research shows the bond between humans and animals is beneficial to both species, and there is no better way to celebrate that love than by bringing your furry friend to work. (Image Source: Pexel)

Friday the 23rd of June marks international take your dog to work day where businesses are encouraged to open their doors to all furry friends, great and small.

Clinical psychologist Dr Samantha Clarke studies the benefits of owning a dog, finding dog owners generally report a lower rate of depression and deal with grief better than non-dog owners.


Brisbane City Council removes hedges used as storage by homeless

Perth Group Feed the Homeless and more Zedlines

Food Rescue's small army of volunteers is helping more than 11,000 people secure a meal each week, just by rescuing food destined for landfill.

Food Rescue's Julie Broad says "It makes no sense for the big supermarkets to throw their food out, they should pass over the food that is still edible so that we can pass on to the charities.

Allan Barry that receives this food comments, "As soon as you've got a full stomach it can change your whole mindset from being depressed to being happy."


Frozen Berries are in the Spotlight

Astromers believe we live in a parallel universe!? and more Zedlines...

Astronomers have found what they believe is proof we are living in a parallel universe. Image source: Pexels

Since the beginning of time, people have pondered the notion of the multiverse; where an infinite number of universes exist, all with differing realms and dimensions.

New research from the Royal Astronomical Society has focused on a ‘Cold Spot’ in the Cosmos, a ‘cool’ patch of space in the radiation of the universe after its formation.

Durham University researcher, Tom Shanks said this cold spot could essentially be a gap in the multiverse and could have been caused by a collision between our universe and another bubble universe.


Shark cullings mean dire environmental consequences, and more Zedlines....

Following a senate inquiry that began in November of 2016 into risk management of shark attacks, researchers warn of dire environmental consequences should the culling of sharks continue. Image source: Wikimedia

A marine biologist and associate professor of the University of Melbourne, Robert Day, said the apex predator plays an integral role in managing the oceanic ecosystem’s stability, and the continuation of mass killing will inevitably lead to an imbalance in our oceans.

Hawaiian researchers have also discovered the intimidation tactics of sharks aren’t only effective on humans, but certain prey, with studies proving the shark’s ability to regulate seagrass beds prevents overgrazing by turtles.


Regional Workers Hit Hardest By Penalty Rate Cuts

Almost 300 000 workers in 45 regional communities will see their Sunday rates slashed in early July this year, but the Australian Council of Trade Unions, aren’t going down without a fight. (Image Source:WikimediaCommons)

Tow industry to be put on tight leash
Retired District Court Judge Michael Forde has been endorsed by Cabinet to lead an independent investigation into the towing industry after shady practises by towing companies were recently exposed.

The investigation will look into the possibility of stopping the removal of cars from private properties, towing fees being capped, restrictions being placed on the maximum distance a vehicle can be towed, and limiting predatory practises.

Clive Palmer in Federal Court today over collapse of Queensland Nickel and more Zedlines

Former MP Clive Palmer is expected in Federal Court today over the collapse of Queensland Nickel.

Palmer, who appeared unwell last Wednesday, was in court to answer to the whereabouts of his nephew Clive Mensink.

Mr Mensink has been AWOL since last June, overseas evading liquidators while Palmer is currently present in Queensland albeit clutching a sick bag and claiming memory loss due to the medication he is taking.

Disability housing to open in Townsville
Disability Services Minister Coralee O’Rourke has put her money where her mouth is, opening a 1.3 million dollar housing project in Townsville, for people living with a disability.

Overwatch Australia - first responders

‘There ought to be at least as much common sense about living
and dying as there is about going to the grocery store
and buying a loaf of bread.’
Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun

A few years ago my uncle told me a story about his time driving busses in Canberra:

Green senator to investigate Manus Island shooting and more Zedlines

Greens senator Nick Mckim says he will spend time on Manus Island next week investigating conflicting reports on a detention centre shooting last Friday. (Image Source: Flickr)

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Manus Island authorities feared for the safety of a young boy in the centre, and fired shots in an attempt to remove him.

Papua New Guinea police have rejected these claims, saying the shooting was spurred on by a dispute between island residents and the Defence Force over the naval base’s sporting field.

Movie world to construct Australia’s largest rollercoaster

Gold Coast theme park Movie World has begun construction on what will be Australia's largest rollercoaster.

Suicide attack kills over 100 evacuees in Syria and more Zedlines

Image source Aamulheti news A deal between Government fighters and opposition military forces in Syria sees the deaths of busloads of Syrians.

Syrians aboard the evacuation buses were headed toward Government-controlled Aleppo, when a delay caused them to disembark.

During this delay, a suicide bomber, believed to be part of an opposing fighter group, deployed a bomb and killed over 100 Syrians.

The Red Cross and United Nations are working to provide aid for those injured in the blast.


Gold Coast church calls for housing solutions

A Gold Coast church says asbestos removal will force its sheltering homeless people back onto the streets.