Leaked memo from Centrelink ordered Staff not to process disputes and more Zedlines....

A leaked internal memo from Centrelink management ordered frontline staff working in branches not to process disputes over the Government’s debt collection scheme. (Image Source Flickr)


Obtained by the 7.30 Report, the memo says staff must not process any activities in relation to the Online Compliance Intervention, and should instead refer customers to the online portal… despite reports the portals availability has been patchy.


The memo appears to contradict Human Services Minister Alan Tudge’s who says those having trouble with the online and telephone services can go into a Centrelink office and see someone within 10 minutes.

Gold Coast MP Defends Misters using Taxpayer Money


Feeling hot? There's a heatwave.

Southern Queenslanders are set to swelter, as a heat-wave moves through, breaking records in its path.

Brisbane will reach a top of 34 degrees, five above the daily average for this time of year.

Acting health minister Stirling Hinchliffe urged residents to stay hydrated, saying if your urine is dark it’s best to increase your fluid intake, to best keep yourself safe. 

One Nation looks to Queensland election 

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to announce a “game changing” shake-up to state politics today in the lead-up to the next election.

New asbestos data for Queensland state schools and more Zedlines...

The asbestos register for Queensland schools has been updated, revealing over 30,000 instances of ‘confirmed’ asbestos.

Asbestos materials such as ceilings, wall sheeting, or guttering do not pose a threat unless disturbed and are rated in the register from "negligible hazard" to "needs attention."

Parents can learn whether asbestos is present in their child’s school, by visiting the registry online on the Education Queensland website.

Sick and aged care residents support euthanasia legalisation

The Victorian health system could be the first in Australia to legalise euthanasia for terminally ill patients, with a bill to pass through parliament later this year.

Sussan Ley is refusing to explain travel records and more Zedlines

Health Minister Sussan Ley is refusing to explain why she spent $13 000 taxpayer dollars to pilot private charter planes when she could have used commercial airlines. (image source: wikimedia)

Travel records revealed yesterday that Ms Ley was conducting ministerial business when she chartered plans for childcare policy meetings in 2014, and talks with GPs in 2015.

Ministerial guidelines say charters may only be piloted under special circumstances such as an absence of commercial services or significant delays.
Ms Ley is yet to announce whether her travel arrangements meet these criteria.
Queensland set for week of extremes

Meningococcal outbreak could have been stopped & More Zedlines

Four children fighting meningococcal at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital have a potentially deadly strain of the disease which could have been prevented by an out of stock vaccine. 

The vaccine for Meningococcal B is only available through the private sector, despite repeated attempts to get it onto the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Bexsero has been out of stock since October, with manufacturer Glaxo Smith Kline blaming “unexpected demand” for the shortage.

Watchdog barks over 'CU in the NT' slogan

The Advertising Standards Bureau has labelled the controversial ‘CU in the NT’ slogan as “extremely denigrating to women” while ruling on a complaint that was lodged to the industry watchdog.

Lego ninja statue vanishes into thin air, and more Zedlines...

Thieves steal lego ninja statue from Victorian toy store (Image Source: Wiki)

Calls to fill abandoned mines after drowning

Calls for a mine rehabilitation fund have been made in Queensland following the latest drowning in an abandoned mine quarry.

Community voices have argued for old mines to be filled in, or fenced off using contributions from mining companies.

Lock the Gate president, Drew Hutton said something needs to be done, to stop adolescents trying to "test themselves in these uncontrolled environments".

Yahoo email servers hacked and more Zedlines

Hackers are believed to have stolen data from over one billion Yahoo accounts, in what is thought to be the largest data breach of an email provider. (Image source:Flickr)


The theft, thought to have occurred in August 2013, is said to affect personal information such as passwords, names, birthdates, and security questions and answers.


This comes as Yahoo’s second data breach, with one in September exposing over 500 million Yahoo accounts. Yahoo urges users to change their passwords and invalidate security questions, especially if users have re-used their password for other online accounts.

Lady Musgrave Trust launches Shelter her from homelessness campaign

One Nation Staffer Being Investigated

Top One Nation figure Sean Black is under investigation over an alleged assault.

The man touted as the future leader of One Nation in Queensland’s heartland is being investigated over assault allegations.

Sean Black, media and policy advisor to Malcolm Roberts, is no stranger to complaints against him having been accused of bullying and flying into fits of rage as a member of Logan City Council.

With One Nation looking like it will make major gains in the next Queensland election, Mr Black is in the frame as a possible state leader.

While no one has been charged police are continuing investigations into the complaint.

Fortitude Valley’s 139 Club receives Dignity First Fund and more Zedlines

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni announced this morning that Fortitude Valley’s 139 Club will receive $259,000 from the Dignity First Fund. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Fortitude Valley’s 139 Club receives Dignity First Fund

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni announced this morning that Fortitude Valley’s 139 Club will receive $259,000 from the Dignity First Fund.

The Fund is a $2.5 million grant for organisations that demonstrate innovate responses to help people experiencing homelessness live with dignity.

A further 23 organisations will also receive funding, with further announcements to come.


Queensland Police in hot water over “illegal” speed camera

If You Can't Handle The Heat - Avoid The Street

In only the second day of summer, parts of Queensland are suffering from a heatwave with temperatures soaring well above average. (Photo: Flickr)

Temperatures are expected reach 38 degrees in Ipswich and 40 degrees in Gatton, but a cool breeze is keeping the coast much cooler than expected.

Health authorities are warning people to keep cool, especially the elderly and those who work outdoors.

New Theme Parks Considered as Tourist Numbers Rise

 South East Queensland has three new theme park concepts in the works, as tourist numbers swell within the region.