If You Can't Handle The Heat - Avoid The Street

In only the second day of summer, parts of Queensland are suffering from a heatwave with temperatures soaring well above average. (Photo: Flickr)

Temperatures are expected reach 38 degrees in Ipswich and 40 degrees in Gatton, but a cool breeze is keeping the coast much cooler than expected.

Health authorities are warning people to keep cool, especially the elderly and those who work outdoors.

New Theme Parks Considered as Tourist Numbers Rise

 South East Queensland has three new theme park concepts in the works, as tourist numbers swell within the region.

Over 2000 Brisbane Women To Be Homeless Or Near-Homeless Over Christmas

It is estimated that over 2,000 Brisbane women will either be homeless or near-homeless this Christmas. Queensland’s oldest charity, The Lady Musgrave Trust, is aiming to help combat this with their ‘Shelter Her from Homelessness’ project. The trust has been running for over 130years and has helped over 10,000 homeless women.


Brisbaneline journalist Victoria interviewed CEO of The Lady Musgrave Trust, Karen Lyon Reid, about the project, how people can get involved and what support is available for women who are at risk of becoming homeless.


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100 Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean Sea, and more Zedlines...

Latest capsize brings migrant death toll to over 4,270 this year. (Photo: wikicommons/unframe)

Around 100 migrants are feared dead in the Mediterranean Sea, following the sinking of their rubber boat on Thursday. 

27 people were saved and six bodies were recovered by a British navy ship, off the coast of Libya.

This tragedy adds to the death toll of 240 people over three days, according to aid groups… which is only expected to grow, as migrants continue to leave Libya for Italy, regardless of rough seas. 


Asylum Seeker Receives Graduation Certificate in Person.

Fraser Coast oil spill investigations continuing and more Zedlines

The State Government is continuing investigations into last months’ oil spill on Fraser Island.

Fraser Coast oil spill investigations continuing

The State Government is continuing investigations into last months’ oil spill on Fraser Island.

While extensive research and modelling has been undertaken to determine the origin of the spill, Minister for Ports Mark Bailey conceded it will be “difficult” to identify the ship involved.

There were no injuries to wildlife reported after the spill.

‘Homeless’ label may be detrimental

Ancient Aboriginal settlement found and more Zedlines

Evidence of Aboriginal settlement in arid Australia has been found in a Flinders Ranges rock shelter (image source: Wikimedia Commons).

The site known as Warratyi shows that Aboriginal settlement in Australia occurred around 49,000 years ago - 10,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Lead author, Hiles Hamm found the site with local elder Clifford Coulthard by chance while surveying gorges in the northern Flinders Ranges and has so far recovered around 4,300 artefacts, and 200 bone fragments.


Large taxpayer costs amid Redcliffe line issues

Brisbane transgender youth support service set to close doors

Transgender and gender diverse support program, Jellybeans, has served youth in Brisbane since 2010 and now has a clientele base of 86 young people. Run entirely on donations from community members, Jellybeans will be forced to close by the end of November as future funding and government grants have failed to be secured. 4ZZZ reporter, Lucy Czerwinski talks with the General Manager of Open Doors Youth Service, Pam Barker, about the effect of the imminent closure of Jellybeans.

Salmonella superbug threatens Australia and more Zedlines

Shelter your children and your pets: evidence of a highly drug resistant salmonella superbug has been discovered in domestic animals living in Australia. image source: wikimedia

The bug was discovered after a cat from a shelter was taken to Sydney vet with a serious gut infection last year. Another three cats at the veterinary were tested and found to be carrying the bacteria, which indicates the bug is highly transferable.

The superbug has a resistance to nine classes of drugs that are used as a life-saving defense against disease in humans and animals.

Experts believe this rare and unusual resistance may pose a serious threat to public health.


Cemetery tour operatiors to help with restorations

Further Earthquakes strike Italy and more Zedlines

Central Italy has been struck by two strong earthquakes in what is likely aftershocks of the major earthquake which struck the region in August (image source: Wikimedia Commons).

The 5.5 and 6.1 magnitude quakes hit the Macerata province early in the morning, causing significant structural damage to the town’s older building.

Although there have been no deaths reported the emergency services in the area are still assessing the situation.

Queensland Rail CEO steps down over Redcliffe line troubles

Queensland Rail’s Chief-executive Helen Gluer has stood down amid criticism over the the handling of the opening of the new Redcliffe line.

Tasmanian Greens push for begging to be decriminalised and more Zedlines

Human rights advocates support the move, however Tasmanian Police Minister Rene Hidding says the government does “not have plans to change the law.”

Graziers seeking compensation following national park bungle

The Queensland Government is being pressured to apologise to up to 83 graziers whose properties may have been mistakenly made into national parks.

Grazier Sharon Lohse obtained documents under the freedom of information act which showed no proper assessment was completed prior to her cattle grazing lease being turned into a national park.

Environment Minister Steven Miles acknowledged the family's leasehold was never properly assessed.  

Homeless community evicted from beneath West End's Go-Between bridge, and more Zedlines...

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk offers to re-home Go-Between Bridge evictees within the city. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Council evicts homeless community from the Go-Between bridge

Brisbane Council workers and Police have removed a group of homeless living beneath the West End’s Go-Between Bridge.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has defended the decision, with the camp receiving one hour of notice before their eviction.

Mayor Quirk has offered the people housing within the city, and said he cannot allow a township to grow under the Go-Between Bridge.