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UN rules Australian indefinite detention of refugees illegal - and more Zedlines

UN rules Australian indefinite detention of refugees illegal, Struggle Street denied permit to film in Brisbane, Bombings in Baghdad leave dozens dead and more Zedlines

UN Ruling on Australia’s Asylum seeker policy

The UN has ruled that Australia’s indefinite detention of refugees on secret security grounds is arbitrary and illegal. 

The Australian government has been told by the UN human rights commision that they should offer compensation to five people who were illegally incarcerated between 2009 and 2015.

The five people were recognised as refugees, but were not granted visas as the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation deemed them a security risk.

Federal budget reduces foreign aid spending to record low - and more 8am Zedlines

Federal budget reduces foreign aid spending to record low , Artslink under voluntary administration, Mass Arrests of Protesters in West Papua and more Zedlines (Image ABC News: Matthew Roberts)

UNICEF expresses concern over last night’s budget

UNICEF has expressed serious concern over the announcement of last night’s budget and the implications it has for foreign aid and social services.  Australia’s contribution to foreign aid has been reduced to zero point 22 percent (0.22%) of gross national income.

The budget revealed foreign aid was reduced by a further 224 million dollars, making it the lowest it has ever been.

Caxton Legal Centre Expands Employment Law Advice Service

Recently Caxton Legal Service expanded its Employment Law Advice Service. Caxton provides free legal services, information and referrals to vulnerable employees and workers who have been mistreated or who have been dismissed. 4zzz reporter Craig Garrett speaks with Bridget Burton, Caxton's Coordinating Lawyer - General Practice Team, about the scope of the Employment Law Advice Service, and the ways in which Caxton's team can help.

Coroner urges industry standard to protect workers from extreme temperatures and more Zedlines

Coroner John Hutton said the recent death of a constrcution worker highlights substantial deficiencies in the way heat stress is managed in heavy construction. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Labor says Ergon-Energex merger won't affect jobs

The Labor party has issued a statement assuring licenced electricians that their jobs are not in danger after plans for a new publicly funded energy business.

The government's plan to combine Ergon and Energex would start up a new, renewables-focused energy service.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the new plan would not affect workers who rely on household electrical and solar work.


Coroner urges extreme temperature industry standard to protect workers

Cyber Security Strategy unveiled

The government has unveiled the new Cyber Security Strategy (source: flickr)

Uber fines increased

A new law passed in Queensland Parliament will see Uber drivers faced with fines of up to $2,300 and administrators with fines of over $23,500. The bill also sees transport inspectors given more powers to detect and fine drivers. The amended Katter’s Australian Party bill passed last night with LNP support.

Cattle drive cancelled

Funding for Indigenous rangers needed

The Australian Greens have called for continued federal funding for Indigenous ranger groups (source: wikimedia)

Black lung disease reappears

Coal miners and union members rallied outside Parliament House on Wednesday protesting the recent cases of black lung disease in the community. Miners urged the government to start taking action and help prevent the disease from being spread to other members of the coal mining industry. Black lung disease is caused by prolonged exposure to coal dust and was thought to have been eradicated 30 years ago, however there have been 5 new reported cases since September 2015.

Costly cleanup

Palmer denies ‘shadow director’ role in Queensland Nickel, and more 10am Zedlines.

Palmer denies ‘shadow director’ role in Queensland Nickel, Greenpeace calls for election candidates to spell out plans for coal-free future, Associated Press wins Pulitzer Prize, and more 10am Zedlines. (Image: Wikicommons).

Palmer denies ‘shadow director’ role in Queensland Nickel

Federal MP and businessman Clive Palmer has denied any wrongdoing with mining company Queensland Nickel, saying that at no time did he ever take money from the firm’s coffers.

Mr Palmer says he is "not worried" about the Federal Government’s plans to force him and his companies to recover the liquidation costs, a bill of almost $74 million currently being footed by taxpayers.

The eccentric minister has lashed out at the Government, calling the campaign against him a political witch-hunt.

Australian election likely for July 2, and more 8am Zedlines.

Palaszczuk Government shapes up youth justice laws, Australian election likely for July 2, Hundreds dead in latest Mediterranean boat disaster, and more 8am Zedlines. (Image: Wikicommons).

Palaszczuk Government shapes up youth justice laws

The Palaszczuk Government say they plan on unwinding a Newman reform relating to youth justice in the next parliamentary sitting, fulfilling an election promise.

The youth justice revisions will overturn the Newman government’s policy on moving teenagers to adult prisons once they are 17.

Her amendment will allow youth to be identified and gaol to be reinstated as a last resort.

WA will force meth addicts into rehabilitation

The WA government proposes to force meth users into rehabilitation to combat increasing rates of addiction in the state. (source: wikimedia)

Clive Palmer urged to pay $73 million in entitlements

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is urging Clive Palmer to use his personal fortune to pay back the $73 million in entitlements owed to sacked Queensland Nickel Refinery workers. The company is facing liquidation, and administrators of the consulting firm in charge of winding up the operation said it suffered under the reckless actions of Mr Palmer. Employment Minister Michaelia Cash said that if Mr Palmer refuses to pay, the necessary funds will have come out of taxpayers’ money.


Gold Coast dismissed Mosque development plan and more 8AM Zedlines

The Gold Coast Planning Court rejected plans for the Currumbin mosque development. The Islamic Society of the Gold Coast said there is a need for another mosque in the area due the overcrowding in their current mosque.

Feminist Week bake sale leads to death threats

A bake sale held as part of the University of Queensland’s Feminist Week yesterday resulted in online rape and death threats targeting organisers and attendees.

The bake sale was meant to highlight wage inequality based on gender, disability, race, sexual identity and ethnicity.

Each baked good cost the proportion of $1 buyers earn comparative to men in the workplace.

UQ Union Gender and Sexuality vice president Madeline Price said the threats show how far gender inequality still has to go.