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Defence admits to 3 year delay in warning public about toxic foam danger and more zedlines...

The Department of Defence has admitted to a delay in warning the Australian public about a chemical contamination scandal that occurred at 18 Defence bases across the country.

The Defence is now tackling perfluorinated chemical pollution from the widespread use of firefighting foam which contaminated local drinking water across several communities.

It’s revealed that the public should have been warned three years earlier than it did, with the cost to clean up the nationwide contamination to reach the hundreds of millions of dollars.

National Day of Action sees huge anti-Adani protests

Empowering photos help young bullying victims gain confidence and more zedlines...

Queensland photographer Kate Stoter has started an anti-bullying campaign designed to empower young victims, ABC reports. Image sourced from Flickr

After experiencing bullying as a child and seeing other children go through bullying, Stoter decided to create a series of photographs featuring ‘positive images of young bullying victims.’

Stoter said the portraits help the girls feel better about themselves, they are shoot outdoors and posted online without any photoshop.

Parents of the girls said the experience has been uplifting, allowing the girls to gain confidence.

Adani protests follow corruption allegations

Farmers face problems with Kangaroo management and more zedlines...

With an increase in the amount of kangaroos in Australia, farmers are planning to triple the numbers they can shoot, to keep record levels down. Image sourced by Flickr

Farmers have complained about the concerns caused by kangaroos, such as them consuming pastures that are desperately needed for livestock. 

Wildlife health and conservation expert Catherine Herbert said more evidence is needed to support the claim that kangaroos have an impact on agriculture and environment. 

Farmers and professional hunters are required to apply for permits for approval to shoot kangaroos. 

Parents urged to be vigilant around swimming pools

High Protein Hemp Finds Favour with Sunshine Coast Chickens and more Zedlines...

A plumber and equine scientist are combining forces to create a new chicken food made entirely out of cannabis. (Image Source: Flickr)

Joel McCarthy and fiancé Ely Meggitt started experimenting with hemp 6 months ago after being informed by a friend of its health properties.

The couple have rented a factory at Coolum Beach, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, to use for packing of the hemp product.

Next stage of Howard Smith Wharves Development Begins

The transformation of a 1930s heritage-listed shed into a river-edge restaurant has started.

Local Jobs First Roundtable to be held in Cairns and more Zedlines

Cairns is set to host a Local Jobs First Roundtable today, bringing both government and industry officials together to improve the employability of local young people in the tourism industry. (image credit: wikimedia)

Employment Minister Grace Grace will lead the Roundtable, with the goal of maximising employment opportunities for locals in Queensland’s ever-growing billion dollar tourism industry.

In the past years, tourism contributes $11.5 billion to Queensland’s economy, making up 5.8 per cent of Queensland’s workforce.

Full-time effort to coordinate management of feral pigs in north Queensland introduced

Starfish-eating sea snails to be unleashed on the reef

The Federal Government is funding world first research into giant starfish-eating sea snails in a bid to save the Great Barrier Reef.

The crown of thorns starfish is one of the leading causes of coral loss on the Reef, and over 150,000 of them can be found per square kilometre during an outbreak.

The Government has already hatched 100,000 of these rare sea snails, which are known to cause the destructive starfish to flee and therefore prevent breeding.

AIMS research manager Dr David Souter says that the sea snails will eventually be released into the Reef under tight control to avoid disturbing the wider ecology of the Reef.

Maiwar residents oppose Adani

Shopping centre Santas may soon require blue cards and more zedlines...

Foster carers will require further checks, and shopping centre Santas may soon need a blue card if proposed reforms go through. Picture source: Pixabay.

Reports into Queensland’s Child Safety laws are recommending changes to the blue card system including introducing more professions to the list, adding photo id on the cards, and expanding the offenses that disqualify someone from obtaining a card.

The proposed changes come after the state parliament ordered reviews into Child Safety laws due to the death of a child in foster care in 2015.

Medical treatments for individual DNA


Concerns have been raised about Queensland’s health system after a mentally ill, female prisoner with a drug problem has been barred from having an abortion by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

The 33-year-old woman, who has a history of mental illness, drug use, and is hepatitis C positive, has applied for special consent to terminate an unwanted, high-risk twin pregnancy at 20 weeks.

The QCAT has ruled that the prisoner does not have the capacity to make complex decisions about all of her personal matters due to her mental illness, and the pregnancy is not risky enough to terminate.


Artificial intelligence fighting deforestation in Congo

New artificial intelligence technologies capable of predicting where deforestation is most likely to occur could help the Democratic Republic of Congo cut carbon commissions and protect its quickly shrinking rainforest.

The technology has predicted that woods covering an area the size of Luxembourg will be cut down by 2025, releasing 205 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Scientists widely agree that preserving rainforests is the cheapest and most effective way to reduce the carbon emissions that drive global warming.

Congo’s rainforest is the second largest in the world after the Amazon, but is under constant pressure from farming, mining, logging, and infrastructure developments.


Amazon reserve opened for mining and more zedlines...

The Brazilian government will strip the protection of a national reserve in the Amazon to allow commercial mineral exploration, to stimulate the country’s economy. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Located in the northern states of Amapa and Para, the amazonian reserve is larger than the size of Denmark, and contains resources such as manganese, gold and iron.

It’s also home to biodiverse wildlife and indigenous populations.

Brazil’s president Michel Temer insisted environmental protection laws will be followed, yet the move has attracted criticism from environmentalists and political opponents.

Mining companies required to hire more employees locally