Malaria vaccine breakthrough by Griffith University and more zedlines

World’s first anti-malaria vaccine developed at Griffith University. Image Source: Wikimedia/Hugo A. Quintero G.

The vaccine developed by researchers at Griffith University and Gold Coast University Hospital has tested safe for humans to take and is subject to further research.

The groundbreaking research vaccine is being considered to be used in countries where malaria is an endemic problem. The disease affects half of the world’s population.


M1 Motorway upgrade to start later this year

A funding agreement for the M1 Motorway upgrade has been reached.

Residents warned ahead of cyclone Debbie and more zedlines

Evacuation of high flood risk regions has been ordered in north Queensland as Cyclone Debbie intensifies. Image Source: Wikipedia/Suomi NPP Satellite

Hundreds have been evacuated from Burdekin and the Whitsundays and Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox said those unable to leave should seek shelter with friends and family in ‘high, dry places.’

A shelter is operating in Bowen, but only has a capacity of 800. The Category II cyclone is expected to be upgraded to a Category IV system before making landfall tomorrow.


Boom gate collision rates concerns Queensland rail

High level crossing collision rates for Queensland rail.

Batman-inspired building to be built in Brisbane, and more Zedlines

Brisbane could be about to get its first superhero inspired residential building. Image source: Flickr

Brisbane developers, Pointcorp, have lodged an application to build an apartment building on the banks of the river, which draws inspiration from Batman, and more specifically from Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight trilogy.

The proposed building would have four sections - the water garden, verandah, entrance and Batcave - with the entrance featuring multipurpose areas with communal spaces and car parks that would much resemble the Batcave in the 2008 film.


Melbourne to Brisbane rail program fuels excitement

High-thrust rocket test by North Korea and more zedlines.

New high-thrust rocket engine test undertaken by North Korea. Image Source: Wikimedia/Sungwon Baik

The Korean Central News Agency reported the test was to confirm the prototypes reliability and structural safety, and the new engine will be used in country’s peaceful space programme.

The test coincides with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is touring Asia primarily discussing concerns over how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear initiative.

US officials remain skeptical that the space programme is solely for peaceful use.


Support for Toowoomba high school for World Science Festival

Everton Hills residents in need of public transport and more zedlines

Residents of North Brisbane suburb Everton Hills are calling for better bus services in their area. Image Source: Wikimedia/wikicats

An online petition is underway on the Queensland Parliament website, for those in Henderson, Bunya, Buckland and Bennetts Roads and Chinook Street .

The e-petition calls on the state Government to ensure adequate public transport in the outer-city suburbs as well as inner.


Art as emotional and physical therapy

Rockhampton health and wellness professionals are blazing a trail for fine art as remedy.

Outrage over photo of a man grinding against 'Fearless Girl' statue and more zedlines

A photo of man appearing to defile the new Wall Street ‘fearless girl’ statue is gaining negative reactions from the public. Image Source: Facebook/Alexis Kaloyanides

A day after International Women’s Day, a photo of a grown man simulating a sexual act with the statue of a “fearless girl” facing the bull in Wall Street has appeared.

The on lookers were appalled by the man’s behaviour and tried to stop him but a witness said the man was cheered on by his friends on site, who made lewd comments.

This comes after thousands of people petitioned to make the statue permanent.


Big Gay Day celebrations in Brisbane

Brisbane celebrates the 17th annual Big Gay Day with a drag show.

Queensland Rail push to hire more female employees and more Zedlines

Gender roles are being challenged in a push by Queensland Rail for more female recruitment after hiring four times their current rate of women. Image: Wikimedia

This new intake will see the current rate of female drivers grow from 4 to 6 percent, bringing Queensland Rail up to par with that of New South Wales.

Queensland Rail has introduced new mentoring programs, more flexible work hours and now showcases more women on social media in non-traditional roles in a bid to welcome new female employees.

Transport Minister Jackie Trad said the new female recruitment is proof “traditional barriers were being broken down.”

Measles outbreak hits Brisbane

106 Years of International Women's Day and More Zedlines

2017 marks 106 years of International Women’s Day, with this year's theme tailor-made for 2017: #BeBoldForChange

Celebrated since the early 1900's, the global event is a collective day of global celebration and a call for gender equality. 

While considerable advances have been made over the past century, the World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won't close entirely for almost another 200 years.

Events have been planned across the globe, while Brisbane residents can enjoy a Movie Night and Luncheon, featuring the Academy and Golden Globe Award nominated movie, ‘Hidden Figures’ at the Caribbean Cinemas in St Lucia.


Queensland Rail additions delayed over design flaws and more zedlines

Queensland Rail is experiencing a major setback since the government delayed the purchase of new trains due to manufacturing issues. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Queensland Rail is experiencing a major setback since the government delayed the purchase of new trains due to manufacturing issues.

Deputy Premier and Transport minister Jackie Trad ceased the purchase of the New generation rollingstock from India due to concerns over the train’s brakes and driver visibility.

Driver shortages also resulted in a major cutback in services earlier this year.

Physiotherapist at regional Queensland hospital awarded $1.6m for injuries after falling up staircase

February best month in 15 years for Australian manufacturing sector and more zedlines

An industry report has shown Australia's manufacturing sector performed at its highest levels in almost fifteen years last month. (Image Source: WikiCommons)

An industry report has shown Australia's manufacturing sector performed at its highest levels in almost fifteen years last month.

Numbers released by the Australian Industry Group show the performance of manufacturing index has increased from 8.1 points to 59.3 in February.

Despite February proving the sector’s most successful month since May 2016, the industry continues to struggle against a slow third quarter of last year.