Call for space dedicated to graffiti and more Zedlines...

Brisbane graffiti artist, Travis Vinson, says the city needs more central spaces for artists to express themselves.

The experienced artist and owner of business,, said Brisbane City Council’s lack of acceptance for street art has seen many home-grown artists travel abroad to work.

He says the only way forward is for the council to provide legal walls for graffiti, that artists can paint over continuously to express themselves.


Cruise ship terminal to be completed by late 2019

Work has been scheduled to begin in early 2018 on Brisbane’s new $100 million cruise ship terminal to be completed in late 2019.

Trump condemns anti-semitic threats and more Zedlines

US President Donald Trump has publicly condemned anti-semitic incidents after numerous bomb threats were made against American Jewish community centres.

A number of centres were evacuated on Monday following the threats and a Jewish cemetery was heavily-vandalised in Missouri.

President Trump raised eyebrows last week after not publically condemning the threats, but spoke on Monday of his hopes of making the country less divided.

Bluetooth technology puts emergency vehicles first

Technology allowing emergency vehicles to change traffic lights in their favour has been introduced along 13 Brisbane roads.

Queensland to trial recycling remuneration scheme and more zedlines

Queenslanders may soon be reimbursed for recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans. (Image Source: Flickr)

Queenslanders may soon be reimbursed for recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

The Queensland government plans to introduce a container refund scheme in July 2018, where every bottle or can returned to a ‘reverse vending machine’ could prompt a refund of 10 cents.

A trial machine will be placed in George Street for three months from February 27, with initial donations going to charities.

Adele creates transport nightmare

UK sees rise in hate crimes following Brexit vote and more Zedlines

Figures collected by a British news agency have found an increase in hate crimes since the vote for Brexit back in June last year.

The number of hate crimes has risen from ten thousand, 10,793 during the July to September quarter in 2015, to 14,295 in the same quarter last year.

The report from by the Press Association said 33 out of UK’s 44 police forces had witnessed record numbers of such crimes.


Vigil for Dead Asylum Seeker in Planning

A vigil is being planned to mark the coronial inquest into Iranian asylum seeker Hamid Khazaei’s death.

A Better Brisbane for All

Brisbane City Council rejects petition for safer bicycle lanes. 4zzz speaks with Mitch Bright from Space4CyclingBNE about these and other public transport issues around Brisbane.

Newly discovered cave could contain ancient manuscripts and more Zedlines

For the first time in 60 years, archaeologists have discovered a cave believed to contain hidden Dead Sea Scrolls. (Image Source: Wikipedia)


Hundreds of Hebrew manuscripts were last found in eleven caves on the edge of the Dead Sea in the mid-20th century.


The 2000-year-old scrolls are the second oldest set of biblical texts ever discovered and are believed to have been created by a Jewish sect that lived in the area until 70AD.


Researchers from Israel’s Hebrew University say no scripts have been found yet, however, they have discovered shattered jars, similar to those that held scrolls in the other eleven caves.

LNP member resigns from Shadow Cabinet

Another Queensland rail fail and more Zedlines...

Queensland Rail is under fire again, after a Brisbane train was sent down the wrong line. (Image Source: Wikimedia)

Around 5.30pm last night, the Doomben Service was sent down the Ferny Grove line, making frustrated passengers disembark and turn back for the correct line.


This comes less than a week after the Strachan Rail Report, an inquiry into Brisbane’s recent train failures.



Brisbane man praised, after callout for using parent’s room


Brisbane locals are praising a dad who was shamed for feeding his daughter in a shopping centre’s parent’s room.


Carseldine residents out in force against state government 'lemon'

On Saturday, locals protested at an old university campus in Carseldine against the state government’s redevelopment plans, which include affordable housing for thousands of new residents. The protest ran from 9-10.30am and to hear what went down, 4ZZZ reporter Toby Crockford spoke to Ross McKinnon, chairman of the Save Our Carseldine management committee.

Another Hit For The Homeless and more Zedlines

Melbourne city council has voted to change a by-law allowing homeless people to sleep rough in the city by banning makeshift camps. (Image Credit: Wikimedia)

Melbourne city council has voted to change a by-law allowing homeless people to sleep rough in the city by banning makeshift camps.

The vote held in Melbourne's town hall on Tuesday was won five to four despite large public outcry.

The council has defended the amendment claiming their intentions are to ban camps around the city, not homelessness and will be subject to a 28 day public consultation period.


City Council denies cycling safely
Brisbane City Council has firmly rejected Space For Cycling in Brisbane’s latest petition

Brisbane Northside Traffic Set to Increase and more Zedlines

Traffic on the Northside of Brisbane could increase this Sunday as a $300,000 road upgrade begins on the Sunshine Coast. (Image Source: Flickr)

The project is part of the Palaszczuk government’s road maintenance program aiming to improve road safety in Queensland.

34 intersections on the coast are set to receive the upgrade, with the project focusing on increasing skid resistance on the roads.

Townsville Women and Girls to Receive Mentoring
Young women and girls in care in Townsville will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from female sporting stars as a $50,000 program is announced.