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NSW Ranked Worst State For Renewable Energy

NSW Ranked Worst State For Renewable Energy, Musicians Recieve Council Grant, Italian Coast Guard Rescues Over 5500 Refugees in 48 Hours and more Zedlines. (IMAGE: Wikimedia)

NSW Ranked worst state for renewable energy

NSW has been ranked as the worst state in Australia in terms of supplying renewable sources of electricity in a report by Australia's independent Climate Council.

In the report released this morning, the Climate Council says NSW’s proportion of renewable electricity fell from 7 to 6 percent in 2014, and the state has failed to take advantage of numerous opportunities for implementing sustainable energy programs

Barack Obama will visit Hiroshima - and more Zedlines

Barack Obama to visit Hiroshima, QLD Activists seek to renounce abuse law, Bookkeeper jailed for theft from Aboriginal organisations and more Zedlines (image: wikimedia commons)

Barack Obama to visit Hiroshima 

Barack Obama will be the first sitting United States President to visit Hiroshima since the atomic bomb was detonated in 1945. 

The White House has confirmed that the President will not apologize for the bombings, but will place a wreath at the peace monument, and is expected to use the occasion to make a speech about his hopes for a world free of nuclear weapons. 

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which were authorised by the US President Harry S. Truman in 1945, killed more than 220 000 people. 

Geothermal Energy - Do You know the Benefits and Costs?

by Eliot Rifkin
Geothermal Energy - Do You know the Benefits and Costs? 
Final part of a 6 part series on environmental impacts of the various renewable energies. We all want environmental friendly energy, however what are the hidden costs and benefits for consideration in the decision-making?

Two Brisbane hospitals among the least efficient in Australia, and more Zedlines

According to the National Health Performance Authority, Prince Charles Hospital and Logan Hospital both rated in the top 10 for most expensive care. [SOURCE:]

Cash Converters facing class-action lawsuit

Cash Converters faces a class-action lawsuit over claims they charged illegally high interest rates of over four hundred per cent per annum on short-term loans.

Class action Lawyer Miranda Nagy said the loan company introduced brokerage fees to circumvent an interest rate cap of forty-eight per cent, pushing borrowers into a spiral of debt.

Cash Converters said their lending has been undertaken in accordance with regulations.


Australian Police handling over 5,000 domestic violence cases a week and more zedlines

(Source: Wikicommons)

Migrant communities in Brisbane celebrate diversity through food

Migrant communities share their homeland cuisines to celebrate the diversity of Brisbane.

A Taste of Belonging will be the first event of its kind to be held in the river city with 11 different countries being represented.

Migrants from the Romero Centre shared their recipes with food group Wandering Cooks and the Alphabet Cafe, who will be in charge of serving up their homeland dishes on Friday night at the State LIbrary.

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Queensland students fight for fossil free universities

This week thousands of students and academics from around the country took action as part of the Flood The Campus campaign, which encourages climate change activists to demand their university’s stop investing in fossil fuels.

In Brisbane, both QUT and UQ campaign groups were involved.

To find out what action was taken at the universities, 4ZZZ reporter Toby Crockford, spoke with Katie Braid, co-coordinator of Fossil Free UQ, and Mark Thompson, Coordinator of Fossil Free QUT.

Coroner urges industry standard to protect workers from extreme temperatures and more Zedlines

Coroner John Hutton said the recent death of a constrcution worker highlights substantial deficiencies in the way heat stress is managed in heavy construction. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Labor says Ergon-Energex merger won't affect jobs

The Labor party has issued a statement assuring licenced electricians that their jobs are not in danger after plans for a new publicly funded energy business.

The government's plan to combine Ergon and Energex would start up a new, renewables-focused energy service.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said the new plan would not affect workers who rely on household electrical and solar work.


Coroner urges extreme temperature industry standard to protect workers

Hydro Energy - Do You know the Benefits and Costs?

by Eliot Rifkin
Part 4 of a 6 part series on environmental impacts of the various renewable energies. We all want environmental friendly energy, however what are the hidden costs and benefits for consideration in the decision-making?

Katter to ban Uber drivers in QLD - and more 9am Zedlines

KAP move to ban uber drivers, AG Brandis questions climate change science, Kabul suicide attack kills dozens and more 9am zedlines

QLD doctors unclear on end of life laws

A study has found Queensland doctors are unclear on end of life laws, particularly as they relate to a patient's capacity for decision making. 

Published in QUT Law Review, the study finds that only 11% of doctors interviewed were aware of both common law and legislation relating the to treatment of patients nearing the end of their lives.

The study calls for further education and a clearer definition of the laws, which are complex and deal with sensitive issues involving treatment of terminal patients. 

Palmer denies ‘shadow director’ role in Queensland Nickel, and more 10am Zedlines.

Palmer denies ‘shadow director’ role in Queensland Nickel, Greenpeace calls for election candidates to spell out plans for coal-free future, Associated Press wins Pulitzer Prize, and more 10am Zedlines. (Image: Wikicommons).

Palmer denies ‘shadow director’ role in Queensland Nickel

Federal MP and businessman Clive Palmer has denied any wrongdoing with mining company Queensland Nickel, saying that at no time did he ever take money from the firm’s coffers.

Mr Palmer says he is "not worried" about the Federal Government’s plans to force him and his companies to recover the liquidation costs, a bill of almost $74 million currently being footed by taxpayers.

The eccentric minister has lashed out at the Government, calling the campaign against him a political witch-hunt.