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Campaign against Adani shifts gear

A new campaign will visit Brisbane tonight in the latest iteration of the fight over Adani’s Carmichael coal project.

Brisbane is the first in a series of four stops for the #StopAdani Roadshow as it travels the east coast, after the Townsville leg of the tour was cancelled due to concerns around incoming Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne will also host events.

Plan to eliminate crocodile culling in Queensland and more Zedlines

A revised State Government Crocodile management plan aims to eliminate the need for culling by encouraging crocodiles to leave certain areas. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Environment Minister Steven Miles says the plan will better educate the public on the proper handling strategy for crocodile varieties across Queensland, and has denied any government support for a cull.

However, Shadow Environment Minister Christian Rowan says the revised plan presents no positive movement towards personal safety for North Queenslanders.

Decline in farmer confidence due to poor seasonal conditions

Queensland farmers are rapidly losing confidence after a tough weather season and easing commodity prices.

Australian students underperforming in maths and science and more Zedlines

New reports have found Australian students are falling behind global standards in their maths and science studies. (Image Source: Pixabay)

New reports have found Australian students are falling behind global standards in their maths and science studies.

The latest report from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority has found only 55 percent of Australian students are meeting proficiency standards in their science studies.

Last year's Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study Report shows that Australia’s comparatively poor international performance is largely down to socioeconomic status.

Continued measles outbreaks uncovered in Queensland

Ipswich police ward off ghost hunters and more zedlines

Authorities have issued a stern warning to amatuer ghostbusters, who feel the need to trespass at a former insane asylum. Source: Pixabay.

Ipswich Police are beefing up security at the former Goodna Asylum for the Insane as a response to the increase of a large number of groups trying to sneak into the facility.

Many resources and police man hours have been wasted chasing away groups of teens and wannabe ghost hunters from the facility, which is now a safe haven for those who are dealing with mental illness.

New $7.2 million police facility for Cairns

Hundreds of Public Servants Pedalling to Tower of Power

Over 1250 bicycle trips are made to 1 William Street each week by Queensland's public servants.

Under the iconic 41-story skyscraper at William Street, which houses over 5,000 government workers, roughly 250 bicycles are kept in an area that facilitates 600 bike racks, bike repair kits, lockers and showers.

Mick de Brenni, Minister for Public Works suggests cycling to work was a great initiative to maintain a healthy physical and mental wellbeing.

One Nation in the QLD election
The Labor party are looking for another landslide victory ahead of the Queensland election putting One Nation last in party preferences.

Free to charge or free of charge: update for renewables and more Zedlines

Elon Musk and Malcolm Turnbull have discussed renewable energy after a 100 day battery farm proposal by the former. Image source: Public Domain Pictures

The billionaire entrepreneur offered to solve South Australia’s electricity problem by building a Tesla battery farm in the state within 100 days, or it would be free of charge.

A spokesman from the PM’s office said the two had an “in-depth” discussion on storage and the future of electricity. This came after Mr. Musk spoke with South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill about fixing the state’s electricity problems.


Robot to aid QLD emergency team

Queensland Police have unveiled a new robot to aid service personnel.

Queensland womens' prisons severely overcrowded and more Zedlines

A recent study shows women’s prisons to be severely overcrowded. Image source:

Inmate numbers released to Australian Regional Media show Queensland Corrective Services are housing hundreds of additional offenders without creating extra facilities.

Brisbane Women’s Correctional Central is housing one hundred and twenty women above its legal capacity and Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre holds an extra forty women.

Queensland Correctional Services accommodated these women by placing a mattress on the floor next to the cell’s exposed toilet.

Nude Olympics to be held in Byron Bay

Queensland Rail push to hire more female employees and more Zedlines

Gender roles are being challenged in a push by Queensland Rail for more female recruitment after hiring four times their current rate of women. Image: Wikimedia

This new intake will see the current rate of female drivers grow from 4 to 6 percent, bringing Queensland Rail up to par with that of New South Wales.

Queensland Rail has introduced new mentoring programs, more flexible work hours and now showcases more women on social media in non-traditional roles in a bid to welcome new female employees.

Transport Minister Jackie Trad said the new female recruitment is proof “traditional barriers were being broken down.”

Measles outbreak hits Brisbane

Anthrax outbreak kills eighty cattle and more zedlines

An anthrax outbreak has contaminated soil on a Queensland grazing property, killing eighty cattle. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Chief biosecurity officer Dr Jim Thompson says orders have been put in place to restrict human, stock and vehicle movement around the infected property.

A vaccination program for the remaining cattle is also in the works, along with a decontamination and disposal program for the deceased animals.

Great Artesian Basin to be reviewed for irrigation plans

Management of the Great Artesian Basin is under review over potentially detrimental development plans to irrigate agriculture.

Land rights not mining rights: climate justice, native title, and Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network

Addressing Question Time last month on West Australia’s need for “reliable, accessible, and secure sources of energy,” Julie Bishop paused and chuckled, “do I stop?”

She didn’t. Instead, Bishop continued about the need for reliable baseload power in the state as chants echoed from the public gallery. “Land rights, not mining rights.”

These were people frustrated at the speed which new native title legislation was going through.