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70% of Mosul IDPs to return home

The Iraqi minister for immigration predicts that at least 70% of internally displaced persons from Mosul will be returning home by the end of this year.

Immigration minister Darbaz Mohammed says more than a quarter of the IDPs have already returned home, and is hopeful that there will be no more camps housing refugees by the end of the year. 

Mosul was declared liberated from ISIS this month, but Mohammed says they will consider it a victory when large numbers of refugees return home. 

Public Housing to cost $34 million

Over the past five years close to $34 million has been spent repairing Queensland public housing due to vandalism, damage and uncleanliness.

QLD targeting zero net emissions by 2050 and other Zedlines

The state government has voiced its plan to target zero net emissions in Queensland by 2050 (Image:Wikimedia).

Queensland is currently the heaviest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions when ranked against the other states and territories in Australia, releasing over 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions in 2015 alone.

Deputy Premier of Queensland Jackie Trad, insisted that the plan is vital in helping Australia meet its obligations under the Paris climate agreement.

New space for Brisbane creatives

NSW Greens support Lee Rhiannon and more Zedlines...

The New South Wales Greens are defending federal senator Lee Rhiannon, saying her suspension is unconstitutional.

The NSW state delegates council met on Saturday to vote in support of Rhiannon, after she was banished from the federal party room last month for opposing the Gonski 2.0 funding package.

The delegates have requested Rhiannon be “fully reinstated without restriction”, but the party’s federal arm says she will remain excluded until the NSW branch ends the practice of binding their MPs to vote a certain way.


LNP making promises for Brisbane as election approaches


100 days of protest in Venezuela and more Zedlines...

Supporters of the Venezuelan opposition today mark their 100th day of protest against the government they blame for political repression and economic turmoil in the country.

Many protests throughout the 100 days resulted in clashes between demonstrators and security forces, leading to over 90 deaths, hundreds of arrests, and thousands of injuries.

To mark the 100 days of protest, thousands gathered in an east Caracas square on Sunday to hear speeches from leaders and figures amongst the opposition.



New contract for retirement


A reform has been made to simplify retirement village contracts for existing and selling units fairer in Queensland.

Brisbane gets a taste of virtual reality and more Zedlines...

Brisbane fans of virtual reality are in for a treat, with the city’s first VR space potentially opening, pending approval from the Brisbane City Council.

Zero Latency, a free-roam virtual reality entertainment and training business, last week submitted a development application to open its first Brisbane site in Newstead, which will convert the current wholesale electrical business into a virtual reality space.

Zero Latency chief operating officer Kyle Smith said Brisbane’s younger population was the primary reason for the company to open its second Australian centre here, with a site already in Melbourne.

QLD doctors at risk of workplace bullying

Artificial Albatross nests? and more Zedlines...

Tasmanian scientists will be trialing the use of artificial nests this Spring in an attempt protect the shy albatross from extinction.

Conservationists are hoping the tactic will boost the population of the threatened seabird, which they believe is vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


Rachael Alderman who has been studying the birds since 2003 said the species is particularly vulnerable to rapid change.


The birds lay one egg each year, live for a long time, and have what scientists call a low reproductive outcome, because they form long-term monogamous pair bonds.


South Australia to have the world’s most expensive energy and more Zedlines

South Australia is due to become home to the most expensive electricity in the world. (Image: Max Pixel)

From July 1st Origin Energy, Energy Australia, and AGL are all due to increase costs from anywhere between 16 and 20 percent.

Bruce Mountain, the head of a private energy consultancy firm, claims that the increases will see South Australia overtake Denmark in having the world’s most expensive energy, and that the costs will greatly outweigh the value of electricity as a resource.

Jobs to enforce fishing compliance
The promises made by the Palaszczuk government to ensure top class fisheries management are being delivered.

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AGL Rejects Government Coal Plans and more Zedlines

Australia’s biggest Electricity company has rejected the Government’s coal-centred plans to combat the country’s energy crisis. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

AGL Chief Executive Andy Vesey says that renewable energy investments such as wind and solar power would be the most economic and environmentally viable plan.

Mr Vesey says that AGL do not believe that new coal plants are the lowest cost energy option.

Paul Tully to Run for Ipswich Mayor

Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully has confirmed he will run for Ipswich Mayor following the resignation and legal action against former Mayor Paul Pisasale.

Red hot and not so juicy tomato prices...and more Zedlines...

Cyclone Debbie can be blamed for the recent hike in tomato prices.

The cyclone tore through prime growing regions across Queensland, breaking the chain of several national suppliers of the fruit. 
Bowen Gumlu Growers Association president, Carl Walker, said not to worry, however, as over the next week or so, three big growers will be coming back online, so shelf price is expected to halve. 

Labour Party members sought to sanction Ipswich Mayor in 2012

New information has come to light, revealing Labor Party members in Ipswich sought to sanction then-mayor Paul Pisasale in 2012.

MP Rob Pyne questions integrity of Ipswich Councillors and other Zedlines...

Queensland MP Rob Pyne has tabled a document questioning the integrity of Ipswich councillors. (Image: Annette Dew)

The table lists a series of claims against former mayor Paul Pisasale, who resigned last week, along with other members of council.

Acting Ipswich Mayor Paul Tully has criticised the document, describing it as a personal attack on the councillors and their families.


Winchester Foundation Strengthens Rural Education

Success for The Winchester Foundation has seen the education of rural Queensland students flourish.

Widow Beryl Neilson established the Winchester Foundation in 2011, with 100 alumni and 156 current scholarship holders.