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Criminals selling fake dogs before Christmas and more Zedlines

Queensland Police are warning that scammers are using reputable trading websites, social media, and local newspapers to sell fake dogs in the lead up to Christmas.

The culprits are claiming they have recently moved interstate or overseas and are forcing buyers to pay for transport and medical expenses before the dogs can be delivered.

Police are urging Queenslanders not to trust an ad just because it appears in a legitimate newspaper or website, saying that if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

LNP electricity policy raises concerns about solar power

Thousands of regional apprentices are dropping out... and more Zedlines

Almost 2000 apprentices in regional Queensland have quit their training, as shown by figures from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research. (Image: Pexels)

Currently, the dropout rate for Brisbane and inner-regional areas like Toowoomba are at 5%, but that figure doubles to 10% as we move further away from the capital.

According to regional economic expert Mark McGovern, young people do not feel confident in their trades because of the lack of infrastructure projects, and a general depression in the rural economy.

Cyclist killed in head on collision

A cyclist has died outside an Indooroopilly school after a head on collision with a car this morning.

Medical breakthrough could be saviour for premature babies and more Zedlines

Medical professionals at the University of Sydney have made a breakthrough in the fight to lower premature baby mortality rates.

Doctors found waiting 60 seconds before clipping the umbilical cord of premature babies could reduce death rates by one third.

The delay is already in practice for full-term babies, being linked to helping babies to adapt to life outside the womb better.

Man claims bank altered documents to approve loan

A Queensland farmer claims his bank altered important documents to approve loans he should have never received.

New Zealand students hope university fees reduce and more zedlines

The New Zealand elections leaves university students hopeful that tertiary fees will be reduced under New Zealand prime-minister-elect Jacinda Ardern.

Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party campaigned heavily on education reforms,which includes a three year plan to phase in free tertiary education by the year 2024 and boost student allowance benefits.

Psychology and criminology student Jordan Butler says when he finishes his dual degree, he’ll be left with a $30,000 debt which he says will prohibit him from purchasing a house in the near future.

Pilot project could see recycled tires turned into roads and more zedlines...

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have been working on a pilot project that could see old tires being turned into permeable road surfaces.

Permeable pavements made from recycled tires is already a popular paving option, and is flexible, resilient, and reduce stormwater runoff and the subsequent waterway pollution.

While previously, permeable pavement was not able to be used for roads due to its inability to support heavy loads, researchers have developed a combination of tire particles, rock aggregates and binder that could support cars, trucks and buses.

Bioenergy - is it a renewable source of electricity or not?

Bioenergy sounds like a clean alternative to fossil fuels, but sometimes a name can be deceiving. This Wednesday environmental activists around the world marked an international day of action against bioenergy.

To find out more, 4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Peg Putt, CEO of Markets For Change.

Panama Papers journalist killed in car bombing and more Zedlines

A car bomb in Malta has killed the journalist who led the Panama Papers investigation into corruption outside her home on Monday afternoon.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, who has been described as a “one-woman WikiLeaks”, fell victim when her car was destroyed by a powerful explosion, blowing the vehicle into several pieces.

Ms Caruana Galizia often garnered more readers to her blog than the circulation of the country’s newspaper, with her latest findings connecting Malta’s prime minister and his two closest aides to offshore companies linked to the illegal sale of Maltese passports.

Queensland town will be first to harness geothermal energy and more Zedlines...

The outback township of Winton is the on the cusp of opening Australia’s largest geothermal energy plant.

Winton Council Chief executive Alan Rayment says the power plant is a way to help with Winton’s long-term sustainability and to help bring down power costs.

The energy plant will power the town’s main council buildings and in the future potentially the entire Winton community, saving up to $15 million in energy consumption.

The Winton geothermal plant is expected to receive a warm welcome from the rural community, with the funds saved from the power plant being directed towards other local priorities.

Raising awareness of poverty in Queensland

UQ students protest fossil fuel divestment +more Zedlines

Ten students are protesting at the Chancellor’s office of the University of Queensland, the student-run group Fossil Free UQ are protesting for UQ to vote on fossil fuel divestment. (Image credit: Fossil Free UQ)

Seven of the 22 members of the senate for UQ have conflicting interests in the fossil fuel industry, having ties with fossil fuel companies previously or currently.

The group have promised not to leave the office until UQ agree to vote at the senate meeting on Thursday the 12th of October.

“Lose the booze” this Ocsober and more zedlines...

Queenslanders are being urged to “lose the booze” and take part in Ocsober from this weekend. Image from Pexels.

The event, held annually throughout the month of October, aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian children who are victims of drug- and alcohol-related harm.

Organisers say they’re hoping to raise more than $500,000 this year.

To take part or donate head to

Poor fishing, vege prices and outdated grants: Cyclone Debbie aftermath continues

North Queensland producers and farmers are still struggling to find their feet after Cyclone Debbie struck the coast early this year.