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Concerns have been raised about Queensland’s health system after a mentally ill, female prisoner with a drug problem has been barred from having an abortion by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

The 33-year-old woman, who has a history of mental illness, drug use, and is hepatitis C positive, has applied for special consent to terminate an unwanted, high-risk twin pregnancy at 20 weeks.

The QCAT has ruled that the prisoner does not have the capacity to make complex decisions about all of her personal matters due to her mental illness, and the pregnancy is not risky enough to terminate.


Clive Palmer Allegations

Government-appointed liquidators who have been tasked with assessing Queensland Nickel have expressed concerns that Clive Palmer may be offloading asset as they are unable to determine the extent of his personal fortune.

New Regulations For Snorkelling and Diving in Queensland
Changes to snorkelling and diving regulations are being made in Queensland after 10 people died in the water between July and December last year.

As part of new safety measures, at-risk snorkelers will have to wear flotation devices at the Great Barrier Reef and other diving areas, as well as being made to wear a different coloured vest so they are easier to spot.

Tobacco filters break down into plant seeds instead of litter and other zedlines

Ex-advertising representatives from India have invented biodegradable cigarette filter tips that break down and plant seeds instead of creating litter (Image: Max Pixel).

Chetana and Ved Roy, say they came up with idea after quitting their jobs at a tobacco company when they discovered the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarette filter paper.

While being better for the environment, their handmade filters are 100 per cent organic, non-addictive and healthier for the smoker, as the filters are not using harmful chemical-infused papers.

QLD dossier reveals widespread corruption
Documents revealing sweeping corruption in various state councils have surfaced in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.

Environmental Protection Agency Outraged at Government and more Zedlines...

An association of businesses from Perth is outraged after a government report gave the all clear to four developers to build in a ‘buffer’ area.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s report looked at whether it was safe to build new housing in an area of Kwinana City which the Kwinana Industries Council said could lead to health issues for residents.

The report found that there would be no risk of health issues for people living in the new area, except for possible in the eastern zone which is closest to a bauxite disposal zone which would need further investigation.

Turtle curfew leaves holiday goers stranded on Greek Island and other Zedlines

Passengers flying on an EasyJet plane from Zante to London’s Gatwick Airport, were left stranded on the Greek Island for two days after a relief flight was cancelled, in order to protect the threatened turtle population (Image:Wikipedia).

The airline apologised to passengers, and blames the relief flight for not reaching the airport before the island’s night curfew.

The curfew was placed upon the island also known as Zakynthos, as loud noises and bright lights can disturb the endangered animals.

New housing development set to be built in Indooroopilly

A new housing development has been approved and is set to improve traffic congestion at one of Brisbane’s most popular shopping centers.

Putin expels 755 diplomatic staff and more Zedlines...

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to expel 755 American diplomats in retaliation to last week’s vote in Congress to develop sanctions.

Putin has demanded the Unites States cut hundreds of diplomatic staff and declared he would confiscate two US diplomatic properties after the US House of Representatives and the Senate passed new sanctions on Russia.

The sanctions were partially a response to conclusions by US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election, and to continue to punish Russia for its 2014 seizure of Crimea.

The 755 US diplomatic and technical staff must leave Russia by September 1.


Petition calls for Royal Commission into abuse of disabled people and more Zedlines

Jules Anderson, a disabled woman suffering from cerebral palsy, has created a petition on, calling on the Australian government to conduct a Royal Commission into the abuse of disabled people.

Ms Anderson alleges she was raped and sexually assaulted by her care worker and says fellow residents at her share accommodation house in Yooralla were as well, and many other people with disabilities have been sexually assaulted by staff in care homes.

Ms Anderson said previous complaints were made by other staff about her care worker, including reports of misconduct at other houses, but Yooralla management “did nothing” to protect her and other victims.

You can help by signing the petition at

Renewables to be main South Australian electricity source in next decade...and more Zedlines

Renewables and battery storage are set to replace gas as the main source of electricity in South Australia within eight years, according to industry experts.

A report by energy consultancy group Wood Mackenzie says South Australia’s energy transition has the potential to be a “leading case study on managing a power system in transition for other mature markets to follow”, and predicts battery prices will fall by 50% by 2025.

It comes as the South Australian government proceeds with plans to build its own gas generator, as well as AGL’s plans to build a new gas power station to replace part of its current ageing gas facilities.

Bus strike to cause road chaos

Trump an "emotionally unstable innovator" and more Zedlines...

A study led by the Queensland University of Technology has analysed the tweets of industry and world leaders to understand their online personality profiles.

The study used machine learning and other computer science to analyse over 200,000 words used on the Twitter accounts of over 100 entrepreneurs and CEOs, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump to analyse their characteristic language styles, contents and patterns.

The research suggests CEOs are more conscientious, more power driven and less insecure, in comparison to entrepreneurs, who demonstrated higher levels of openness to new experiences and independence.

Households in South Australia Could Expect a Cheaper Power Bill and more Zedlines

The South Australian Government is currently planning to offer a new energy discount for more than one hundred and eighty-thousand low-income households in South Australia that currently receive energy concessions. (Image source: Flickr)

Social Inclusion Minister Zoe Bettison says tenants of public housing and community housing, the elderly and those with disabilities or medical conditions are the main people likely to benefit from this discount offer.

The South Australian Government plans to have this deal underway by October.