Government Accuses Labor of Conspiracy with New Zealand and more Zedlines

Leader of the House, Christopher Pyne has accused Labor of being involved in a conspiracy with New Zealand to bring down the Australian government.

These claims come after a member of the New Zealand Labour Party revealed that the Australian Labour Party inquired about dual citizens in the parliament, leading New Zealand to reveal Barnaby Joyce’s citizenship status.

Malcolm Turnbull supported Pyne’s claims saying that “Bill Shorten wants to steal government by entering a conspiracy with a foreign power”.

It is expected that the government will now investigate Labor for dual citizens.


QUT Discrimination Case Returns to Court

Clive Palmer Allegations

Government-appointed liquidators who have been tasked with assessing Queensland Nickel have expressed concerns that Clive Palmer may be offloading asset as they are unable to determine the extent of his personal fortune.

New Regulations For Snorkelling and Diving in Queensland
Changes to snorkelling and diving regulations are being made in Queensland after 10 people died in the water between July and December last year.

As part of new safety measures, at-risk snorkelers will have to wear flotation devices at the Great Barrier Reef and other diving areas, as well as being made to wear a different coloured vest so they are easier to spot.

Turnbull Claims Joyce is Still Eligible for Parliament and more Zedlines

Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus claims that Malcolm Turnbull has come “perilously close” to demanding the high court rule that deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce is still eligible to serve in parliament.

It was revealed yesterday that Barnaby Joyce is a dual citizen of New Zealand, as his father was born there.

Malcolm Turnbull claimed that Joyce is “qualified to sit in the house and the High Court will so hold” despite Labor claiming he should resign, while the Greens maintain that an audit of citizenship should be completed.


QR Offers Free Transport for a Week

Marriage equality vote could be vulnerable to voter fraud...and more Zedlines

(Image source: Australian Bureau of Statistics experts are warning the marriage equality postal survey is vulnerable to voter fraud because Australians will not be given individual identifiers.

The idea of a secret vote could be contradicted if ballots include personal identifiers, as the ABS would be able to match voters opinions on same-sex marriage with other personal information.

Despite this implication, former ABS chief, Bill McLennan, is warning if voters are not sent an individual identifier, the ABS will struggle to determine who has voted, creating opportunity for voter fraud to occur.

Bear Takes Joyride in Colorado

A black bear in Durango, Colorado took a joyride in a Subaru SUV before crashing the vehicle at the bottom of a hill beyond the owner’s driveway.

Treaty Discussions at Garma Festival
Despite the efforts of Indigenous leaders to create positive progression through Garma Festival Indigenous youth are still longing for the opportunity to have their say in Federal Parliament.

This year, Garma’s annual celebration of traditional culture has generated discussions around putting an end to the fight for constitutional change in order to allow the next generation to focus on other problems.

Dissatisfied Indigenous Australians are now calling for a treaty and a body in Parliament.

Waste Traders Dumping New South Wales Trash in Queensland

Organised waste traders are dodging New South Wales tariffs by dumping waste across the border in Queensland.

A Four Corners report found an organised network are illegally dumping rubbish across the country, sparking concerns for the health of locals.

It claimed that regulators and the government are aware of this issue, but have still failed to act.


Education Boss Accused of Nepotism

Former education boss Glen Arnold Hoppner has pleaded not guilty to charges of misconduct after allegedly using his powers to secure a job for a friend of the department’s director general.

Community in far north QLD wants alcohol ban lifted to combat deadly homebrew

The far north Queensland community of Mornington Island is calling for the state government to lift the ban on alcohol to fight the current homebrew epidemic.

Introduced in 2009, Mornington Island is one of the 19 communities under the state government’s Alcohol Management Plan, and has since seen a severe rise in homebrewed alcohol.

The homebrew epidemic is cause for serious concern as Mornington Island resident’s health is being impacted and children as young as 12 are making their own brew.

Syrian ceasefire zone extended...and more Zedlines

A fourth “de-escalation zone” has been established in Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry’s spokesperson says.

Russia has been an ally to Syrian Armed Forces and National Defence Forces since the Civil War started in 2011.

Spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday on Russian TV that the ministry and Syria’s opposition agreed on a ceasefire starting Thursday afternoon in the new zone north of the city of Homs, which is located about 162 kilometres north of Damascus.

About 150 000 people live in the area.

Mental illness biggest risk for homelessness

As Royal Commission recommendations approach, an Alice Springs group calls to "shut youth prisons"

It has been just over one year since the ABC’s Four Corners report into youth detention sparked the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory. In September, its recommendations will be handed down.

The end of September will also mark the anniversary of Wayne Fella Morrison’s death in custody last year, along with the 1983 death of John Pat in Roebourne.

North Qld police cars featuring indigenous art hope to end youth crime

Queensland Police Service has introduced two patrol cars featuring Indigenous art to their northern region fleet, in an effort to start conversations to end youth crime (Image: Pixabay).

The cars are an initiative of the Townsville Stronger Communities Action Group (TSCAG), in response to high youth crime rates in the region and the over-representation of Indigenous youths in the justice system.

TSAG project leader Sam Reuben, says the vehicles are an expression of goodwill by police, with the goal of forming a whole-of-community approach to fighting youth crime culture.