Free sanitary products for school girls in Kenya and more zedlines

Kenyan schoolgirls will have access to free sanitary pads thanks to a new government initiative. Picture source: Wikimedia commons

It is hoped the move will improve female access to education in the sub-saharan country, as girls are far more likely to drop out because they often miss out on up to 20% of the school year due to the fact many don’t attend school during menstruation.  

The change was signed into law by President Uhuru Kenyatta  through an amendment to the country’s education act, and also requires schools to provide safe and environmentally sound mechanisms for disposal.

Queensland prisoners learning trade while behind bars

Red hot and not so juicy tomato prices...and more Zedlines...

Cyclone Debbie can be blamed for the recent hike in tomato prices.

The cyclone tore through prime growing regions across Queensland, breaking the chain of several national suppliers of the fruit. 
Bowen Gumlu Growers Association president, Carl Walker, said not to worry, however, as over the next week or so, three big growers will be coming back online, so shelf price is expected to halve. 

Labour Party members sought to sanction Ipswich Mayor in 2012

New information has come to light, revealing Labor Party members in Ipswich sought to sanction then-mayor Paul Pisasale in 2012.

MP Rob Pyne questions integrity of Ipswich Councillors and other Zedlines...

Queensland MP Rob Pyne has tabled a document questioning the integrity of Ipswich councillors. (Image: Annette Dew)

The table lists a series of claims against former mayor Paul Pisasale, who resigned last week, along with other members of council.

Acting Ipswich Mayor Paul Tully has criticised the document, describing it as a personal attack on the councillors and their families.


Winchester Foundation Strengthens Rural Education

Success for The Winchester Foundation has seen the education of rural Queensland students flourish.

Widow Beryl Neilson established the Winchester Foundation in 2011, with 100 alumni and 156 current scholarship holders.

Rehabilitation Centre Proposal and more Zedlines...

Former head of Queensland Corrective Services Keith Hamburger has proposed that the State Government set up remote healing centres instead of sending indigenous drug offenders to jail. (Image Source: Wikimedia)

The proposal would see the centres staffed and run by the indigenous community and would have a focus on dealing with underlying social issues in order to rehabilitate.

Mr Hamburger says that secure cell accommodation is only necessary for serious offenders and that a therapeutic community approach would be more successful for minor offences.

A funding proposal is currently being considered by the State Government.


Education Appeal for Queensland

Girls breaking stereotypes and gender norms and more Zedlines...

An unlikely music trio has emerged from conservative West Java in the form of three young Muslim schoolgirls who have formed their own thrash metal band known as VoB.- which means ‘noisy’ in their native Sudanese.

Their frontwoman Firddia Kurnia said the group takes inspiration from classics such as Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine and Lamb of God.

The group have since won fame throughout the country and skipped school to travel four hours to the capital to play live on national television.

It was their music teacher turned manager, Erza Satia, who introduced the girls to metal and hopes to continue guiding them to success.


Midwife Abuse

New telecommunication and social media legislation and more Zedlines...

The Turnbull government is looking towards legislation that would give more power to authorities to compel social media and telecommunication companies to give access to user data.

Attorney-General George Brandis says existing legislation does not go far enough to impose obligations of cooperation on companies to assist government agencies with counter-terrorism measures.

Brandis referred to the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act which allows authorities to issue a technical capabilities notice which imposes upon them a greater obligation to work with authorities.


Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Allegations of Iraq chemical attack against ISIS and more Zedlines...

Allegations have arisen that Iraqi forces have used white phosphorus against areas held by Daesh.

A Kurdish video crew was filming on Saturday and caught footage of what looked to be white phosphorus streaming down from the sky.

The Iraqi military quickly released a media statement threatening action against any publication who published the footage.

White phosphorus burns skin terribly and requires senior military official approvement before being used.

The allegations concern human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who continue to investigate the claims.


Scottish church allows gay marriage

Same sex couples will now be allowed to marry in selected churches across Scotland, after religious authorities voted to alter texts stating marriage as between a man and a woman, the first such move for a major Christian church in Britain.

Over two-thirds of the general synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church, including bishops, clergy and laity, voted in favour of the change, opening the way for same sex couples to marry in Anglican Churches across Scotland.

David Chillingworth, head of the Scottish Episcopal Church, said though the decision is a monumental step, it is not unanimous, and no member of the clergy would be made to preside over same-sex weddings against their will.

Same sex marriage has been legal in Britain since 2014 but churches have not since permitted same sex weddings.

Perth Group Feed the Homeless and more Zedlines

Food Rescue's small army of volunteers is helping more than 11,000 people secure a meal each week, just by rescuing food destined for landfill.

Food Rescue's Julie Broad says "It makes no sense for the big supermarkets to throw their food out, they should pass over the food that is still edible so that we can pass on to the charities.

Allan Barry that receives this food comments, "As soon as you've got a full stomach it can change your whole mindset from being depressed to being happy."


Frozen Berries are in the Spotlight

Thousands Across Australia Celebrate Mabo Day

Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking land rights case which overturned 200 years of common law stating Australia belonged to nobody when European settlers arrived.

Eddie Mabo dedicated his life to winning the land rights to his and his ancestor’s home of Murray island, and yesterday, thousands joined his family to commemorate the historic victory.


Black Lung is Back​

A new parliamentary committee report released yesterday revealed that over 800 miners in Queensland could be diagnosed with black lung. The disease is caused by coal dust entering the lungs and they slowly deteriorate over time.