Same-sex couple to wed before Christmas and more Zedlines...

Two Melbourne women have been granted legal permission to wed before Christmas, sooner than the expected date same-sex couples could marry.

Stephanie Dybal and Megan Stapleton, who have been together for more than five years, planned their non-binding wedding for the twenty-first of December.


As the couple planned their wedding months before the same-sex marriage postal vote, they were granted legal approval to wed before the usual mandatory four-week waiting period for signed legislation to come into effect.


Victorian MP wants to tax churchs’ commercial enterprises and more Zedlines...

Commercial-oriented enterprises owned by religious organizations should not be exempt from state taxes, says a Victorian MP. [Image: Wikipedia]

Fiona Patten, MP for Victoria’s Reason Party, aims to amend the Charities Act to ensure only organizations dealing with exclusively charitable works are eligible for tax exemptions.


However, the Victorian Government is not planning to amend the current Charities Act.


Religious freedom review representative wants limited Sharia Law in Australia

A Turnbull government appointed academic is arguing that recognizing religious freedom in Australia should include a right to practise a limited form of Sharia Law.


NAPLAN study suggests those children with poorly educated parents are being left behind... and other Zedlines.

Analysis of the latest NAPLAN results has suggested that proportion of students reaching the national minimum standards is either flatlining or declining.

Former Productivity Commission economist and convenor of public education lobby group Save Our Schools, Trevor Cobbold, said the scores also provided a snapshot of entrenched disadvantage in the school system.

Students whose parents had higher levels of education scored higher across the board, with children of parents who hold a bachelor degree or higher having the highest mean scale scores.


Taiwanese man jailed over Brisbane ice bust.

Curfew imposed by Honduras government and more Zedlines

A delay in the release of election results has lead to a ten day curfew imposed by the Honduras government. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Protests  erupted in the capital of Tegucigalpa after President Juan Orlando Hernandez pulled ahead in the polls, indicating possible re-election.  


Reports claim that two people have been killed so far, with tear gas and live rounds being fired amongst protestors.



Federal election results face further delay 

Results for Queensland election are still undecided, with only 8 seats being officially called by the electoral commision.


Nuclear power station proposal in Ipswich and more Zedlines

The chairman of the board at SMR nuclear technology is proposing to open Australia's first Nuclear power station in Ipswich. Image Source: Creative Commons/Benita5

Chairman, Robert Pritchard, says he aims to set up meetings for interested investors and community members, and aims to have the plant open by 2030.

Federal member for the area, Shayne Neumann, remains skeptical of the idea, promoting renewable energy as an alternative.


Accessability a big issue for voters

In the wake of the Queensland election, concerns are being raised about accessibility for disabled voters.


Alice Springs action group still waiting for NT Royal Commission report

The final report of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory was tabled in Parliament on November 17 after multiple delays.

Emmanuel College Scandal

Last week students from the University of Queensland’s residential hall Emmanuel College released their 2017 Student's Club yearbook. Many were horrified to discover that students had used shocking language and comments such as “consent is nothing” and “I’d rather choke her to sleep than talk her to sleep”. This comes only 3 months after the Human Rights Commission released a report that revealed that 51% of university students were sexually assaulted or harassed in 2016.

Nearly 1 in 4 teens meet criteria for 'probable serious mental illness': Mission Australia report

Experts argue Australia is not providing the support needed for mental health as young people go through adolescence. Image source: Pixabay

A Mission Australia Report is raising concerns, showing that schools are struggling to cope with a sharp increase in anxiety, depression and self harm among students.

Senior psychologist Beth Matters says cyber bullying and stress, particularly regarding exams, were a major concern for students.

The Report found nearly one in four teenagers meet the criteria for having a “probable serious mental illness”.



Adani protests Continue.

Concerns over toxic landfill in East Timor and more Zedlines

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's unregulated Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili. (Image source: UN Photo/Martine Perret)

Children exposed to toxic conditions in East Timor 

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili.

The unregulated dumping ground has been named an environmental and public catastrophe, and is home to lethal substances such as asbestos and untreated hospital waste. 

According to the World Health Organisation, "about 100 tonnes of hazadous wastes are produced every year in Dili from healthcare activities alone". 


Australians feel Turnbull is not doing enough for kids in prison

The majority of Australians feel the Turnbull Government isn’t doing enough to protect children from abuse in the prison system, an Amnesty International poll has found. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The poll was commissioned ahead of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT, showing only one out of three felt the Federal Government is doing enough.

77 per cent of respondents said independent inspectors should have full access to monitor and report abuse in children’s prisons.

The Turnbull Government claimed youth crime and justice is a state issue, not federal.


Queensland dairy farmers potential pay rise