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Documents uploaded to the CIA’s website reveal more about Brisbane’s history and more Zedlines

Nine hundred and thirty, thousand documents have been uploaded to the CIA’s website and made public. (Image source: Light horse walers WWII - Wikipedia)

The documents shed new light on the 1942 battle of Brisbane, and the tensions between US and Australian troops throughout World War Two (WWII).

More revelations from the documents come from Chicago Sun war correspondent J Edward Angly, who speculated on communist activity in Australian governments and reported on growing racial tensions in Australia.

The twelve million pages of formerly private information come after Barack Obama’s 2009 executive order that automatically declassified non-exempt documents after twenty-five years.


Leopard shark switches to asexual reproduction and more Zedlines

The shark hatched three eggs in April last year, despite being isolated from male sharks since 2013. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

A leopard shark in a Townsville aquarium has shocked scientists by being the first in the world to give birth without a male, after previously mating in the typical way.

The shark hatched three eggs in April last year, despite being isolated from male sharks since 2013. 

The breakthrough research, now published in Scientific Reports, confirms no male sperm was involved in the eggs' fertilisation. The process is called parthenogenesis, meaning virgin creation in Greek.

Brisbane the most affordable city for private schooling and more Zedlines

Brisbane is the most affordable city when it comes to private schools according to new research. (image: wikimedia)

The Planning for Education Index released by The Australian Scholarship Group has forecasted the cost of private education for a child born in 2017 to be $372,037 - 24% below the national average.

Comparatively, Brisbane is the third most expensive city, behind Melbourne and Sydney, for public schooling, with the average cost being $60,135.


New construction proposals made to state government

Building Queensland is asking the state government to consider starting a host of new construction projects.

10 year Queensland public housing plan to encourage children to earn and learn, and more Zedlines

Queensland Government pledges to focus on supporting children in public housing to continue earning or learning. Source: sourceable

The Palaszczuk Government is looking to break down barriers which stop children in public housing from earning or learning when they finish school.

Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick De Brenni said the upcoming 10 year strategy will focus on ending intergenerational dependency on welfare by encouraging young people to study or work ... without penalising their parents.

He said some parts of the public housing system act as a disincentive for young people to get out into the workforce by doubling their parents rent if the children begin full time work.


Japanese whalers caught in Australian waters, and more Zedlines

Japanese whaling vessel scrambles to cover up dead minke whale body in Australian Whale Sanctuary. Image source: Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd said it caught a Japanese whaling vessel in Australian waters with a dead minke whale on its deck.

A Sea Shepherd helicopter spotted the vessel in the Australian Whale Sanctuary on Sunday morning with two harpoon ships nearby - they said the Japanese crew quickly covered the protected whales body and the harpoons.

STI rates burning as cases spike, and more Zedlines...

Queensland STI cases spike, according to Queensland Health. (Image Source: JISC)

STIs on the rise

The amount of Queenslanders with sexually transmitted diseases is significantly higher according to Queensland Health, with cases of gonorrhoea increasing by 32% in 2016.

Figures show STIs have increased by 10% in the last year.

Dr Wendell Rosevear, who runs a Brisbane-based medical centre that specialises in sexual health, said a change in dating culture may be behind the spike in cases.

Dr Rosevear said the new ways people connect over the internet for ‘instant sex’ allows people to have multiple partners in a day.


Feeling hot? There's a heatwave.

Southern Queenslanders are set to swelter, as a heat-wave moves through, breaking records in its path.

Brisbane will reach a top of 34 degrees, five above the daily average for this time of year.

Acting health minister Stirling Hinchliffe urged residents to stay hydrated, saying if your urine is dark it’s best to increase your fluid intake, to best keep yourself safe. 

One Nation looks to Queensland election 

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is expected to announce a “game changing” shake-up to state politics today in the lead-up to the next election.

Dutch trains are now 100% wind powered and more Zedlines

100% of Dutch trains are now run solely by wind energy following the creation of additional wind farms. (Image Source: Wikimedia)

The Netherlands had previously been relying on gas-powered plants and borrowing energy from neighbouring countries but now have the resources to maintain its train network independently.

The achievement made last week marks the attainment of their transitionary goal a year ahead of schedule.

The construction of new wind farms and assistance from Dutch train company industry leader, NS, means that all Netherland locomotives are now electric.

Westpac petitioned to not fund Adani mine

NSW Health issue air pollution warning and more Zedlines

New South Wales Health has issued a warning for Sydney residents as toxic gas lingers over the city.(image: Flickr; Tony Rodd)

The current air quality is rated as ‘poor’ and health authorities are warning people with respiratory conditions such as asthma to take extra caution.

The conditions are being attributed to a combination of hot, still weather and heavy pollution is being blamed for an excess of harmful gases known as ozone in Western suburbs.


Federal government to sue prawn farmer after virus outbreak

Greens call for parliamentary entitlements overhaul and more Zedlines

Greens Leader and Senator Richard Di Natale is calling for an overhaul of the parliamentary entitlements system.(image: Flicker; Kate Ausburn)

Senator Di Natale joins other minor party politicians calling for the system to be reformed after federal Health Minister Sussan Ley stood aside amid investigations into her expenses.

Specifically, the Senator wants to introduce a national anti-corruption watchdog which will audit entitlements and provide expenses advice to politicians.


Central Queenslanders defy government over ADF land expansion