Arthur Gorrie prison staff return to work with concerns unanswered

Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre staff involved in a dispute with their employer, Queensland government contracted prison operator GEO, have been allowed back to work this week following industrial action over the weekend.

GEO escalated action against workers with a lockout of 48 staff on Saturday, after 42 were denied entry to the prison and pay on Friday.

Camel escapes from NT Circus

Northern Territory police have been led on a wild camel chase after the runaway animal escaped from a local Circus.

The camel put peak hour traffic at a standstill while it proceeded to evade recapture by circus workers and police.

It was eventually restrained on the ninth green of a golf course, not quite making it to the bar.

Construction on New England Highway begins

Construction has begun on new overtaking lanes on the New England Highway between Yarraman and Toowoomba.

The seven million dollar project will add an extra 1.3 kilometers of road and provide motorists more opportunities f to overtake safely.

Australian dockers support Indonesian friends... again

This morning transport workers and supporters in Brisbane were picketing a business breakfast where an Indonesian politician was the special guest. They did it in support of Indonesian dockworkers currently on strike.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine was there speaking to Katie Hepworth from the International Transport Federation about the past and present of solidarity with Indonesia on Australian wharves.

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Brisbane buses get pimped, and more Zedlines....

A slate of changes is set to hit new Brisbane buses, including USB phone charging ports. Image source: Flickr

The Brisbane City Council 2017 - 2018 budget has proposed over $30 million towards 60 new buses this financial year, to replace the 50 buses expected to retire.

Public transport boss, Adrian Schrinner, said in addition to the charging ports, the new buses will have three-dual doors, to allow more passengers to disembark and board simultaneously, reducing travel times along certain routes.


Mark Bailey’s email account debacle

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey has come under fire, following a report forwarded to the state corruption watchdog.

Abbott Calls Shorten “Favourite” to Win Next Federal Election

Tony Abbott has revealed he believes Bill Shorten is the favourite to win the next federal election, stating that the UK election was an example of how voters treat complacent governments.

Brisbane Man Wins OAM for Model Trains
Brisbane man Neil MacKenzie has won a Medal of the Order of Australia for his handmade model steam trains and his service to the community.

MacKenzie has been making the trains for 30 years and he charges children to ride them at his model railway club in Bracken Ridge before donating the proceeds to charity.

The trains can take up to 5 years to make and 90-year-old MacKenzie says he has no plans to retire.

Girls breaking stereotypes and gender norms and more Zedlines...

An unlikely music trio has emerged from conservative West Java in the form of three young Muslim schoolgirls who have formed their own thrash metal band known as VoB.- which means ‘noisy’ in their native Sudanese.

Their frontwoman Firddia Kurnia said the group takes inspiration from classics such as Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine and Lamb of God.

The group have since won fame throughout the country and skipped school to travel four hours to the capital to play live on national television.

It was their music teacher turned manager, Erza Satia, who introduced the girls to metal and hopes to continue guiding them to success.


Midwife Abuse

Allegations of Iraq chemical attack against ISIS and more Zedlines...

Allegations have arisen that Iraqi forces have used white phosphorus against areas held by Daesh.

A Kurdish video crew was filming on Saturday and caught footage of what looked to be white phosphorus streaming down from the sky.

The Iraqi military quickly released a media statement threatening action against any publication who published the footage.

White phosphorus burns skin terribly and requires senior military official approvement before being used.

The allegations concern human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who continue to investigate the claims.


Zookeeper Killed in the United Kingdom and more Zedlines

A Tiger has killed a zookeeper in a ‘freak accident’ at a zoo in the United Kingdom. (image source: Pexels)

The wild animal attacked the keeper inside its enclosure on Monday morning local time.

The zoo is now conducting a full investigation, and say the tiger never escaped its enclosure.

Black lung Disease making a comeback
A parliamentary committee has found at least 21 coal miners in Queensland have been diagnosed with coal workers' pneumoconiosis, or black lung, a disease caused by long-term exposure to coal dust.

The disease was thought to have been eradicated in the 1980s, but the committee has found incidences have instead gone unreported.

A call to action for women's health and more Zedlines

The International Day of Action for Women’s Health advocates women’s rights and promotes the sexual and reproductive health movement worldwide.

This year’s campaign highlighted the extreme consequences resulting from a narrow approach to women’s health.

The institutional violence was accepted and enforced by the State through the denial of sexual and reproductive health services and rights.


150 gather in Brisbane in support of Australia’s peacekeepers.

About one-hundred-and-fifty people gather in Brisbane City for a march to mark the 70th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in international peacekeeping missions.

Asylum seekers drown off Libyan coast and more Zedlines

At least 20 dead bodies have been spotted in the sea off the Libyan coast after 200 people fell into the water, amongst them asylum seekers and toddlers. [Image source: Flickr]

The coast guard called in vessels to help with the rescue, after which about 1700 people were saved.

More than 1300 asylum seekers fleeing Africa and the Middle East have died in the Mediterranean sea this year.

Surfer saves man’s life

Surf Living Saving Queensland are praising a surfer who pulled an unconscious boardrider onto his surfboard and performed CPR, saving the man’s life.