Greens: taxpayers should fund international expansions of media organisations...and more zedlines

Image credit: Wikimedia The Greens have accused the Turnbull government of double standards, saying Australian taxpayers should subsidise the expansion of multinational media companies by extending a new fund for regional media outlets to the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian.

As part of the media ownership reforms, a $60 million fund has been promised to boost independent and regional publishers and young rural journalists.

Currently, the program is restricted for Australian run outlets with a turnover of between $300 thousand and $30 million a year.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young says that journalists investing in Australian journalism, regardless of the country the outlet is from, deserve backing as much as anyone else.

School urges community to vote no in SSM survey

Asylum seekers face detention in PNG and more zedlines...

Asylum seekers in Manus Island detention centre may face indefinite detention in Papua New Guinea. Photo from Flickr.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said approximately 200 men, who have been found "not to be refugees", will be moved to an alternative detention centre.

This comes after the PNG Supreme Court ruled to close the detention centre, stating it is against the country’s constitution.

The detention centre is due to close on October 31st.

Chermside building fire

Residents of a Chermside building were forced to evacuate overnight due to a fire in one of its units.

Flames first broke out on Thursday afternoon and were extinguished.

Violent attack highlights safety issues for bus drivers

Debate surrounding bus driver safety has been reignited as a Brisbane Bus driver is being treated for injuries after being attacked by a passenger on Saturday evening.

A young male entered an argument with the bus driver after being asked if he had a concession card, the boy then headbutted the driver, forcing the driver to be taken to hospital for facial injuries.

The incident comes just days after a report was released on bus driver safety and the vulnerabilities of the job and continues the push for further safety on busses including more security officers and protective screens. 


Brisbane’s hidden secret

Why Brisbane bus drivers have been offering "fare free days"

Brisbane commuters may have noticed over the past three days bus drivers have been refusing to take fares. These "fare free days" are part of a campaign of industrial action being taken as the bus drivers negotiate a new agreement with the council.

4ZZZ reporter Andy Paine spoke to Tom Brown from the Rail Bus and Tram Union about what conditions the drivers are seeking and whether we can expect more actions like this.

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Bus driver salaries revealed...and more Zedlines

As bus drivers continue to refuse collecting fares today as a result of ongoing disputes regarding enterprise bargaining agreement negotiations, the average salary has been revealed.

Council public transport chairman Adrian Schrinner says Brisbane’s bus drivers were the second best paid in Australia with wages ranging between $40 000 to $102 000, with the average wage just over $68 000, higher than the national average.

According to latest ATO data, the average salary is close to $53 000 for a male bus driver and just over $44 000 for a female driver.

Tobacco filters break down into plant seeds instead of litter and other zedlines

Ex-advertising representatives from India have invented biodegradable cigarette filter tips that break down and plant seeds instead of creating litter (Image: Max Pixel).

Chetana and Ved Roy, say they came up with idea after quitting their jobs at a tobacco company when they discovered the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarette filter paper.

While being better for the environment, their handmade filters are 100 per cent organic, non-addictive and healthier for the smoker, as the filters are not using harmful chemical-infused papers.

QLD dossier reveals widespread corruption
Documents revealing sweeping corruption in various state councils have surfaced in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.

Brisbane City Council Workers Plan More Strikes

Brisbane bus drivers will not collect fares between Wednesday and Friday this week, and more Brisbane council workers are planning strikes.

Cleaning and administration services in Brisbane will be affected as the Services Union, Professionals Australia, Electrical Trade Union and Australian Workers Union strike with Transport Workers as disagreements over an enterprise bargaining agreement continue.

The strikes mean that many public areas in Brisbane will not be cleaned and staff are refusing to answer emails and file paperwork until the council meets their demands.

Dutton urges members to keep same sex marriage comments on the down low...and more Zedlines

Peter Dutton is urging members of parliament to keep comments surrounding the same-sex marriage debate to the party room.

The immigration minister is also calling on national party member, Andrew Broad not to leave the party following his threat to resign to the cross benches if the government’s promise to hold a plebiscite was broken.

Marriage equality is currently in the forefront of politics after Liberal senator Dean Smith flagged his bill to reform the Marriage Act, sparking debate over whether the Coalition MPs should have a conscience vote on the matter.

Council Crack Down on Interference with Feral Cats

Police and local council are cracking down on Brisbane locals who feed feral cats.

Pisasale Investigations Continue
The chauffeur of former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale has alleged Pisasale used his mayoral car privileges to visit brothels and backstreet massage parlours.

The Crime and Corruption Commission has interviewed current and former staff while investigating these claims, as well as a range of other allegations.

Pisasale has also been accused of abusing his powers, misusing council resources and visiting locations associated with illegal prostitution.

Duterte Claims Critics ‘Trivialising’ War on Drugs

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte claimed critics are ‘trivialising’ his war on drugs campaign at his first annual state of the nation address.

He defended instating martial law, stating that while he valued human life, he needed to crackdown on drug dealers, referring to them as “beasts and vultures,” and claiming they were preying on helpless people.

Several thousand protesters gathered outside the venue as Duterte gave his address on Monday, however Duterte argued his detractors should join the fight against drugs.

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