New population of rare tigers found in Thailand and more Zedlines

A new population of the critically endangered Indochinese tiger has been discovered in a national park in eastern Thailand. [Image source: Wikimedia Commons]

A small population with at least six cubs were found in the jungle, the second known breeding Indochinese tiger population.

Tiger populations in the wild have dwindled from 100,000 a century ago to 3,900 today, but this is slowly on the rise.

Council withholds support from Brisbane smoking ban

The Brisbane City Council has refused to support a King George Square smoking ban, despite a 35-signature petition.

Vanuatu workers exploited and more Zedlines

Worker exploitation has been discovered among the Australian government low-skilled workers program across Queensland.

It has been revealed 22 Vanuatu men, working in Australia’s horticulture sector have been exploited, with one man only receiving a total of $150 for 6 months of labour, while up to 13 men received no compensation at all.

This treatment reinforces the concerns many had with the work program, fearing it would mimic the practice of ‘blackbirding’ when 62,000 Pacific Islander people were forced into slavery during the 19th century.

Cyclone Debbie hits the Queensland coast and more Zedlines

Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie’s destructive winds are beginning to be felt on Queensland’s north coast. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Whitsunday Islands are currently being lashed by gale force winds cutting power, snapping trees and lifting rooves.

The category four system is tracking towards the town of Bowen where it is expected to make landfall around midday bringing 260km/h winds and flash flooding.

25,000 people in low-lying areas have been urged to reach higher ground ahead of an expected storm surge.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and emergency services are urging residents in the 600km danger zone to stay indoors.

Work for tradies

World science festival sets out to inspire and more Zedlines

World science festival organises shows to attract young kids to scientific fields.

An ex-science teacher Science Steve is running interactive Festival Lab science shows to reveal the wonders of science to young children as the students interested in field are declining.

The shows run throughout the weekends in South Bank cultural forecourt to encourage the enthusiasm of the new generation with shows ranging from robotics to criminology.


RSPCA issues a southern queenslander with record number of charges over dog farm

Residents warned ahead of cyclone Debbie and more zedlines

Evacuation of high flood risk regions has been ordered in north Queensland as Cyclone Debbie intensifies. Image Source: Wikipedia/Suomi NPP Satellite

Hundreds have been evacuated from Burdekin and the Whitsundays and Regional Council Mayor Andrew Wilcox said those unable to leave should seek shelter with friends and family in ‘high, dry places.’

A shelter is operating in Bowen, but only has a capacity of 800. The Category II cyclone is expected to be upgraded to a Category IV system before making landfall tomorrow.


Boom gate collision rates concerns Queensland rail

High level crossing collision rates for Queensland rail.

Pigs bring home the bacon and more Zedlines

Eight little pigs ran all the way to the finish line raising $8000 for the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter service at the seventh annual Sandy Creek Pig Races. (Image: Food 4 Your Mood)

The event held near Warwick on Saturday attracted hundreds of Darling Down locals making the race one of the most successful fundraisers for the charity in the region.

Last calendar year, the Toowoomba RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter completed 587 missions, including 458 inter-hospital transfers, four neonatal transfers, 121 airlifts from the scene of an accident or incident and four search and rescues, in a service worth over $7.3 million to the region.

Brisbane to keep character

High-thrust rocket test by North Korea and more zedlines.

New high-thrust rocket engine test undertaken by North Korea. Image Source: Wikimedia/Sungwon Baik

The Korean Central News Agency reported the test was to confirm the prototypes reliability and structural safety, and the new engine will be used in country’s peaceful space programme.

The test coincides with US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is touring Asia primarily discussing concerns over how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear initiative.

US officials remain skeptical that the space programme is solely for peaceful use.


Support for Toowoomba high school for World Science Festival

Centrelink staff to strike, and more zedlines...

Staff from Medicare, Centrelink and child support services around Australia will be walking off the job today, after a lengthy pay dispute appears to be going nowhere.

The human services staff have been in negotiations for over three years without a pay rise, yet the department is refusing to budge.

Community and Public Sector Union, National Secretary, Nadine Flood, says all the workers want to do is to hold on to the rights and conditions that have been in place for years, and allow them to balance their working and family lives.

The strike is set to take place between 1:30pm and 8:30pm AEDT today.


Cashless welfare cards given the all clear and more Zedlines

The cashless welfare card could be the way of the future for Australia after the trial was deemed a success in Ceduna in South Australia and Kununurra in Western Australia. (Source: Flickr - David Jackmanson)

The trial that limits participants access to cash saw 80 per cent of the hand out distributed onto a cashless card that prohibited gambling and purchasing alcohol with only 20 per cent of the allowance deposited into bank accounts.

Results showed that one quarter of participants were not drinking as often and participation in gambling had also reduced.

The cashless card system is set to continue with reviews occurring on a six-month basis.

Carmichael Coal Mine Company to shift millions to the Cayman Islands

Free to charge or free of charge: update for renewables and more Zedlines

Elon Musk and Malcolm Turnbull have discussed renewable energy after a 100 day battery farm proposal by the former. Image source: Public Domain Pictures

The billionaire entrepreneur offered to solve South Australia’s electricity problem by building a Tesla battery farm in the state within 100 days, or it would be free of charge.

A spokesman from the PM’s office said the two had an “in-depth” discussion on storage and the future of electricity. This came after Mr. Musk spoke with South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill about fixing the state’s electricity problems.


Robot to aid QLD emergency team

Queensland Police have unveiled a new robot to aid service personnel.