Palaszczuk takes action to counter anti-social behaviour and more Zedlines...

The Palaszczuk Government will enforce the roll-out of a state wide cohesion program.

“‘We are Queensland’ will feature young Queenslanders from different backgrounds and cultures to help promote the benefits a diverse culture brings to our state.

The Program will be televised, available as online advertising and have a social media campaign.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Grace said, “Creating a sense of belonging is our best defence in countering anti-social behaviours.”

Ms Grace said $7.4 million would be spent over the next four years to implement the We are Queensland Action Plan.



New research likens land clearing rates in Queensland to those in Brazil and more Zedlines...

Queensland has been rated as a “contemporary hot spot” for land clearing and is on par with places like Brazil. 

According to Doctor April Reside from the University of Queensland, land clearing rates in Queensland are the highest that it has been in the last ten years.
Queensland has the largest land clearing emission rates in Australia which threatens 95 species of animal, and 12 species of plant.
With land clearing rates the highest they have been in ten years, Doctor Reside believes drastic changes are necessary in order to save the threatened species and protect the habitat.


Refugee week food ration challenge and more Zedlines...

More than 10, 000 people across Australia are completing the ‘act for peace ration challenge’ this week, where they survive on the same food provided to Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan.

The initiative is a part of world refugee week, aiming to raise money and awareness for communities threatened by conflict and disaster. 
Participants are given a small amount of rice, lentils, chickpeas, beans, fish and oil. 
So far, the Challenge has raised over 2 Million dollars - enough to feed over 8, 000 refugees for an entire year. 


MS Brissie to the Bay Bike Ride 

60th anniversary of the Palm Island protest, and more Zedlines...

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Strike 57 – an indigenous protest which shut down Palm Island. Image source: Flickr


The protest, which is marked with a public holiday on Palm Island, saw Willie Thaiday, Albert Geia, Eric Lymburner, Sonny Sibley, Bill Congoo, George Watson and Gordon Tapau lead an island-wide strike against unpaid wages and working conditions for five days.

State Minister for Local Government and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Mark Furner said the Palaszczuk government supports the Strike 57 commemorations.


Queensland Government offers reassurances to London  

New Laws Give Peter Dutton Power to Overrule Immigration Decisions

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull plans to call on the Labor Party to back the Coalition’s new citizenship laws in parliament today.

Labor is yet to say whether they will support the laws, which will see a complete overhaul of citizenship requirements. 

Turnbull yesterday confirmed Immigration Minister Peter Dutton would be given the power to overrule decisions made on citizenship applications by administrative tribunals.

Reinstated in New Budget

Queensland’s Drug Court, along with the Murri Court and Special Circumstances Court, is set to be reinstated in today’s budget announcement.

Allegations of Iraq chemical attack against ISIS and more Zedlines...

Allegations have arisen that Iraqi forces have used white phosphorus against areas held by Daesh.

A Kurdish video crew was filming on Saturday and caught footage of what looked to be white phosphorus streaming down from the sky.

The Iraqi military quickly released a media statement threatening action against any publication who published the footage.

White phosphorus burns skin terribly and requires senior military official approvement before being used.

The allegations concern human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch who continue to investigate the claims.


Love Makes A Way protest and more Zedlines...

A group of Brisbane Christians are set to protest outside the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the next five days in a bit for fair onshore assessment processes for refugees.

The protest organiser Peter Branjedporn, from Christian advocacy group Love Makes A Way explained that local Christian communities must take a stand and fight for fair, just and transparent processes for those seeking asylum from their homelands.

This comes as Refugee Week approaches.


The mortality rate for Queensland men fighting melanoma is increasing

Petrie Water Quality Compromised

Petrie residents are being advised to boil their drinking water for the next 24 hours as maintenance at the local treatment plant is comprising water quality.

Queensland Government Call for Analysis of Police Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence
The Queensland government has called for an analysis into the attitudes and perceptions of operational police and their supervisors towards domestic violence.

The findings from the research will be used as part set-up a program that will be delivered to Queensland Police Service workers and aim to increase their awareness of domestic violence and its impact on relevant parties.

Elusive platypus' and more Zedlines

The platypus population across Victoria and South Australia is steadily declining, researchers warn. (Source: Flickr)

They may be facing localised extinctions but scientists say platypus’ are notoriously difficult to track as they’re nocturnal and elusive.

Researchers say the decline in numbers is due to loss of habitat, traps, and pollution.


Brisbane Research Finds Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Uterine Cancer

A global study has found that women who have breastfed have a lower risk of developing uterine cancer.

The study led by the QIMR Berghofer Medical Institute in Brisbane examined 26,000 women, 9,000 of which are living with uterine cancer.

Activists Chained to Loaded Train and more Zedlines

Two young activists from Not Aurizon, Not Adani have chained themselves onto an Aurizon train at the corner of Memorial Avenue and Fairfield Road (NAIF) to protest Aurizon’s latest application to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility or NAIF for public funding to build a rail link to the Galilee Basin. (IMAGE: Stop Queensland Coal Exports)

According to witnesses on the scene close to 10 police cars are surrounding the area, with the Queensland Police making many attempts to get the protestors to unchain themselves, which has put a complete halt to the coal train with over 100 carriages.

Aurizon delivered a $1.25billion proposal to the NAIF in hopes to build the rail link, which will unlock the coal deposits of the Galilee Basin, it is believed Adani is also seeking funding for this project.