“Sausage party” protest draws attention to gender inequality in film and more Zedlines

Protestors from Women in Film and Television NSW have dressed up as sausages at the AACTA awards on Wednesday to highlight the lack of gender equality in the movie industry.

The activists say too few movies directed by women were nominated for awards and instead the evening was largely dominated by male-led films; hence the “sausage party”.

They were swiftly removed by security, but not before calling for more transparency in the AACTA movie nomination process.

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Wild Weather Leads to Hospitalisation
Lightning has struck two Gold Coast homes yesterday afternoon, with five people recovering from the impact.

Rally to Remember Tyrone

On Sunday Brisbane Line Reporter Jack McDonnell attended the Remember Tyrone rally and listened as the community rallied to support Tyrones family and demand more so that a story like this never happens again.


If you or anyone you know is experiencing difficulties please call

Lifeline on  13 11 14 
Beyond Blue on 1300 22 3636

If you are a young person and are struggling with being a seuxally or gender diverse person contact Open Doors at 3257 7660


Image credit: Jack McDonnell

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Queensland Teens battling mental health issues and more Zedlines

The survey included responses from 4361 Queenslanders, with top personal concerns being stress problems, study problems, body image and mental health.(Image source: flickr)

Results of a Mission Australia survey have indicated young Australians between the ages of 15 and 19 believe mental health is one of the top three issues facing the demographic.


The survey included responses from 4361 Queenslanders, with top personal concerns being stress problems, study problems, body image and mental health.


The results also found mental health concerns had doubled since 2011.


Protesting for the Right to Public Assembly

On Friday December 2, local organisation Right to the City - Brisbane scheduled a street protest entitled, Right to the Streets. The occupation of Russell St in West End came after a number of protestors were arrested after a similar demonstration the week before wherein the group assumed they had been given permission to protest.

PM given green light to celebrate Mardi Gras and more Zedlines

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull won’t be banned from Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebrations, after the committee board ruled against banning the PM from the celebrations. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Members of the committee had called for the Prime Minister to be banned after is inaction for the equality of the LGBTIQ community.

A statement released by the Mardi Gras committee said as a cornerstone cultural event in Sydney, Mardi Gras values the healthy dialogue we create with a broad spectrum of political parties.


Queenslanders brace themselves for soaring temperatures

Experts warn Queenslanders not to underestimate the heatwave threat, as temperatures continue to soar above December averages.

No Business in Abuse; Love Makes A Way

On November 17 Immigration Minister Peter Dutton claimed the Fraser Government made mistakes letting refugees fleeing war in Lebanon into Australia. On November 21 he justified his comments during question time by saying that 22 people out of 33 who had been charged with possible terrorist acts were second- and third-generation Lebanese–Australians. These claims were designed specifically to justify the current government’s harsh stance on refugees fleeing wars and persecution in Syria, Iraq and Sri Lanka.

Sexual health education to change in Queensland schools and more Zedlines

Queensland politicians have introduced changes to the Australian curriculum as part of a statewide initiative which will see widespread implementation of sexual- and reproductive health-related topics - a first in the country.

Students from Prep to Year 10 will be affected by the changes, which focus on healthy sexual relationships and reducing stigma, discrimination and violence surrounding sexuality.

The Queensland Sexual Health Strategy 2016-2021 is designed to promote access to information pertaining to topics like sexual health, gender identity and to eventually eradicate STI’s such as HIV.


Industrial Relations Bill to impact Queensland Workplaces

Discriminatory laws still plague the LGBTIQ community and more Zedlines

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill is set to issue a formal apology to the state’s LGBTIQ community, in order to acknowledge the pain and suffering caused by old laws.

South Australia and Queensland are the only states which still allow the so-called ‘gay panic defence,’ where citing unwanted homosexual advances can be used as a partial defence against a murder charge.

While the Queensland Government now says it will abolish that defence, South Australia is yet to commit to such law reforms.


New therapy for Prostate cancer treatments in Brisbane

Queensland prostate cancer sufferers will try a new GPS system therapy, used to track the position of their tumors during radiation treatment.

Pro-abortion rally underway in Brisbane and more Zedlines

A rally is currently taking place outside of Parliament House in Brisbane to decriminalise abortion in Queensland (image source: Wikimedia Commons).

The rally has speakers from the Labor, Greens and Independent parties, as well as various community and lobby groups.

The rally is continuing the campaign to decriminalise abortion after the Women’s Right To Choose bill was rejected in October.

Majority of recession victims are Queenslanders

A recent report by SGS Economics and Planning has revealed a mass two thirds of the national population living in recession are from Queensland.

Queensland hospital to trial 3-D camera technology and more Zedlines

The Townsville hospital is the first clinic in Queensland to employ 3-D camera technology in treating patients with diabetes. (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Diabetic ulcers in limbs can lead to amputation of that extremity if untreated - the trial aims to screen 50 patients suffering from ulcers in their feet who live too far away from hospitals to be treated effectively.

Doctors hope that this technology will reduce travel times for patients and allow for quicker response and treatment if ulcers are detected.


Food allergy vaccine in development ​

Queensland researchers are working on a vaccine that could treat food allergies in people.