Russia barred from 2018 Winter Olympic Games and more Zedlines

Russia’s Olympic team has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea due to a doping scandal. (Photo:Wikipedia)

This comes after alleged widespread doping during the 2014 Sochi Games.

The International Olympic Committee announced yesterday stating they would allow Russian’s to compete as neutral individuals under strict conditions, and are required to wear uniforms bearing ‘Olympic Athlete from Russia.’

IOC president Thomas Bach feels as though this was an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the Olympic Games.

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Common drug found to stop skin cancers and more Zedline

Queensland researchers have found regular use of certain common anti-inflammatory drugs, to be the key to stop skin cancers from turning into deadly ulcerated melanomas.


Aspirin, ibuprofen and statins, a popular cholesterol lowering drug, are among those found to lower the risk of the condition.


Lead researcher Lena von Schuckmann said although the findings were really exciting, furthers studies are required.


Cancer Council Queensland chief executive Chris McMillian applauds the finding, and also advised everyone to visit a GP if any changes on the skin is detected.


Streamlining of barking dog complaint process


Migrant workers forced out of Beijing

The Chinese government have begun forcing migrant workers out of the capital city Beijing. Image source: Flikr/Matt Ming

The government says the move is due to safety concerns after deaths in migrant settlements, however migrants say it is to reduce the population size.


Last year the Chinese government announced their plan to cap the population of Beijing to 23 million cutting the numbers of six main districts by 15%.


Queensland's first communications cable on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine coast has called for expressions of interest from the private sector in building a new one billion dollar communications cable.


Calls for indigenous voices in parliament and more Zedlines

Politician Linda Burney has spoken out against a decision by Malcolm Turnbull to axe the idea of an indigenous voice in parliament. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

In October, proponents pushed for an advisory role for an indigenous representative in parliament, which Malcolm Turnbull dismissed, claiming it was unequal for the indigenous to have a direct say.


Linda Burney spoke to ABC radio on Sunday morning, saying she was appalled with the Turnbull government and their definition of equality.


Protests in support for sentenced activists in Brisbane 

Pine Gap Peace Pilgrims reflect on their trial in Alice Springs

One of the 6 Pine Gap Peace Pilgrims reflects on their court case in Alice Springs, after they were found guilty of trespassing on the Pine Gap defence facility.




Release of secret whaling footage after five-year legal battle and more Zedlines

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd Australia has released graphic footage of a Japanese whaling operation in the Southern Ocean that the Australian Government refused to make public.

The footage which was shot by Australian Customs personnel in 2008 has only now been released, following a five-year Freedom of Information battle, during which the Australian Government expressed concerns that the media release would harm diplomatic relations with Japan.

Sea Shepherd Australia’s Managing Director Jeff Hansen hopes the release of the footage will get more people to support an end to whaling, and result in stronger political pressure for Japan to be taken to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Protests against slave trade in Libya, and more Zedlines

​4000 protestors have gathered in the Swedish Capital of Stockholm to speak out against the alleged sale of African migrants and refugees in Libya. Image Source: Wikimedia​ ​Commons

Thousands have gathered in the Swedish Capital of Stockholm to protest against the alleged sale of African migrants and refugees in Libya.

Libya has been unstable since long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power in 2011, and is divided by two competing governments.

Libya has been a long running transit destination for migrants and refugees fleeing Africa to reach Europe.


Election update

The vote count will resume in electorates across Queensland this morning, with a dozen seats still undecided after Saturday’s poll.

Concerns over toxic landfill in East Timor and more Zedlines

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's unregulated Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili. (Image source: UN Photo/Martine Perret)

Children exposed to toxic conditions in East Timor 

There are fears for the health of young scavengers seeking a living in East Timor's Tibar Landfill near the capital Dili.

The unregulated dumping ground has been named an environmental and public catastrophe, and is home to lethal substances such as asbestos and untreated hospital waste. 

According to the World Health Organisation, "about 100 tonnes of hazadous wastes are produced every year in Dili from healthcare activities alone". 


NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden to reintroduce talks of resettling refugees and more Zedlines

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach discussions about resettling refugees from the closed Manus Island Detention Centre with Prime Minister Turnbull. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will re-approach Malcolm Turnbull about the Manus Island Detention Centre crisis at the East Asia Summit this week.

Approximately 420 asylum seekers and refugees still remain at the now-closed processing centre, with reports that the Papua New Guinean authorities will soon remove them.

The two leaders discussed New Zealand’s longstanding offer to resettle 150 men from Australia’s detention centres more than a week ago.


Snap protest held at the Department of Immigration and more Zedlines

People gathered at the Department of Immigration today calling on the government to act on the men stranded on Manus Island. Image credit: Grace Pashley

A snap protest regarding the situation on Manus Island took place this morning outside the Brisbane Department of Imigration.

This is the latest in a series of protests that have happened nationally over the last few weeks following deteriorating conditions in Australia's closed detention centre.

A spokesman for The Refugee Action Collective Mark Gillespie has called it a new low for humanity.

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