History of Stonemasonry, Gravestones and Brisbane's Quarries

Is a stonemason becoming a lost art like a blacksmith or a cobbler? Do you know what a quarry is? How about the various materials used in a gravestone?

Youth Targeted Alcohol Advertising on Social Media

A new study at the University of Queensland has found that on average young Australians are being exposed to alcohol advertisements on social media every 2 minutes and 43 seconds.
PhD candidate Brienna Rutherford from UQ’s National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research, examined the social media accounts of 125 university students aged 17 to 25, and found they had been exposed to almost 800 alcohol advertisements.
4ZZZ Journalist Harry Kuzewicz spoke to Brienna Rutherford and Associate Professor Dr. Gary Chan about the implications of these findings.

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History of Stonemasonry, Gravestones and Brisbane's Quarries

Is a stonemason becoming a lost art like a blacksmith or a cobbler? Do you know what a quarry is? How about the various materials used in a gravestone?


UQ Students for Palestine Pack Up Their Encampment for the Semester

UQ’s Student for Palestine activists packed up their tents on Sunday the 2nd of June after a month-long encampment at UQ’s great court. Over the past few weeks the campus has hosted rallies, sit ins and some of the biggest student activist seen in Australia in decades. 4ZZZ journalist Stephanie Felesina spoke with activist and member Oula Sheehan and UQ academic Carole Ferrier on the wrap up and a potential return in the following semester. 

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What is the Dead Internet Theory?

Have you ever heard of a theory making the rounds in online forums and news outlets for the past few years relating to the rise of Artificial Intelligence and bots on the internet? Well it’s called the Dead Internet Theory, and you might wonder what exactly does it mean? Did the internet ‘die’ and evolve into something we don’t recognise or is there something sinister involving AI and bots?

4ZZZ's Toni Pankaluic discussed the Dead Internet Theory as well as Artificial Intelligence with Dr Jake Renzella a Lecturer of Computer Science and Director of Studies for Computer Science at the University of New South Wales.

Taking road safety into community hands with Fatality Free Friday

Over the past few years Australia has seen steadily rising road tolls. The Australian Road Safety Foundation aims to counter this trend, and yesterday held Fatality Free Friday for this cause. 4ZZZ journalist Catherine Strohfeldt spoke with the foundation's Russel White, as well as with TMR Assistant Director in Road and Rail Safety Policy and Research, Darren Mulholland, for an overview of the event and kinds of behaviors and hazards leading to the increasing toll.

Queensland Students Endorse Encampment Demands In Largest On Campus Protest In Decades

Students at the University of Queensland have voted almost unanimously to endorse the demands of the UQ Gaza Solidarity Camp. On Wednesday the 29th of May, around 1000 students converged on the St Lucia Campus to participate in the vote, with overflow rooms having to be opened to allow everyone to attend. Organisers say recent events in Gaza have urged the student body to show support for Palestinians in Gaza.


What is Sepsis and how dangerous is it

Some of us have experienced friends or family who all of a sudden contracted sepsis or have even experienced it ourselves. Sepsis seems to onset quickly and can be deadly. How do you know it’s coming on? When do you go to your GP versus call an ambulance? Is sepsis reversible?

Science and Technology

Bearing The Crowns

A major breakthrough in the long term health of Australia’s reef ecosystem has been made, as a team of researchers have analysed the gene function of the notorious crown of thorns starfish. It’s a development that can help create methods to slow their overconsumption of the Great Barrier reef.

4ZZZ Reporter Mack Prentis spoke with the senior author of the research team's project Professor Bernie Degnan about their work in understanding the pervasive starfish's genetic behaviours.

Queensland Students Risk Disciplinary Action In Defying Campus Chant Ban

On the fourth week of student protests against the Israel-Hamas War, students at the University of Queensland marched to the offices of university administrators, chanting words and slogans the university had tried to forbid them from using. 4ZZZ Journalists Ashleigh Whatson, Harry Kuzewicz and Joshua McIntosh produced this story.


Adelaide Students for Palestine Check-In

In recent months you’ve probably noticed a rise in pro Palestine encampments and rallies across Australian universities. Formed by students, union members and activities and participated in by just about everyone. 4ZZZ Journalist Stephanie Felesina spoke with Adelaide Students for Palestine member El Hall to get an understanding of what a typical encampment looks like in one of Australia’s most militarised universities and the problems they’ve been facing.