Dykes On Mykes

Ruth, Kate, Bec


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

LGBT news, views, music & general bollocks with Ruth, Kate and Bec! 

Dikes on Mics from 6pm - 8pm every Wednesday evening features all things homo, news, and music for and about the queer and lesbian community in Brisbane.

"We agitate to end homophobia, educate about issues facing lesbian and queer women, and organise to promote lesbian and queer women’s events locally, nationally and internationally."

We have regular guests of all varieties and specifically play a diverse range of music featuring female vocalists that isn’t heterosexually identified. We promote and interview artists, writers, performers, health and community workers as well as those involved in the music industry; we are also all active within the queer community from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Since 1978 4ZZZ has continually presented programs in support of the LGBT community. On the 30th of September 1992, the weekly lesbian and gay program "Gay Waves" changed in both format, and name. It became a cycle every three weeks (Wednesdays 6-9pm) of "Queer Radio" for men, "Queer Radio" for LGBTs and "The Lesbian Show" by and for women.

The Lesbian Show then changed its name to Dikes On Mics in the mid-90's, and 4ZZZ allocated each show a weekly two hour time slot in August 2002.

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Handle us at Instagram - @dykesonmykesradio

Email: dykesonmykesradio@gmail.com



17 July, 2024

You Little Dinglebat

Charlie XCXGirl, So Confusing 06:13:46
Anna LunoeBlaze Of GloryAUS 06:16:36
Eliza & The DelusionalsSomebodyLOCAL 06:37:42
SyccoTouching and TalkingLOCAL 06:42:49
Apricot InkTwo SoulsAUS 06:46:05
Wafia Crystal Ball 06:48:21
PJ HarveyGood Fortune 07:01:42
ShuraWhite Light 07:04:55
Abi MuirWish You WellLOCAL 07:09:04
Meg MacRide ItAUS 07:11:55
ELEEAJust FriendsLOCAL 07:27:34
Nice BiscuitThe StarLOCAL 07:31:06
STAN High HorseLOCAL 07:35:10
JesswarFell In LoveLOCAL 07:39:20
Emily WurramaraLordy Lordy ft. Tasman Keith LOCAL 07:53:55
Sampa The GreatTime's Up feat. JunglepussyAUS 07:57:42