4ZZZ is one of the most unique independent community broadcasters in Australia, broadcasting a diverse range of programs 24 hours per day. The station began transmission on December 8 1975 as the first FM community broadcaster in Brisbane transmitting in stereo.

4ZZZ was established to provide a radical alternative to mainstream news, to promote a sense of engagement and activism in community life and to promote local and Australian music.

Throughout its history, 4ZZZ has been renowned for putting on live music gigs and events, providing strong community involvement and offering exceptional training services.

4ZZZ continues to support and advocate for musicians, artists and underground culture, providing radio access for community members and issues not often represented in the mainstream media. The radio station is supporter driven and run by a dedicated team of volunteers and announcers who chose their own music to broadcast (no play lists), which makes for diverse and interesting programming.

Check out our program guide or simply tune in to 102.1fm to find out why there's no other station like this in all the world.

READ MORE HISTORY HERE - www.4zzzfm.org.au/history

4ZZZ Mission Statement
"Connecting and amplifying the voices of our local communities."


The costs of running a radio station are immense.

All our fundraising is done independently and the major sources of income for the station are subscriptions, promotions, and 4ZZZ events

Our subscribers are what keeps us afloat.

In these times of media consolidation they understand the only way to have an independent, accessible and democratic media is for the people to own the media themselves.

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At 4ZZZ we challenge the status quo by providing radio access for community members and issues not often represented in the mainstream media.

We support local bands, artists and initiatives, and independent news and current affairs while training and empowering our volunteers.

The involvement of subscribers in the station is vital. Send ideas and feedback to our info@4zzz.org.au email.

Organisation Documents
4ZZZ's Constitution outlines its purpose and fundamental principles as a non-profit organisation, it also outlines rights of membership (Subscribers). Download here

Station Policy
Station Policy

Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan 2017-2020

2015 Annual Report

2014/15 Financial Report


4ZZZ A.B.N. 62 009 950 958