Wedding Professionals For Marriage Equality

Together with 'The Wedding Experts' Community around Australia I am co-coordinating a meetup of local Brisbane Wedding Professionals to show our solidarity and support for equal marriage rights in Australia.
Date and Location
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 2:30pm
The Wickham - Garden Bar
308 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

As an esteemed supporter of the LGBTI Community in Brisbane it would be a great honor if you would join us and even more so if you would consider any kind of sponsorship or assistance in bringing this event together.


On a personal level, I am​ passionate about​ supporting equality to ensure that the Australia my children grow up in is one I am proud of, a legacy that is inclusive and shows that LOVE has no limits. Everyone has the basic right to be loved and share love, being able to marry the one you love should be a matter of

​WHEN you find the one, not IF you are allowed to marry your one because someone else decided your love isn't good enough. As a wedding professional, I have the great joy in sharing in many couples wedding days, second to having children it is often the most celebrated and loving days in their lives -  I thrive on this joy and would love nothing more than to share in many more, be it MR & MRS or MR & MR-  everyone deserves the right to be wed!!


I would love to meet with you welcome you to join the fun with fellow Queensland wedding professionals for an afternoon of 'Champers and Cake' at the iconic 'Wickham'. This is a chance to meet with like minded creative professionals and to share in our solidarity and support for equal marriage rights in Australia whilst conveniently eating cake! Everyone deserves the opportunity to be wed and share cake with their beloved, that is really all it is about - a casual meet up of people with similar views in order to show the wider Brisbane community our support as industry professionals that everyone has a right to be married to whomever they love!


​Simultaneously around Australia, Wedding professionals from all manner of industry; Celebrants, Photographers, Stationers, Florists and MORE will be sharing cake in an effort to share the word that 'Love is Love' using the hashtag #WeddingProfessionalsForMarriageEquality; WITHOUT CAKE, IT IS JUST A MEETING, so drop in for a slice with us and show your support to help us turn this into a PARTY!


WHEN: Tuesday 12th September

TIME: 2:30pm

VENUE: The Wickham - Garden Bar

VENUE ADDRESS: 308 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley you can find the 'official' facebook invitation HERE

WHAT: Fun casual meet for Brisbane Wedding Professionals (and anyone else who loves cake) to network and share the message that we stand FOR wedding equality and welcome a change that would see everyone have the right to a wedding of their dreams.


Our delicious cake is very kindly being donated by the incredible ladies of Sugar Bomb and it is is sure to be a feast of rainbow glitter goodness!


​ Champagne, coffee and other beverages will be available via a cash bar. Even if you can't attend, your support in sharing this invitation to other wedding industry folk would be greatly appreciated. You can even host your own event, it needn't be anything fanciful - all you need is a cake and ​​to share your support using the hashtag #WeddingProfessionalsForMarriageEquality on September 12th

​ (the same day the plebiscite will begin being distributed).​

We encourage all sharing of images from the day and will have many photographers in attendance in order to capture the most from the day. Of course you can also join in the fun from home or work - The more images, live streams, insta stories and media we can gain from the 12th September the more households we can collaboratively reach to take a step in the right direction for marriage equality in Australia. Just remember to use the #WeddingProfessionalsForMarriageEquality


​I look forward to sharing cake with you and supporting 'wedding professionals for marriage equality' together!

Contact Details
Contact Person: 
Casey Mayne
0433 302 185​