Frances is passionate about the arts and education... Understanding the pivotal bond between these areas.
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Frances Jankowski is a Brisbane local originally from the small country town of Dimbulah, in Far North Queensland. Having taught for almost 20 years throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, she is currently teaching at All Hallows’ School in Brisbane. Her background in the areas of theatre, film and television, and education have enhanced her insight into the importance of creativity and innovation to meet the needs of our evolving society. She has completed a Bachelor of Education at Griffith University and also a Graduate Diploma of Directing at NIDA.


When asked what motivated her to run for the senate she stated, “I want to fight for the rights or artists, innovators, creatives and educators… The Arts Party is a necessity for our future! The funding of our creative infrastructure has been lacking insight for a long time now."


"There are people deciding the future of Australia’s artists, innovators and creatives who simply don’t understand the implications of their lack of investment and support. Why? I guess we need people who work in these industries to be doing something. That’s why I’m here.”


"Currently I've been told that people are overlooking the value of the arts to every part of their lives. But I don't believe people are stupid... I believe they do understand how important creativity, innovation, education and community are. They just might not realise how fragile these areas are after so many vicious cuts over many years. The only people who can really afford to be artists, and don't have to scrape to find money to survive on a regular basis, are those from wealthy backgrounds. I don't want to only hear the voices of those from privileged backgrounds. I want more diversity and more insight into our Australian population!"


“The arts are not ‘fluff’. Creativity is a part of everything we do. Instead of closing doorways… let’s open them! This is the time for a new educational revolution! I am a teacher and I care deeply about the future of my students. I care deeply for my colleagues and the parents of my students who want what is best for our future. If you want a sustainable future for artists, innovators, creatives, educators and future generations of this country then you cannot stay silent any longer.”


"If you want a voice that you know will honour their goal of protecting the arts, creativity, innovation and education: vote for Frances Jankowski to represent you in the Senate. The Arts Party wants Australia to see your arts!"

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