Overwatch Australia - first responders

‘There ought to be at least as much common sense about living
and dying as there is about going to the grocery store
and buying a loaf of bread.’
Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun

A few years ago my uncle told me a story about his time driving busses in Canberra:

There was a fellow who sometimes couldn’t make it to work. When he didn’t show for his shift, his workmates enacted a plan. There was a telephone tree, and those off shift who lived nearby his house was called. They went over and checked in. They figured out where his wife was, where his kids were. They stayed with him so his family could do the things they needed to do, and until his family (siblings, in-laws) could get home. At work, people drove his shift ‘punched his card’, kept it quiet. They did this so he got paid and kept his job.

Simple acts of compassion. The fellow had been drafted some years earlier. Some days were better than others. If Australian politicians have the power (and at times a perceived ‘right’) to send people into war, such power should be balanced with responsibilities, obligations and a duty of care for when people return. It’s no good having the latest in protective battle clothing if people fall apart when they come home.

There are some 77,000 people (permenant and active reserve) in the ADF (Army, Navy, Airforce). See Department of Defence Annual Report 2015–16: Volume One Performance, governance and accountability. Canberra: Department of Defence. ISBN 9780994604606.

Overwatch Australia, an apolitical, not-for-profit, peer-to-peer, first response outreach organisation, assists former ADF members who are at risk or in crisis. All Overwatch Australia first responders are former or current serving members of the ADF. They strive for peer to peer support, Navy to Navy, Air Force to Air Force, Army to Army. They are one of very few organisations that actively communicate with former ADF members and provide assistance when in crisis.

If you feel like you need speak with someone at any time about anything: