Revelations that you can buy Medicare card numbers on the Dark Web.

Earlier this morning, Guardian journalist Paul Farrel revealed that Medicare card details are available to be purchased on the Dark Web for less than $30 each.

This is another major blow for Medicare after the debt recovery system earlier in the year caused controversy after many people were incorrectly contacted by the agency calling for debts that were either incorrect or did not exist.

Mr Farrel revealed that the trader can find and sell any Australians’s  Medicare patients details on request.

He proved this by buying his own Medicare information from the vendor who says they are ‘ exploiting a vulnerability” in a government system.

Mr Farrel says this information is crucial for organised crime groups as they can create fake Medicare cards and can then conduct identification Fraud.

This information is being sold on the dark web a sub internet where criminal activity is rampant because it is untraceable.

I spoke to Dr Daniel Angus a Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication and Arts at the University of Queensland  and one of the founding members of Hacks/Hackers Brisbane about the dark web and how it works.


Image credit: wikimedia