Language Warning: Your bad language can get you fined.

Swearing some would argue is a part of Australian life. What some consider as bad language, is becoming more accepted and used in contemporary society. While Australia is seen internationally as a very laid back country, most would be surprised with how strict our laws are in terms of swearing in public. All states and territories in Australia have some law that criminalises bad language in public. In Queensland from June of 2016 to June 2017, 1,687 people were charged with offensive language directed at a police officer. This may seem like a trivial issue until you start to see how disproportionately these laws affect some of the most vulnerable in society. 4ZZZ reporter Jack McDonnell spoke to Elyse Methven, a law lecturer at University of Technology Sydney about swearings place in Australian history and how these laws impact on Australians. 

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