Canadian police thwart mass shooting

Canadian police say they’ve unearthed a death plot to carry out a mass shooting in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Canadian police have charged Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath and Randall Steven Shepherd, with conspiracy to commit murder and both will appear in court tomorrow morning; a third man named James Gamble was found dead inside a house outside Halifax after police surrounded a house.

Police have refused to confirm whether the man had committed suicide.

It is alleged the three had planned to carry out a shooting spree in the Halifax Shopping Centre and were only thwarted by a tip-off sent to Crime Stoppers the day before.

Police say the attack wasn't driven by ethnic, political or terrorist leanings but have refused to speculate on the motivation for the plot. However posts on Mr Gamble’s blog make references to the 1999 Columbine high school massacre, to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

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