All three levels of government insist 10% of Bulimba Baracks sale be reinvested locally

10% of the proceeds from the sale of the Bulimba Barracks must be reinvested into the local infrastructure, insists local representatives from all three levels of government.

Local federal member Terri Butler, state member Di Butler and councillor Shayne Sutton, all members of the Labor Party, have called on the Coalition government to ensure 10% of the barrack sale proceeds are set aside to improve the local infrastructure.

However, the Abbott government has already thrown a spanner into their proposal, saying all proceeds must be reinvested into the Australian Defence Force.

The ADF is selling most of Bulimba Barracks’ 23-hectare site on the open market, once the federal government has completed its ‘due diligence’ and given its size and location that will mean many millions of dollars for the ADF.

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