Sweden grants Wikileaks Founder appeal over rape allegation

Sweden’s Supreme Court has granted Julian Assange the right to appeal against an arrest warrant for an alleged rape.

The Wikileaks Founder has been living inside Ecuador’s embassy in London since June 2012 to avoid extradition.

Mr Assange claims extradition to Sweden would allow the US to charge him over leaks of classified documents.

A previous appeal by Mr Assange was dismissed by Sweden’s s appeals court in November last year, but the Supreme Court has now awarded him the right to appeal.

The announcement follows a surprise reversal by Swedish prosecutors, who last month agreed to travel to London to question Mr Assange after insisting for years he must travel to Sweden.

Mr Assange denies the sexual assault allegations made by two women he met during a trip to Sweden in August 2010. He claims they are part of a plot to extradite him to the US because of Wikileaks’ publication of thousands of classified US documents.