No funding for solar farm - And more 9am Zedlines

A solar farm project in Valdora has missed out on securing ten million dollars in federal funding for the second time. (Image sourced Sunshine Coast Daily)

In local news…

Property values major concern of residents at proposed nuclear dump site

Landowners near a proposed nuclear waste dump site at Oman Ama in West Queensland say they are more concerned with property devaluation than safety implications of the facility.

Andrew Clark-Dickson runs the Traprock Group representing the interests of producers in the area, and says a decline in capital value will do more damage than a low to medium level nuclear waste dump.

The area is one of six being assessed for a permanent nuclear dump, with the chosen town receiving 10 million dollars compensation from the Federal Government.

No funding for solar farm

A solar farm project in Valdora has missed out on securing ten million dollars in federal funding for the second time.

The Sunshine Coast Council’s solar farm project was put forward for the National Stronger Regions Fund and was not featured in the list of successful applicants yesterday.

President of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, Michael Shadforth, says he is disappointed with the outcome and described the project as one of the most innovative project applications the Fund would have received.

In national news…

Study shows greenhouse gas emissions may have dropped

The Global Carbon Project has released a study showing greenhouse gas emissions in 2015 may have dropped as the world economy grew.

Executive director of the project, Dr Pep Canadell, says economic growth was at three percent in 2014, while emissions fell by zero point five percent.

Dr Canadell says for the first time economic growth and worsening climate change have not tracked together, but he says it is still too early to see whether climate change will improve and that emissions may continue in the future.

First Nations in New South Wales seeking greater involvement in local wetlands management

First Nations near the western New South Wales town of Hay are pushing for a larger stake in a new management plan for wetlands in the region.

Earlier this year a group asserted their sovereignty over the area by taking up residence in houses vacated for the Nimmie Caira water saving project.

Indigenous Nations of the Lower Murray Darling Rivers Chairperson Darren Perry says greater involvement in the project could deliver positive economic outcomes for local Indigenous residents.

In international news…

Russian satellite explosion

Russian space authorities have confirmed a satellite which had a faulty launch on Friday will explode in the atmosphere in the next few days.

The satellite didn’t part from its booster rocket after the launch in northwestern Russia, and as a result, the planned trajectory has been changed.

The Canopus ST took ten years to create and had advanced cameras to detect underwater submarines and forest fires.

Germany projected to receive one million refugees by end of the year

Germany is projected to accept almost one million refugees by the end of 2015, two hundred thousand more than initially predicted for the year.

Over the weekend the country reversed its open door policy to Syrian refugees, re-introducing identity checks along the Austrian border.

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel says the influx of refugees has pushed their processing systems to the limit, however maintained those seeking asylum would be free to stay in the country until their claim was processed.

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