Protection sought for employees affected by 7-Eleven wage scandal - and more 8am Zedlines

A panel charged with investigating claims of wage fraud (image sourced creative commons)

In local news…

Premier Palaszczuk announces new cabinet members

Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk has revealed her new cabinet after a reshuffle following the resignation of former Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller last week.

The member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne will take over Ms Miller’s position, joining fellow MPs Stirling Hinchcliffe, Grace Grace, Leanne Donaldson and Mark Di Brenni in the Premier’s new cabinet lineup.

Ms Miller stepped down from her role last week after a Parliamentary ethics committee ruled her behaviour reckless and not up to ministerial standards.

Jui-Jitsu champion offers free classes

Jui-Jitsu champion David Thomas, who is currently third in international rankings, is offering free classes to children and teenagers in Yeppoon.

Thomas was motivated by the experience of receiving free boxing lessons as a child by a coach and says he would not have been able to afford them if not for the kind gesture.

He says that boxing helped him in a variety of ways and that he hopes Jui-Jitsu will do the same for students taking the classes, which he says is not a business but a way of giving them a chance to experience what he did as a child.

In national news…

Racism still a barrier for Indigenous women seeking help from family violence

Delegates to a conference for preventing family violence yesterday heard the need for greater support for Indigenous services as racism remains a barrier for many women seeking help.

The director of Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention Legal Service Antoinette Braybrook, says many women who contact their facilities have had their experience trivialised by police, and called for better investment in Aboriginal legal services.

Ms Braybrook highlighted the impact this has on children witnessing violence, which can cause them to be removed from their families at a rate 9 times higher than non-Indigenous kids.

Protection sought for employees affected by 7-Eleven wage scandal

A panel charged with investigating claims of wage fraud at convenience store chain 7-Eleven has called on the government to grant foreign workers amnesty so they can come forward without fear of being fired.

The company is facing a class action suit from franchisees claiming the business model makes it near impossible to meet wage costs.

The panel expects to begin making compensation payments before Christmas time.

In international news…

Australia takes on Japanese whaling in second international court challenge

Australia may attempt to take on Japanese whalers for a second time in international court as the summer hunting season begins.

The International Court of Justice last year deemed Japan’s practice of killing whales for scientific purposes to be illegal, prompting the country to withdraw from the court’s jurisdiction.

Commonwealth lawyers are now reportedly exploring their legal options as anti-whaling activist group Sea Shepherd set sail earlier this week to confront hunting vessels.

Pollution - Beijing Red Alert>

Beijing has declared a red alert for pollution for the first time in its history in preparation for a cloud of smog expected to engulf the city.

Many cars including government vehicles will not be allowed on roads, construction sites will be stopped from operating and while schools have not been ordered to close yet, they are being urged to do so.

Red alerts are the highest warning Beijing can issue and are declared when smog is anticipated to last for over seventy-two hours.