Women’s only buses in Port Moresby - and more 9am Zedlines

No men allowed on new buses in Port Moresby in a bid to increase safety for women in the city. (Image Source: Wikipedia (labeled for reuse.))

Legionella case at Wesley Hospital:

Patients at the Wesley Hospital are being monitored after one palliative care patient tested positive to the deadly legionella pneumophila bacteria.

Hospital CEO Terence Seymour says it could take weeks to determine the source of the contamination after the bacteria was found in an ice machine in the patient’s ward.

A 2013 scare saw one patient die of the lung infection, effectively closing the hospital for two weeks.

‘No Jab No Play’ gets knocked back:

Childcare provider C&K will not be banning unvaccinated children despite a Queensland State Government power allowing providers to do so.

CEO Michael Tizard said the 143 centres would not be excluding any children, because, while the company is pro-vaccination they also understand the struggle for parents to get around to vaccinating their children.

Mr Tizard is aiming to provide additional support to families with unvaccinated children in terms of education in order to increase child vaccination rates, rather than isolating and excluding families.

Northern Territory hopes to attract more mining:

The Northern Territory is seeking to attract more mining for northern development despite a messy history that has created over $1 billion in damages.

For two decades the Redbank copper mine, in the Gulf Country, has been leaching toxic water, and contamination has been recorded up to 40kms away on the Northern Territory/Queensland border.

However the Northern Territory says it is leading the way with its clean-up of legacy mines which are a result of weaker regulations in the past, and hope this will spur on further development.

Somali Asylum seeker wrongfully sent back to Nauru:

Freedom of Information Laws have led to the release of documents condemning Immigration Minister Peter Dutton for returning a pregnant Somali asylum seeker back to Nauru for allegedly ruling out an abortion.

Documents were obtained stating Abyan had not ruled out abortion but had said she was too mentally unwell to undergo the procedure immediately when she was informed NSW would provide an abortion up to 20 weeks.

Correspondence between senior staff at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has revealed Abyan was actually removed from Australia because of fears she would seek to join legal action preventing her return to the island once she was in Australia.

Anti-IS hackers test strength on BBC:

A group of hackers that have targeted sites linked to Islamic State activity claimed responsibility for a recent cyber attack that disrupted British Broadcasting Corporation servers for several hours.

The group, who call themselves New World Hacking, claims the attack was a test of their abilities and they did not intend to take down the site for such time.

In the past the group has also conducted campaigns against the Klu Klux Klan, and Islamic State social media accounts following the November attacks in Paris.

Women’s only buses in Port Moresby:

Papua New Guinea’s city Port Moresby now has free women’s only buses.

Port Moresby is the largest city in PNG and women there are considered to be the least safe in the world with risks of violence and theft, particularly when travelling on the city’s Public Motor Vehicles.

The new alternative sees only two men onboard women's buses, a driver and a security guard.

These free services have been funded by Australian Aid and the UN with hopes to cut down crime against women in a city where 90 per cent of women reportedly experienced some form of violence while accessing public transport.