Palaszczuk Government vows to push through lockout laws following Cole Miller’s death and more 8am Zedlines

Palaszczuk Government vows to push through lockout laws following Cole Miller’s death, Sweden issues border ID controls, Al Qaeda in Yemen stone woman to death and more 8am Zedlines (Image: WikiCommons)

Palaszczuk Government vows to push through lockout laws following Cole Miller’s death

The Palaszczuk Government has vowed to push through liquor licensing laws following the death of 18 year-old Cole Miller after he was king hit in Chinatown over the weekend.

The measures call for a 1am lockout and prevent clubs, bars and venues from serving alcohol past 2am.

Queensland Attorney-General Yvette D’ath says the changes will reduce violent assaults like the unprovoked attack on Mr Miller.

Thai beach swimming tradgedy

An Australian and a Chinese tourist have died in seperate incidents whilst swimming off a beach on the southern Thai resort island of Koh Samui.

The Police Lieutenant Colonel has said the two died on Saturday while swimming off during high tide, and has reported that two other people were injured and that “no swimming” signs and red flags were in place to warn tourists about the dangers of swimming off Chaweng beach.

Koh Samui is a popular destination for foreign tourists in Thailand, which last year hosted a record-high 29 million visitors.

Aussie filmmaker in the final three

The Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs is one of three global finalists in the running to have his advertisement shown during the Superbowl.

Carstairs was one of over 4,500 entrants in an annual competition called The Doritos crash the Super Bowl which is run by Frito-Lay, Inc. a division of PepsiCo.

His comedic entry sees a man more interested in his Doritos than witnessing the images of his unborn child. Peter could also win $1 million USD and have the chance to collaborate with acclaimed Hollywood Director Zack Snyder.

Sweden issues border ID controls

Sweden has introduced ID controls in order to limit the number of refugees entering the country to seek safety.

Beginning next Sunday, anyone entering the country via public transport from Denmark will have their ID documents checked and anyone unable to provide sufficient documentation will not be allowed to enter Sweden.

Morgan Johansson, the Justice and Migration Minister for Sweden, says this procedure will help to minimise the number of people let into the country which now has limited accommodation.

Al Qaeda in Yemen stone woman to death

The ABC understands several witnesses have reported a woman in Yemen has been stoned by Al Qaeda militants.

The woman was accused of adultery and prostitution and a copy of the verdict issued by the Hadramawt court of Ansar al-Sharia says that she confessed to charges of adultery in front of judges in December.

According to witnesses, the woman was killed in front of dozens of residents in Mukalla.