Storms bringing relief to drought stricken parts of Queensland could also bring more pain - and more 11am Zedlines

National Farmers Federation president Brent Finlay says some farmers may look to exit the industry while conditions are favourable.(image source: Public Domain Image.)

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Queensland farmers mixed response to rain

National Farmers Federation president Brent Finlay says the storms bringing relief to drought stricken parts of Queensland could also bring more pain.

Mr Finlay says producers in central, southern and western parts of the state have had their crops damaged in hail storms, although many have benefited from the rain.

Whilst heralding the New Year as promising for Queensland’s agricultural industry, Mr Finlay added some farmers may look to exit the industry while conditions are favourable.

From the hospital ward to the open road

Ascot oncologist and cyclist Dr Paul Vasey is determined to beat cancer any way he can as he joins 29 dedicated riders for the Cancer Council’s 2016 Beat Cancer Tour.

The united peloton will take part in every stage of the South Australian-based, Tour Down Under to raise awareness for the ongoing fight against cancer.

Dr Vasey has previously taken part in long endurance cycling events, and is looking forward to the opportunity to ride 150km a day like a professional cyclist.

The 2016 Santos Tour Down Under is staged from January 16-24.
In national news…

Declassified documents from Hawke Government shed light on commitment to Indigenous reconciliation

Declassified documents from the Hawke Government show although he was committed to Indigenous reconciliation, he would not go as far as pursuing treaties with Australia’s First Nations.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke called Indigenous constitutional recognition one of the country’s most important political agendas during a speech given at Woodford Folk Festival on the Sunshine Coast last week.

Speaking at the same festival, Kuku Yalanji man and recognition advocate Noel Pearson emphasised treaties and sovereignty issues could be resolved after recognition is achieved.

Carbon-farming trials in NSW to boost food security

Carbon farming in central west New South Wales could take off after trials are predicted to improve soil quality and strengthen food security.

Soil C Quest have been using fungi to increase organic soil carbon in a bid to expand these technologies so farmers can easily adopt them.

The organisation’s executive officer Guy Webb says if successful, the method could revolutionise agri-business practices.

In international news…

Obama to bypass congress on gun control

US President Barack Obama will bypass congress in order to ramp up gun control laws following a spate of mass shootings and mounting pressure for reform.

The measures will include more stringent background checks and stricter federal enforcement of existing laws.

Mr Obama says the nation’s law-abiding gun owners know that action must be taken to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

Mexican mayor murdered on first day in office

The mayor of a Mexican town south of the capital Mexico City has been fatally shot, with members of drug cartel Los Rojos suspected to be behind the murder.

Gisela Mota had only been mayor for 24 hours before she was killed, with the Governor of Moreles where her electorate is located, vowing to find the assailants.

Ms Mota had backed Governor Graco Ramirez’s pledge to remove power from local police in a bid to undermine the power of drug gangs in the region.