Second cruise ship terminal to be proposed in Brisbane - and more 10am Zedlines

The new cruise ship terminal proposal will allow for the world's biggest cruise ships to dock in Brisbane. Image Source: WikiCommons

Second cruise ship terminal in Brisbane to be proposed

Plans for a second cruise ship terminal to be built near Brisbane airport will go to cabinet later this month or early next month, which would allow for some of the world’s largest cruise ships to arrive.

The $100 million dollar project would allow for superliners to dock in Brisbane and would be expected to be completed by early 2019.

The project is said to be totally privately funded from the world’s two largest cruise ship operators, Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruises.

Man charged with animal cruelty after locking dogs in car in Cairns

A man has been charged with animal cruelty after locking two dogs in a car while he attended court in Cairns on Wednesday.

One of the dogs was forced to be put down due to heat exhaustion, while the other dog is in a stable condition.

The man will face Cairns Magistrates Court on January 22nd, and faces a maximum penalty of 3 years prison or a fine over $200,000.

Coalition electorates support moratorium on new coal mines

Polls from four key coalition electorates have shown a majority of residents support a global ban on new coal mines and a transition to renewable energies.

The phone poll was conducted by ReachTEL in the electorates of Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce, Peter Dutton and Kevin Hogan.

75% of responders in the same four electorates also supported a transition to 100 percent renewable energies in Australia by 2030.

PM to visit Washington to discuss security and territorial disputes

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to visit Washington to discuss terrorism and regional security in his first trip to the US as Prime Minister.

Mr Turnbull will be in Washington on the 18th and 19th of January and is set to meet with US President Barack Obama along with senior White House officials, defence ministers, and congressional leaders.

The two leaders are expected to discuss ISIS as well as strategic regional challenges such as the disputes in the South China Sea.

Rio residents refuse to move for Olympic plans

Residents in the Rio de Janeiro slum of Vila Autodromo are taking Rio’s city government in court over the government’s attempts to remove them from their property.

Rio’s city government says the families must relocate to make way for a vital access road to the Olympic park where most of this year’s events will be held.

Residents said they have titles for the land and cannot be removed just because the city government decides they should.

The slum has been mostly raised except for a few dozen buildings where the remaining 120 families are refusing to leave.

Indonesian orphans rejected due to HIV status

A group of orphans in Indonesia have been rejected by a community for having HIV after local community leaders voted to stop their orphanage moving to a new address.

Yunus Prasetyo from the charity caring for the children, Lentera, said the community is scared of becoming infected with the virus and do not believe doctors when they say HIV is not spread through close contact with children.

The charity has organised for healthcare workers to explain to the community the realities of HIV and how it spreads.

There are about 20,000 children affected by HIV in Indonesia, with the majority of these children expected to die before the age of five.