Fifth Queensland coal miner diagnosed with black lung - And more 11am Zedlines.

A man from Middlemount who wishes to remain anonymous has become the fifth Queensland coal miner to be diagnosed with black lung. (image source: creative commons)

Fifth Queensland coal miner diagnosed with black lung

A man from Middlemount who wishes to remain anonymous has become the fifth Queensland coal miner to be diagnosed with black lung.

The man has been working as a coal miner since the early 1970’s and stopped going underground after he received the diagnosis last week.

By June this year it is expected that a sample of hundreds of x-rays of coal mine workers will be examined for black lung.

Fresh calls for settlement in Queensland dam class action

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully is behind the fresh push for a settlement of the billion-dollar class action suit against Wivenhoe Dam management as the state marks five years since the devastating floods.

Councillor Tully joined the action against the Queensland Government and its two water management bodies accused of releasing too much damn water, allegedly exacerbating the flooding which affected his Goodna home.

Around 4000 flood-affected residents are suing for one billion dollars in damage related costs.

In national news…

Residents critical of emergency response to fires in WA

Residents of fire-affected Yarloop in Western Australia have hit out at emergency fire services, saying they had to use their own garden hoses after firefighters had trouble connecting to hydrants.

The state’s Emergency Services minister Joe Francis says people were warned about losing access to the town’s independent water supply after the power goes out.

The clean up of the town where 143 properties were destroyed in bushfires is underway with work beginning to reconnect power in Yarloop, two hours south of Perth.

Complaints against lamb ad to be investigated

The Advertising Standards Bureau will look into complaints against a Meat and Livestock Australia ad encouraging people to consume more lamb, with some arguing one scene promotes violence.

The vision in question involves the use of a blow torch to destroy a bowl of kale, with complainants interpreting this as a violent act.

The Bureau board will determine the merit of these submissions, which could require the ad to be edited or even pulled off air if found to breach industry codes.

In international news…

Spanish princess in court for charity fraud charges

Princess Cristina of Spain has made an appearance in court for charges of tax fraud, making her the first ever royal to stand in the dock.

She has appeared as part of an investigation into a charity run by her husband allegedly used as a front in order to embezzle millions of euros.

She is being charged with two counts of being an accessory to tax fraud and depending on the outcome could spend four years in prison.

Pope Francis says bold response needed for migration crisis

Pope Francis says there must be a bold strategy put in place to deal with the migration crisis.

He says Europe can take in refugees and the continent must embrace its humanistic spirit rather than focusing only on security concerns.

He says he’s confident Europe can find a balance between protecting its citizens and welcoming and assisting refugees.