Nearly 25,000 animals surrendered to RSPCA - And more 8am Zedlines

The RSPCA Queensland says nearly 25,000 animals were surrendered to the organisation in 2015(image, creative source: creative commons)

In local news…

Nearly 25,000 animals surrendered to RSPCA

The RSPCA Queensland says nearly 25,000 animals were surrendered to the organisation in 2015 which spokesperson Michael Beatty has described as depressing figures.

Centres in Wacol and Dakabin received almost half of the animals, and combined, this is 600 more than in 2014.

Mr Beatty says centres across the state were close to bursting and owning a pet isn’t a right but a privilege which comes with the responsibility to care for the animal for the rest of its life.

Objections call for cultural change instead of lockout laws

Parliamentary submissions to Queensland’s proposed lockout laws reveal many are advocating a cultural change as the best way to curb alcohol fuelled violence.

A security company servicing the Ipswich area used their submission to highlight the need for a change in attitude, particularly among young men, towards alcohol, calling the laws reactionary.

Over 100 submissions were made to the committee which will present its final report on the eighth of February.

In national news…

Chromium supplements linked to cancer

Studies have revealed high consumption of the supplement chromium, which is used as protection against Type 2 diabetes and a weight loss pill, could cause cancer.

Australian researchers say once the pill is taken and enters the body’s cells, some of it is turned into a chemical which causes cancer.

Authors of the report say there is no need to take chromium, recommending people stop taking it as cancer caused by the supplement could take 10 to 40 years to develop.

Tugboat employees strike over failed negotiations

Brisbane employees of tugboat company Svitzer are expected to join a strike tomorrow which began this morning in areas of New South Wales and Victoria.

The industrial action is a result of the company attempting to bring its engineers under the same agreement as the vessel deckhands and skippers.

Services across southern states have already been affected, with workers in Newcastle, Sydney and Geelong set to wrap up the 12-hour action at 4pm today.

In international news…

12 children killed by suspected Russian airstrike

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have reported a suspected russian airstrike has killed 12 children in Syria, who were at school in the town of Injara, currently held by rebels.

Footage published on social media by opposition activists showing a destroyed classroom has yet to be verified by an independent body.

A spokesperson from UNICEF says the organisation is currently investigating the air strike.

German officials pay tribute to late rockstar David Bowie

Germany’s Foreign Ministry has thanked the late glam rock icon David Bowie for his role in bringing down the Berlin Wall after he passed away yesterday following an 18-month long battle with cancer.

Fans gathered in Bowie’s hometown in South London, laying flowers and sharing memories of the musician, with many remembering his persona’s as instrumental in changing perceptions of gender and sexuality in 1960s England.

Bowie recorded his last album whilst battling the illness and released it on his 69th birthday last week in what would be the final output of his career, spanning five decades.