Harsh new refugee laws in Denmark and more 8am Zedlines

Development near Customs House under fire from UQ, call for herpes virus to be used on problem carp in Murray-Darling, harsh new refugee laws in Denmark and more 8am Zedlines (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Brisbane MP new office selection process comes under fire

Liberal MP for Brisbane Teresa Gambaro has drawn criticism for moving her office into a building whose ownership is linked to former Queensland Liberal leader Terry White.

The revelations about Ms Gambaro’s move to Newstead prompted federal Labor MP for Griffith Terri Butler to call for more transparency in the process.

Ms Gambaro’s office say the decision to move was prompted by water damage at her Grange office, saying the current building was chosen after looking at a range of options and the Member had little input in the decision herself.

Development near Customs House under fire from UQ 

The University of Queensland has launched legal action against a proposed development next to its Customs House building in the CBD.

A 47-storey apartment building that will neighbour the heritage listed site received approval from the Brisbane City Council late last year to the anger of local residents, whose river views could be blocked by the construction.

Locals are also concerned about the timing of the approval just prior to Christmas, a process which a spokesperson for Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says did not require allowing for public submissions.

“Perfect Storm” of bushfire conditions expected in Victoria today

Temperatures in the high 40s, high winds and dry conditions are expected across Victoria today, in what Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley has labelled a “perfect storm” of conditions for bushfires. A total fire ban has been called.

On Christmas Day 2015, bushfires devastated the Victorian towns of Separation Creek and Wye River, destroying over 200 homes.  

Bushfires continue to blaze in Western Australia after the town of Yarloop was destroyed, leaving 2 residents dead.  

High temperatures are expected in most states today.

Call for herpes virus to be used on problem carp in Murray-Darling 

Interest groups are calling for intentional use of the herpes virus to wipe out the millions of European Carp that are infesting the Murray Darling Basin.

Carp comprise 80% of the river system’s fish, driving out native fish and turning the waters muddy.  

The Australian Conservation Foundation and the National Farmers' Federation are among an alliance of groups calling for the introduction of a strain of herpes virus, biocontrol agent Cyprinid herpesvirus 3, also called Koi Herpesvirus (KHV) developed by the CSIRO.

The virus has been shown to have no effect on humans or other riverine species.

Harsh new refugee laws in Denmark

The Danish parliament have passed legislation to seize valuables from newly arrived Syrian refugees if they are worth more than $1400 Australian dollars.  

The change has been labelled xenophobic by opponents and criticised by the United Nations Refugee commission as a breach of the 1951 Refugee Convention.  

The UN says the move will “increase fear” and reduce the opportunities for asylum for those fleeing terrorism, sending the wrong message to the international community.

IS Thought responsible for Istanbul bombing

Islamic State terrorists are suspected to have set off a bomb that killed 10 people at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, late Tuesday.

Most of the casualties were German.

Although IS have not yet claimed responsibility, Turkey has become a target for attacks after it stepped up it’s resistance to IS forces on the Syrian border.

Turkey's Deputy PM Numan Kurtulmus said the suicide bomber had been identified as a Syrian.