Upcoming heatwave warned as a serious threat to human life and more 10am Zedlines

The AMA says heatwaves are the most deadly natural phenomenon in Australia, claiming around 500 lives annually. Picture source: Flikr

State heatwave a serious threat to lives

Queensland medical professionals are warning there is serious threat to human life following a heatwave in the state this week.

As some areas in the state are expected to reach 43 degrees, doctors are saying people should be concerned by the extreme temperatures, and to take the warnings seriously.

Brisbane GP and Australian Medical Association Queensland board member Dr Richard Kidd says hundreds of people die each year from extreme heat, with the most vulnerable groups being the elderly, babies, pregnant women and the sick.

The AMA says heatwaves are the most deadly natural phenomenon in Australia, claiming around 500 lives annually.


Petition for night clubs to lay soft fall surfacing

A Townsville woman is campaigning for Queensland nightclubs to lay out soft fall surfacing in a bid to reduce injuries and deaths from one-punch attacks.

Teacher Michelle Weaver has started an online petition, and hopes to start a conversation about the random acts of violence.

She says in the same way public pools must be fenced for safety reason, so too should nightclubs take responsibility for the installation of soft fall material to protect patrons.

Earlier this month a woman received critical head injuries following a one-punch attack in Mt Isa, while 18-year-old Cole Miller was also killed in January, after a single punch was thrown at him in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.


Australia traders fined for light products

Thousands of products across Australia were found to have weighed less than stated on packaging, leading to four convictions under the National Measurement Act.

Australia’s peak weights and measurements body the National Measurement Institute issued four-thousand non-compliance notices to traders last financial year.

Last financial year was the first time traders were prosecuted under the act.

The institute said prosecutions took place when traders continued to breach the law, with supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles among those who were prosecuted and fined last financial year.


Quad bikes leading cause of farmer deaths

Quad bikes accounted for the highest number of deaths in Australian farms for the fifth year in a row, with fifteen people killed using the vehicles in 2015.

A report from the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety has shown sixty-nine people in total lost their lives on farms last year, up from fifty-four in 2014.

Forty percent of those deaths were caused by quad bikes or tractors.


Gas supplies cut in Gaza

Palestinians are saying Israel has severely curtailed gas supplies to the Gaza Strip, leaving residents further impoverished against the harsh winter weather.

Reports say supplies have been cut by a least 50% since early December, causing major disruptions to family life, affecting everything from heating and cooking, to transportation.

An already-present shortage of electricity has worsened the overall suffering of the gas cuts.


Body-image issues have cultural differences

The influence of Asian parents on their children’s body dissatisfaction is significantly different to their Western counterparts, a study co-authored by James Cook University Singapore has found.

The first study of its kind found negative comments made by mothers in Asia had more impact on children’s self-esteem regardless of gender, whereas in Western culture mothers were more likely to influence daughters and fathers more likely to influence sons.

Lead author Samuel Cheng says more research is needed into how to treat body-image disorders. He says countries like Singapore have adopted Western strategies to address body-image problems, however studies show cultural family values are vastly different.