Multiple fires burning in Tasmania and more 11AM Zedlines

More than 70 fires blazing across Tasmania, residents urged to act on their fire plans. Source: Wikipedia

Open letter against police violence

An open letter supported by 17 organisations has called for an independent investigation into claims of excessive police force against an Indigenous woman.

The letter comes following recent footage showing a police officer shoving the woman to the ground in Brisbane’s north on Sunday night.

The letter also called for new policies that will prevent future use of excessive force, and the development of strategies to build a stronger relationship between police and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.


MP Gordon drops extortion complaint

Queensland MP Billy Gordon has dropped his complaint against a woman who had been accused of using an explicit picture for extortion purposes.

Christine Gibson, 50, was charged back in September, but has now been allowed to walk free after police ended the case in Cairns Magistrates Court.

Mr Gordon said the decision to withdraw was made on legal advice.  


Multiple fires burning in Tasmania

Firefighters are attempting to control more than 70 bushfires across Tasmania.

The biggest blaze has engulfed 7,000 hectares in the Great Western Tiers, in the state’s north.

Residents in bushfire-prone areas have been urged to act upon their fire plans, as hot and windy conditions continue across the state.

There are now fire weather warnings for the central north, north-east, east coast and the midlands.


Australia cashing in at the box office

Australian films enjoyed their best-ever year at the Box Office in 2015, with over $88 million dollars in revenue.

Announced by the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia, the numbers show that despite a competitive market, local films were able to hold their own against other Hollywood franchises.

Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the industry’s most successful films, while That Sugar Film is now the highest grossing Australian documentary ever.


Vietnam mourns national symbol

Vietnam is in mourning after the death of an ancient turtle that has been living in a lake in Hanoi for decades.

The giant turtle is revered as a symbol of success throughout Vietnam and its death is seen as a bad omen for the Communist Party whose annual congress begins today.

Wildlife experts said the turtle was one of only four known living specimens of its kind in the world.


Potential ninth planet discovered

Two scientists have announced there is evidence that a ninth, Neptune-sized planet is lurking at the edge of our solar system.

The pair have claimed that the planet orbits the sun only every 15,000 years after it was knocked to the outer limits of the solar system during the formation of the planets.

The search for a mystery planet has been ongoing since 1906 when wealthy tycoon Percy Lowell began to search for a ‘Planet X’.