Bee semen to fight disease, and more 8am Zedlines

Scientists have discovered antibodies in bee semen that could protect bee populations worldwide. Source: Wikicommons

Former CCC chair dies

Former Crime and Corruption Commission Chairman Ken Levy has died of cancer aged 66.

Dr Levy presided over the Commission during a controversial period of changes under former Queensland premier Campbell Newman, and faced calls to resign after he wrote an opinion piece for the Courier Mail praising Mr Newman’s anti-bikie laws.

Following his CCC tenure Dr Levy continued to take an interest in a number of fraud cases on the Gold Coast and sought justice for victims.

A funeral service will be held on January 25.


Police brutality inquiry

Queensland Police will launch what they say is an independent review into the actions of a Brisbane officer after a video of him violently pushing a woman went viral.

The video was posted to Facebook on Sunday and had received 400,000 views by Monday, with that figure growing to 700,000 by Thursday.

More than 9000 people have responded to an Amnesty International call to email Queensland Police Minister Bill Byrne calling for an independent investigation.


Netflix clampdown

Online entertainment streaming giant Netflix has begun blocking its US content from Australian users who circumvent content restrictions using proxy services.

A handful of users on Melbourne-based proxy service UFlix have received messages from Netflix asking them to disable their proxy service in order to continue to view content.

UFlix managing director Peter Dujan says the success of the blocking attempts will be temporary at best and are a last-ditch effort to keep an archaic business model alive.


Restaurant wages rip-off

Restaurants in Sydney are advertising $10 an hour jobs despite growing outrage over underpayment of low-paid workers.

Following allegations that the popular Mamak restaurant underpaid workers $87000, Fairfax media has revealed a rash of business offering below-legal wages.

John Hart of Restaurant and Catering Australia has defended businesses saying some did not know they were breaking the law.


Bee semen to protect against STDs

Scientists have discovered antibodies in Bee semen that could help protect commercial hives from potentially deadly sexually transmitted diseases.

The Western Australian Centre for Integrative Bee Research discovered the proteins in a find that could arrest the international decline of bee numbers due to pathogens such as the Varroa destructor mite.

Australia is the only Varroa-free continent, which makes its bee populations particularly vulnerable if the parasite was introduced.


“Green” aircraft carrier launched

The US Navy has launched its first biofuel-powered aircraft carriers.

The carriers are part of a Navy initiative that aims to draw half of its power from alternative energy sources within four years.

A spokesperson for the Navy said the move would give the US a strategic advantage if it were no longer at the mercy of fluctuating oil prices.