France struggles against widespread strikes - and more 9am Zedlines

Tension has risen in France yesterday as widespread strikes have caused chaos in Paris.

Pitt: Queensland is heading the the right direction

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has dismissed figures which show Queensland has one of the lowest-performing economies in Australia.

The latest CommSec ‘State if States’ which compares the economic status of each Australian state and territory, shows Queensland ranks sixth out of eight.

Mr Pitt says the figures need to be considered in context, as the report ranks Queensland against the decade average.

Mr Pitt says the report is not consistent in terms of ranking when Queensland is leading all states with a 4 per cent growth this year and the following.



Turbull respects Abbott’s right to address Alliance Defending Freedom in US

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended Tony Abbott’s decision to address a conservative Christian lobby group in the US, stating he will not censor his predecessor.

Mr Abbott is expected to speak at a private event organised by the Alliance Defending Freedom later this week.

The ADF are strongly opposed to issues such as same-sex rights and abortion, but Mr Turnbull says the former prime minister will be free to address such issues if he wished.


Baby bullfighter

A photo of a famous Spanish bullfighter holding his baby in the ring while training has caused an official complaint by a child protection agency.

The famous bullfighter, Francisco Rivera posted a picture on his instagram account, depicting him training with a bull, while holding his infant child.

The controversial image forced the child protection Agency in the southern region of Andalucia to take actions, stating the situation was of unnecessary risk for a minor.

The agency states they have taken the case to juvenile prosecutors.


France struggles against widespread strikes (UPDATED)

Tension has risen in France yesterday as widespread strikes have caused chaos in Paris.

Roughly 300 taxi drivers, furious over competition from non-licensed private hire cabs, blocked the capitals ring road, lighting tires ablaze and throwing smoke bombs, with riot police deployed to the scene.

Taxi drivers were not the only ones striking, with civil servants, hospital workers, teachers, and air traffic controllers joining them.