New Australian of the Year vows to continue work of predecessor - and more 11am Zedlines!

Former chief of army says he will continues the work of Rosie Batty to combat domestic violence

Queensland parents embrace new tech

New research shows Queensland parents are embracing new technology and online learning to help better prepare their children for the digital future.

The NBN Digital Parenting Report shows that more that 76 per cent of parents recognise the need to harness the internet for education in the home.

The report also found that parents are using online learning as a way to view the content their child is being taught.


Palmer playing in the shadows

Clive Palmer could be held personally liable if he is found to have operated Queensland Nickel as “shadow director” while the company was insolvent.

Mr Palmer has dismissed accusations he has secretly been running the company, maintaining he retired from the company when he entered politics back in 2013.

Mr Palmer admits he remained a part of an expenditure committee for Queensland Nickel, however corporate law Professor Ian Ramsay says if Palmer is found to have been acting in the capacity of a director, the implications could be significant.


New national approach to dementia

Earlier this week the Australian Government announced a new national approach to programmes and services supporting people with dementia and their carer’s.

Minister for Ages care, Sussan Ley says the restructure comes after last year’s findings in ‘Analysis of Dementia Programmes’ report which highlighted the areas which needed improvement.

Ms Ley says the new programme will deliver a streamlined dementia education programme, consolidate the ‘Dementia Training Study Centres and the Dementia Care Essentials programmes’ and provide a single national provider to deliver the ‘Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service’.


New Australian of the Year vows to continue work of predecessor

New Australian of the Year and Former chief of Amry David Morris has vowed to continue the work of his predecessor Rosie Batty in tackling the issue of domestic violence.

The former Lieutenant General was given the award for his commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Mr Morris says that his predecessor Rosie Batty has set a benchmark for her previous work, and he hopes to use his year to promote workplace equality.


Indonesian government using Sydney serve for surveillance program

FinFisher, a notorious spyware program used to infect mobile devices and computers, has been found in a Sydney data centre.

A group of technology researchers claim an Indonesian government agency is using a proxy server to shield the identity of the real user.

The spyware program in question, developed by Munich-based FinFisher Gamma Group, is sold exclusively to government agencies as a way to identify and locate serious criminals.


Syria most disastrous humanitarian situation in the 21st century

Representatives from the United Nation’s major agencies in Damascus have labelled Syria as the most disastrous humanitarian situation of this century.

During a special briefing in Geneva, officials pleaded for the organisations to be given access to over 450,000 Syrians struggling in besieged areas throughout the country.

Chiefs of the UN’s humanitarian agencies in Syria demanded all parties end the starving of civilians and stop attacks on schools, hospitals and homes.